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Evelyn Lozada

Bloody Head Gash

After Chad Johnson Fight

6/18/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson
headbutted ex-wife Evelyn Lozada so hard during their infamous domestic dispute last year, she was left with a massive bloody gash on her forehead -- and TMZ has obtained photographic evidence.

The photos were taken by Davie Police in the Florida emergency room where Evelyn was transported following Chad's attack on August 11th, 2012. According to police, the forehead laceration measured 3 inches.

TMZ broke the story ... Johnson was arrested for domestic violence shortly after the explosive argument at his Jupiter, FL mansion. Evelyn filed for divorce three days later.

Following the arrest, Chad pled "no contest" to the domestic violence charge and was sentenced to 12 months probation and domestic violence classes.

Chad was thrown back in the slammer last week after slapping his lawyer's backside during a sentencing hearing.

He was released again yesterday following a probation violation sentencing hearing. During the hearing, the judge called the head gash photos "horrific."

We reached out to Evelyn's rep who had no comment on the photos. Calls to Chad's camp weren't returned.

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@lynkel He had a condom receipt because he bought condoms of which he used to have sex with other women. Evelyn said straight up and for the world to see that she was A-Okay with him sleeping around so long as she 1) Didn't see/hear about it or 2) Was involved aka threesome. She was beyond lax in terms of what she expected from him as a husband so for her to turn around and get upset over something SHE PERMITTED was ridiculous. On top of that, we ALL have seen how rowdy Evelyn can be - there is no ending to her mouth and she can't control it. I have seen other women do the most to men in terms of egging them on. Women are some horrible creatures when angry, let me tell you. I can't even imagine the amount of times she probably and most likely hit him before he flipped and couldn't take it anymore. Do I condone/support his actions? No, not necessarily. But I understand them as I have seen women BEG for this outcome only to cry about it when it finally happened. People need to realize that men, believe it or not folks, have feelings too and "walking away" is not so simple when intense emotions are involved. Hitting another person is unacceptable regardless of gender and women need to start understanding that and stop hiding behind the "You're a man so you can't hit me" BS.

494 days ago


Two useless looooooooser's I can't stand them, I bet if she wasn't in the spot light and he didn't get fired, she'd go right back to him, he's no use to her now that his ass is broke.

494 days ago


I see why the woman judge used that lame excuse for sending Chad Johnson to jail for three weeks. She wanted to punish him for what he did to his wife. I can understand wanting to punish him, but the judge still abused her power.

494 days ago


Chad needs help in a major way...

494 days ago


I still believe she attacked him, look at how she always attacked people on her TV show, she attacked him and they hit heads together, she is 1 crazy bitch

494 days ago

The Truth    

He does not live in Jupiter Florida like Tiger Woods, he lives in Davie, where he is neighbors with Rick Ross. The street he lives on is Junipter Street.

494 days ago


She's no innocent bystander. ..I'm sure she did her part with her deranged a##. Damn, her forehead is huge!!

494 days ago


Something TMZ needs to reiterate in their blurb: he didn't even complete his domestic violence classes and that's why he was trying to cough up a plea bargain in court. To paraphrase what Judge Milian said on TMZ Live, he should've been shaking in his boots before the judge and at least pretended to be remorseful the whole time. That judge was being generous, immensely so, when she initially agreed to accept the plea bargain. She saw that sign of arrogance and lack of seriousness when he slapped his lawyer's butt. And let's face it, guys who beat up women tend to be very arrogant and think they're invincible. The judge has seen these types for years and put her foot down and threw out the plea bargain. Good for her!

494 days ago


That is horrible what he did to her, but no way is that a 3 inch gash or her forehead is incredibly large.

494 days ago

chubbs McBuff    

Chad causes this poor woman a ghastly injury on her forehead. the judge gives him no jail time. Chad playfully pats his attorney on the behind she sentences him to 30 days in jail. smh

494 days ago


Abe Lincoln wanted to send them all back to Africa...but didn't follow through. What a difference that would have made.

494 days ago


She probably started the fight and pushed every button to get him angry. She's such a bit**.

494 days ago


I DO NOT CONDONE any type of violence. I do find it interesting that no pictures were ever released of Evelyn's victims. She has beat on women numerous times on tape on her trashy show. With that said, I do not condone violence towards a man or a woman.

494 days ago


You know that left a scar for her to be reminded of his "sorry ,lower than spit" man.

494 days ago


mr Johnson was raised in the gutter with no male role models, it's not surprising he's got no control when dealing with conflict, especially with women. I actually feel sorry for this man who's childhood must have been 'horrific'

494 days ago
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