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Charlie Sheen

Threatens 'Anger' Producers

Fire Selma Blair ... Or I'll Quit

6/18/2013 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen
has told "Anger Management" producers -- FIRE SELMA BLAIR ASAP OR ELSE HE'S QUITTING THE SHOW ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story -- Charlie has been on a mission to get Selma 86'd from the show because he believes she's been complaining about him behind his back ... trashing his work ethic.

Now, sources tell TMZ ... Charlie returned to work Monday and told producers he wants the termination process started TODAY ... or else he'll walk.

It's a big threat from Charlie -- who's set to make between $75 and $200 MILLION if he completes the 100 episode order for "Anger Management" ... depending on how it does in syndication. We're told Charlie's completed roughly half of the 100 episode order. 

We're told Charlie understands that there can be complications with firing someone from a TV show ... but he wants producers to begin drawing up an exit strategy for Blair by the end of the day.

Sources connected to the production tell us ... Selma was not on set yesterday, though it's unclear if she was scheduled to work.

This morning, Blair was spotted out on a walk with her kid -- and when asked about her potential termination from "Anger" she just shook her head and replied, "I don't know anything."

We're told FX network execs are currently in talks about how to handle the situation ... but it's unclear if Blair's fate has been decided.


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Go ahead Charlie. Show them like you did Two and a half men. What? wait! Hold on. Oh yeah, they haven't missed a beat. Fxck off Charlie, nobody cares about you.

456 days ago


awesome Charlie’s back on the paranoia pipe. Winning!!!

456 days ago



456 days ago


Fire Selma and I will quit. The show is already so-so at best and w/o her it will suck. Surprised he doesn't want her replaced by Lilo since she's already on his payroll.

456 days ago


Stop being such a d*ck, Charlie!

456 days ago


This pathetic waste of a man is making between 75 and 200 million dollars? Are you kidding me? With all the crap he's done and continues to do? Kind of ridiculous if you ask me.

456 days ago


Sheen is a jerk and no one cares what he says. Who does he think he is. He's nothing but an addict. Wish he would od and we'd be rid of him.

456 days ago


The show is terrible and Sheen is doing the same old boring character acting. FX it's time to get out from under Charlie, here is your way out.

456 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

What a petty little man. Fire Charlie and hire Lewis Black.

456 days ago


Shut up Charlie Whiner. You got a big mouth. I'm sure everyone talks about you behind your back. You're a human mess. Leave Selma Alone. See what happens when you give too much money to junkies.

456 days ago


If Charlie screws this up, he should just kiss his Hollywood career goodbye. Nobody else will deal with this.

456 days ago


Close ups are fine but when you can literally count the boogers in a dude's nose, that's a little too close up.

456 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Notice he is not denying what she said he's just mad she had the balls to call him on his work ethic

456 days ago


What a moron. Tired of his emotional outburst. I will never watch anything with Charlie Sheen in it again.

456 days ago


Guys a douche. If anyone..(cough cough Lynsey Lohan) or any woman come to think of it behaved like him u wud be on her ass calling her a bitch and a whore. Dude is super hostile to women,but we know that he beat the crap out of Denise (bet his girls wil b so proud), chocked a porn star, locked her in a bathroom, attempted to destroy the teen mom chick (which tmz revelled in coz they don't like her). But being the biggest hypocrite ever, he's self centred, drug addled douche who's ALWAYS HAD IT EASY thanks to Daddy. Dude isn't even fit to be CONSCIDERED as a guardian to his own offspring. I have a lot of respect for Martin Sheen. for Charlie I have none. He does it coz stupid fukers think he is cool. He's the class clown. Dude shud get dropped from the show and no one shud work with him

456 days ago
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