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Justin Bieber

Photog Lawyers Up ...

I Want My Stuff Back!

6/19/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber is being warned -- return the SIM card you allegedly stole from a paparazzo in Miami ... or else!!!

TMZ has learned ... Gustavo Garces has lawyered up and fired off a letter to Bieber's manager -- demanding the immediate return of the memory card that Bieber took on June 5 ... after the singer allegedly ordered his goons to steal Gustavo's camera.

We obtained an audio recording of the incident in which Bieber can clearly be heard copping to the theft -- and telling Gustavo, "I'm gonna give you your camera back. I'm gonna take your SIM card though."

Now, Gustavo's lawyer has fired off a letter to Bieber's manager informing Team Bieber that he plans on filing a lawsuit ... and he needs the SIM card as evidence in the case.

Garces also warns Bieber not to tamper with the card -- because there are "dire consequences" for messing with evidence.

Bieber's people had no comment.



No Avatar


The only thing Buttbieb can do is dance very little! He can't sing at all and is manufactured!!!!!

499 days ago


Every article like this makes me hate this snotty little d-bag more and more.

499 days ago


U guys do know there's a BIG difference between a SIM card and a memory (SD, microSD) card, don't u?

499 days ago

Chris Searle    

Chances are it's an SD card folks. SIM cards retain some data from a device but not photos.

499 days ago


SIM = Subscriber Identity Module
SIMM = Single Inline Memory Module

Neither of the above are typically found in cameras or used to store photographic images. It was more likely to have been a flash memory card.

499 days ago


Looks like the 'boy bitch' is finally getting what he deserves. A bodygaurd (s) is there to protect you from harm, people grabbing at you, on you etc. A bodyguard should never be used to bully, harass, choke someone out etc...Justin is fully responsible in thisbcase. Fully! Best part about this is its all on audio. I wish other photogs had been around to filmbthis blatant attack. I agree that some of these photogs/pav's are way out of line. This man was just snappijg shots of Justin shooting hoops witu friends. Thats all. He was not in Justin's space . He knew better! The bodyguard that 'manhandled' this photog has that steroid appearance. Not saying bhe injects steroids, just has that look to him. Justin is nothing without these goones...Mindless goones. They might work for this idiot, but they have the right to question Justin's demands......

499 days ago


When is this little thug going to jail?

499 days ago


Sue this little punk, and take away all his money.

499 days ago


- Reckless driving
- Violent threats
- Stealing
- Running over pedestrians
- Hit and Run

Anyone else would have been sent to jail or at least be put on a 5150 psychiatric hold

499 days ago


Justice should be charge with robbery period. A guy in the hood would be sitting in jail right now if he did the exact same thing a Biffer did.

499 days ago


Get 'im! The goofy little gay Canadian kid deserves it.

499 days ago


Do people not understand what a SIM card is?

499 days ago


I would love to see this punk in the street so I can take his picture. This is money in the bank if he uses force to steal my property.

499 days ago


FTR a SIM card goes in a phone and holds the phone's Network Identity(phone number, etc.) an SD(or SDHC) card goes in a camera and hold pictures. This article is stupid, TMZ didn't even take the time to google what a SIM card is. You look retarded, guys.

499 days ago


Send the twirp back to Cananda.

He is trying way to hard to be black!

499 days ago
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