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Ad Mogul Charles Saatchi

'Cautioned' By Cops After


6/18/2013 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Advertising mogul Charles Saatchi -- one of the biggest art collectors in the world -- was given an official "caution" by London police after photos emerged showing the 70-year-old CHOKING HIS WIFE with his bare hands.

The story is exploding in the U.K. ... after photos surfaced showing Saatchi with his hands wrapped tightly around the neck of his wife Nigella Lawson -- a celebrity chef who recently appeared on "The Taste."

The photos were taken while Saatchi and Lawson were having dinner last week at Scott’s in Mayfair -- a very posh London restaurant.

Saatchi insisted he wasn't trying to hurt Lawson -- claiming they were merely in the middle of a "playful tiff." The look of sheer terror on Lawson's face says otherwise ...

Saatchi also said, "The pictures are horrific but give a far more drastic and violent impression of what took place. Nigella’s tears were because we both hate arguing, not because she had been hurt."

Lawson has reportedly left the couple's home with her children -- though Saatchi insists he sent her away to escape the media blitz until "the dust settled."



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Who!? BTW, Maybe she likes it rough. Geez...

492 days ago


BBC News has full story here>>>> Saatchi cautioned for assualt

492 days ago


This woman is very flirtatious on her show, which seems ridiculous since she's only got food to work off of. She was probably flirting with someone and hubby got pissed. If she wasn't guilty of anything a more natural reaction would have been to fight him off by grabbing his hands. She sat there like a scared rabbit, knowing pics were being taken. Now everybody is going to feel sorry for her.

492 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

That guy needs his arse kicked... HARD!

492 days ago

Wow ...    

How does one have a playful tiff in the middle of an argument? The truth is out now, she can get the help needed. And why only a talking to by police?

492 days ago


Funny, if a black person had done this, they'd be called "savages" and "a lost generation" (SEE J. Cole post), but let a rich, white man BRUTALIZE his wife and he's just an ass or a jerk.

492 days ago


Where are her hands? Wouldn't you quickly have both hands pulling someone's hand away from your neck?

492 days ago


I feel very sorry for Nigella. Her first husband died at 44 from throat cancer. Now we come to find out that her second husband is an abuser. I hope she has the strength to leave him and put a real dent in his pocket. No woman should be exposed to that. I can just imagine what he does behind closed doors!

492 days ago

Say what?    

Some of the 'victim blaming' comments on here are disturbing. Nobody ever 'asks for it'. Pull your heads in.

492 days ago


"CAUTIONED BY COPS????" How many times, before, has this COWARDLY MONSTER attacked his wife behind closed doors???? Wonder how many palms he greased to get out of this one??? The so called, "police" are scared to death to cuff him, if not, he would have had his behind thrown behind bars, immediately. Hopefully, his wife will leave him and write tell-all book about his dirty little secrets! NIGELLA, get out now, before he hurts you again, even worse!!! Please do not waste any more time with this maniac ! Go NOW!!!

492 days ago


If he does this in public then I really worry for her safety when they're behind closed doors. LEAVE HIM!! LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE! Take the kids and move far away.

492 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Wow, they're going in to major damage control. Strange, she doesn't present like a person who would take crap from anyone.

492 days ago


She needs a divorce!..this guy is nuts!..a control freak that hates hearing her talk!..she better leave him before she's dead!..he'll choke her out for good!..he's ugly too!.

492 days ago

kitten roulaine    

Poor thing she look's so afraid, and that's not the first time he's done that I'm sure, now he's just being bold with it. and he's too dad blasted old to be mistreating anyone he's walking on a banana peel !

492 days ago

Cowboy Crow    

Take his money and give it to the qween.

492 days ago
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