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Chris Brown to L.A. City:

My Graffiti Is Protected

By the 1st Amendment!!

6/19/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_chris_brown_graffiti_tmz_wmChris Brown is firing back at the City of L.A. -- claiming the gov. has NO RIGHT to force him to remove the graffiti art on the front of his L.A. home because it's protected by the 1st Amendment.

Brown just filed an appeal with the city -- telling officials the bill they're trying to stick him with for having an "unpermitted" mural on the front wall of his Hollywood Hills home is pure B.S..

According to the legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Brown claims the city is wrongly trying to nail him for having an illegal "sign" -- when the graffiti is art that "[enhances] the architectural and aesthetic features of the residential property."

Translation -- my artwork makes my house look dope, son!

Then Chris drops the constitutional bomb -- arguing, "The murals are a reflection of [my] aesthetic taste and a reflection of free speech and expression protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution."

Brown's case is now in the hands of the Dept. of Building and Safety's board of appeals -- and if they shut him down, he can bring the fight to L.A. County Superior Court.

In fact, there's a chance ... albeit a small chance ... that Brown's case could go all the way up to the Supreme Court if he's not willing to back down.



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He's making it bad for other musicians who might want to buy in Beverly Hills. Maybe he doesn't realize that the sky is not the limit when it comes to bad behavior. Kanye West has a BEAUTIFUL home in the Hollywood Hills and he surely didn't desecrate it with any stupid graffiti. What kind of a person would put ghetto graffiti on a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills home? Oh yeah, Chris Brown (numbskull).

456 days ago

Hubert Willis    

at least 90% percent of people commenting on TMZ are TOTAL RETARDS.

let the kid do whatever he wants. it's HIS PROPERTY! what's next? somebody saying the statue of liberty looks like crap - pull it down!?

people are stupid - for real.

456 days ago


Chris, why do you feel the need to be so disrespectful to everyone around you? You're disrespectful to women.. to say the least.. You're disrespectful to your neighbors and don't give a rat's ass about the law..I actually feel sorry for you for the lack of character that you have at your age..

456 days ago


Maybe the neighbor directly across the street from his house should paint a mural of Chris beating his former girlfriend and see if he thinks it's free speech.

456 days ago

Fred Thompson    

Yes, and I'm sure he was bright enough to come up with such an argument.

456 days ago


Don't back down! I don't really like CB, but our government is out of control w/their BS! we all need to take a stand and let the government know that laws should be followed by all, not just those outside of the government...

456 days ago


He will lose this battle. There are city laws and guidelines about this kind of thing everywhere. In some areas, you need to get permission to paint your front door. I'm sure Chris wouldn't like it if his next door neighbor hoarded garbage and old cars on their front lawn, or painted their house and driveway neon yellow.

456 days ago


Maybe his neighbors could flex THEIR 1st Amendment Rights to paint huge Confederate Flags on their homes. Of course his neighbors would never do that becuz they are likely nice responsible considerate adults and not retarded spoiled selfish children like he is.

456 days ago


Yes, because when I think of Chris Brown, I think of a law abiding citizen. Wait...

456 days ago


If he wins I hope he paints his entire house. He could of had one too many Ferrari's and they would find something wrong with that. Oh why, only 1.
If his pool was too big, there measuring tape would of been out.

456 days ago


Maybe Chris Brown just has a "Ghetto State of Mind" and can't grow up. I've never heard of anyone who moved into a nice neighborhood and then destroyed it with graffiti. Of course it doesn't bother Chris Brown because he doesn't have to look at it, but everyone else does.

456 days ago


@Italia, the reason you haven't heard of others is probably bc he's famous and non famous don't make the news.
The neighbors in Kensington also thought my aunt too was defacing her lawn by fencing it. Unless you live in a neighborhood that the houses cost from a million and up and you have to walk on egg shells with everything you do, down to what color your trash bags have to be, just don't type no more.

456 days ago


Noting better than living in a $10 million house in the Hollywood Hills only to have some egotistical manchild celebrity move in next door and start spray painting ghetto murals on the walls. Dude, if you want to tag all over your block, move to downtown LA. Your neighbors don't want to see your crappy spraypainting.

456 days ago

Hate racist people    

You people are so racist. I hope u all burn in hell or get aducted by aliens. *******s!!!!!

456 days ago


Chris watches TOO MANY Perry Mason re-runs; Americans have NO RIGHTS!

456 days ago
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