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Lil Wayne


I Didn't See It There

6/18/2013 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0618_lil_wayne_flag_youtubeLil Wayne is lying through his diamond-encrusted teeth ... claiming he didn't INTENTIONALLY step on the American flag during a video shoot ... despite the fact he can be seen looking down on Old Glory several times during the performance.

Wayne just tweeted about his controversial video shoot for "God Bless Amerika" in New Orleans ... saying, "I didn't step on the flag on purpose! It's a scene in a video where the flag drops behind me and after it drop it's just there as I perform."

Translation -- I swear it was an accident ... please don't hate me.

Problem is ... during the video, you can see Wayne look down on the flag at several points in the shoot ... yet continues to trample all over the stars and stripes.

So ... you buyin' Weezy's explanation?


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Luke Astral Plane Walker    

So Lil Wayne stepped on a flag and everybody's panties are all in a bunch. An inadament object with no thoughts, no feelings with a superficial symbolist meaning. Its just a flag! Seriously? America pissed on New Orleans during Katrina! Umm let me see ... people, flag, a person or a flag! I can't decide, oh yeah I'm American. Find something to do people!

495 days ago

Wow ...    

He needs to apologize and not use the footage - IF - it was all mistake. But, we know it wasn't. Why didn't he yell CUT! Let's start over, we don't do this to our flag??? Or if the show had to go on, why didn't his people remove the fallen flag?

495 days ago


although I highly doubt that he is making some sort of statement, the reaction of the american people is disgusting, freedom of speech is something that this "united" country takes pride in, lil wayne has nothing to be ashamed about if this is indeed a statement and lashing out at the american government

495 days ago

T.C. Mits    

The seizures must be affecting his sight, as well as his ability to tell the truth!

495 days ago


Never realized how much SOME blacks hate this nation until I read the comments here. You know you can always go back to where you came from. Nobody is stopping you. I'm sure there's a fly over there just waiting to sit on your lip.

Hey Wayne, you little bitch, that flag your are walking on represents, among other things, the hundreds of thousands of black men who have died defending it during America's wars, including the 179,000 who died fighting directly for YOUR freedom during the Civil War. Ungrateful little bitch.

495 days ago


Just look at the people in the video, and you can understand why there is no respect for the flag...BOYCOTT!!!

495 days ago


Lying ******

495 days ago


word is he served in the Navy, I kinda suspected he like Seaman

495 days ago


I have read some of the comments and it's quite disturbing. While we do have freedom of speech and he is free to do what he did, and I support anyone's freedom of speech, even-though I feel it's morally wrong. I have had family members and friends who have fought to protect our country, so to me, the flag is more than just a piece of cloth. It's the sole fabric that has kept our country great. Are we a perfect country, nope, we have had several black eyes, but we as a people can make it better. I suggest that Mr. Wayne go to a VA Hospital and meet some of our vets who have sacrificed for our country and hopefully he can make better choices. God Bless you all

495 days ago


"An inadament object..."

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a prime example of the "intellect" of the typical Wayne fan. Only an imbecile like this could support an animal like Wayne.

495 days ago


I really hope his next seizure is his last.

495 days ago


What w worthless thug puck. Someone needs to kick his black A S S until he can't open his mouth again.
S***bag, to bad he didn't die.

495 days ago

Luke Astral Plane Walker    

This is why I hate the comment section! Why do people have to get racist? You're real tough behind your computer screens. Say it to our faces! And for the record there's only 1 species of human, race is not a factor. Pick up a book or watch the Science or Discovery Channel. I highly doubt that any of you coward's could survive anywhere else!

495 days ago

Luke Astral Plane Walker    

I don't wish to be angry but enlightened it was a typo dumbass

495 days ago


this is a good example of a piece of crap rapper who doesn't care about anything. dumb ass

495 days ago
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