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Kanye West

Under Attack

Over 'Parkinson's' Lyric On New Album

6/19/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
is being slammed as "ignorant" and "distasteful" over a lyric on his new album which uses Parkinson's disease as a punch line ... TMZ has learned.

The song in question is called "On Sight" -- which includes the lyric, "A monster about to come alive again / Soon as I pull up and park the Benz / We get this bitch shaking like Parkinson's."

Now, TMZ has learned the American Parkinson Disease Association is upset about the lyric -- with the org.'s VP Kathryn Whitford telling us, "We find these lyrics distasteful and the product of obvious ignorance."

FYI -- the APDA has been around for over 50 years and it's the largest organization in the country dedicated to helping those with Parkinson's and furthering efforts to find a cure.

So far, no response from Kanye's camp.


No Avatar


What a complete waste of good oxygen!

489 days ago


Maybe he was talking about how he likes to shake the sh** out of Kim

489 days ago


Aren't "ignorant" and "distasteful" his middle names? Maybe he could name his kid moron.

489 days ago


its now wednesday. i cant believe that since saturday kim has not twittered a free instagram picture of her baby yet. come on i know people ten weeks premature taking pics first hour and released by day 5 from hospital.
so obsessed tweeting us her free big pregnant mirror pics she took of herself and now dosent want to share for free with the world what she was hoarding around in that big stomach she photographed so much and sent us free off instagram .

489 days ago


i wonder if his daughter will also be ignorant and distasteful and rude and obnoxious like her father

489 days ago


He's a dumb jackass, what else would you expect? Consider the source!

489 days ago


And what does one expect from this piece of crap??? He is such a LOSER...

489 days ago

GA Mimi    

Since Kenye hates all publicity, and all his actions seem to say, "Shut Up" and "Stay Away", then I propose that we buy NONE of his music, a no-show for concerts and appearances, and all news media should avoid him and the Kardashians completely. Leave him 100% alone, see how long that last. He has forgotten that began famous alone isn't very famous at all. He's conceded and arrogant, let him be penniless too.

489 days ago


let's get this bitch shakin like parkinson's.

489 days ago


**** all you hating ass mother****as. They wouldn't know the lyrics if they didn't have a copy so **** their opinion. We can say what the **** we want. Kanye has been about expressing himself since his first album. If you don't like it don't listen. Listen to country, or pop music. Rappers rap about whatever. **** how you feel.

489 days ago


Eminem must get a pass for this because he made a couple parkinsons jokes on his last album and a few references to Michael J Fox personally. But no backlash...hmm I wonder why?

489 days ago


This is what happens when your attractiveness is based on your wallet... He was an abused child, mentally,,, and now does not know how to act like an adult!

489 days ago


Pfft...why is this guy still putting music out? Why are people still following him? Classless ass.

489 days ago


It is hard watching your mouth when you never really recovered from being bullied and made fun of growing up! But K-Bear is working on it!

489 days ago


Kanye get your facts straight, Parkinson's Disease (PD) sometimes has symptoms like tremors or uncontrolled shaking, however MOST PD patients have difficulty with movement and display rigidity versus shaking. This is because their brain can't produce enough domaine. They have difficulty walking, talking, and swallowing. It's very rare for the disease to display symptoms early on, rather symptoms occur later on as the disease progresses. Kanye must be talking about making some really old bitches shake, because it is very rare to have early or young onset PD. typical onset of PD is over 55 or 60. I think he's using Micheal J. Fox's PD ( he has more uncontrollable shaking and got PD really young)

489 days ago
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