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Bieber's Bogus BFF

Asks for Restraining Order

Beliebers Are Threatening To Kill Me

6/18/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The famed freeloader known as King Kevi -- who rose to sub-fame by hanging out at Justin Bieber's house and pretending to be the singer's BFF -- now completely regrets his life choices ... claiming the Belieber nation has turned on him in a big way, and threatened his life.

20-year-old Kevin Pederson has filed a request for a restraining order against the singer, claiming Bieber tweeted out his cell number on June 13th ... unleashing a 40,000,000-person Belieber army on his ass.

Kevin says Bieber tweeted out the number as an act of vengeance against reports that he and Kevin are friends -- insisting the two NEVER met.

Kevin claims Bieber deleted the number minutes later, but it was too late -- his cell number had already been released to a vicious bloodthirsty mob of teen girls ... and these girls do NOT mess around.

Kevin says he has since received thousands of death threats and he genuinely fears for his safety -- claiming it only takes ONE crazy Bieber fan to end his life.

Bottom line, Kevin wants Bieber to stop tweeting about him -- and he also wants Bieber and his goons to stay 150 yards away from him at all times.

Bieber's reps claim Justin never tweeted the number in the first place.

Fun fact: Kevin is the same guy who staged late night pics at Selena Gomez's gate earlier this year to make it look like he was hooking up with her.


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This guy is a troll who tried to make it look like he was with Selena! Which was fake! So to say he was a friend in anyway is a joke. He deserves what he is getting after what he tried to do!

459 days ago

Ozzie X    


459 days ago

Ozzie X    

I got a death threat email.. shake it off .

459 days ago

Lilly Mallette    

Lmfao, we get Justin's tweets sent to our phones. I never got a message with this *******s number on it. This situation isn't Justin's fault at all. It's HIS fault for posing as his friend.

459 days ago


This is a major problem with The Bieb. He's always doing nonsense like tweeting a phone number. One time he tweeted most of a number. I think he left out the last number. And his nutty fans called a bunch of numbers. Then he quickly deletes the tweet. He thinks being 19 means he can act like a bratty kid.

459 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

stupid. why would the legal system waste fkn time and money to 'protect' someone who goes around slapping people in the face, and then hide fearfully behind 'daddy state'? you go around slapping people in the face, you better expect to get slapped back, at least just as hard. this is not a 'nanny playground'. it's stupid people like this who ruin it for everyone. just by those looks, his ugly visage makes you want to knock his ugly little teeth out.

459 days ago


I will say this Kevin guy is creative and has a lot of guts for carrying out his schemes. He's sure paying a price, however. Those Beliebers are a rough crowd.

459 days ago


Did the two of them have a lovers spat?

459 days ago

Ricardo Marquez    

King Kev should of stayed on his knees like Lil twist and be a good slave

459 days ago


I think I would have changed my number after a couple. Dudes not that important, it wouldn't be that hard to call all of his friends with his new number, what would it be 1 or 2 calls.

459 days ago


I hate the name beiber smfh

459 days ago

jemetress magazine    

Iam getting tired of justin wannabe bieber. This kid has a serious problem.

459 days ago

The Bizz    

He deserves to get everything he asked for what a loser !!!! You will get beibed out!!!!!

459 days ago


Justin never tweeted his number. All his tweets come through as a text on my phone so even if he did delete it I would still have it as a text and he never tweeted his phone number.

459 days ago


Kevin Pederson is a desperate attention seeker,should get a life.

459 days ago
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