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Paris Jackson

My Nanny Snuck into

Michael Jackson's Bed

6/19/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson told a creepy story about one of her former nannies and Michael Jackson ending up in bed together ... and she said it under oath during a deposition taken for the wrongful death suit against AEG.

Video of Paris' deposition was played in court Tuesday ... and the highlight was her description of Michael's relationship with ex-nanny Grace Rwaramba.

In the depo ... Paris explained to attorneys for AEG that Michael warned his children about Grace, telling them ... "She was sneaky. She wasn't an honest person, and she lied a lot."

Paris said she didn't know specifically what she lied about -- but then seemed to suddenly remember one freaky detail about Grace sneaking into Michael's bed while they were staying in hotels.

Paris starts out saying ... "This is gonna freak you out."

She's right. You gotta hear it, and really interesting to hear it in Paris' words.


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"She was sneaky. She wasn't an honest person, and she lied a lot."

But we're keeping her cause she works cheap....

457 days ago


Yeah Michael, the nanny was sneaky, dishonest, and lied a lot but don’t fire her because she’s got some really good pusssy.

457 days ago


How does TMZ get these tapes? Is it public record somewhere?

457 days ago


How could she see anything having to wear that mask all the time?

457 days ago

mj fan forever    

She was yes sneaky, also Paris was reported not liking her at all and had her fired by Katherine since she had rehired her again after Michael Jackson had fired her. She had even got Blanket calling her "mom" once so Michael Jackson fired her. Paris also said that Michael had send her to run errands a lot and even sent her to India but she kept coming back. Michael Jackson has always been very generous and goodhearted so I can understand he even felt sorry for her and rehired her since she hadn't money. Freak and sneaky people together with greedy people around Michael Jackson, not a surprise.

457 days ago


Favorite line "He sent to her to like India I think... He sent her to india to get some I don't think you're coming back..."

457 days ago


Empty pantry, declined credit
The happy home she left in April was changed when she returned in June, Chase said. It was three weeks before Jackson died there.
"The kitchen pantry was bare, and the only things in the refrigerator were Coca-Colas, Red Bull and Starbuck's coffee drinks, which I know Mr. Jackson was not drinking," the chef said.
When Chase went to the grocery store to stock up the Jackson credit card was declined, she said.
Jackson himself "looked very different," she said. "He appeared very weak. He looked thinner, undernourished."


Did he died a broken and broke man couldn't buy grocery for himself and his kids???

If that was the case, I would say Karma!!!! He must spent all his money on drugs and little boys not belong to him!!!

457 days ago


It looks like Michael lied a lot also. He lied to Paris and Prince about who their father was. He lied to them about doing drugs. He basically taught them not to trust anyone. Why in the world would a father tell five and six year old children about an incident where the nanny crawled in bed with him? Michael obviously did not maintain proper boundaries with his kids. And the truth is that Michael kept calling her to come back. What kind of father talks about the caregiver of children is such a disparaging way and then has her coparent them until the age of ten and eleven. Michael did not just talk about Grace but he also talked about all the members of the Jackson family. He taught his kids that basically he was the only one to be trusted. He would not have needed a nanny if his kids had come in the world in the normal way, and had a mother in their life. He also hated Debbie Rowe. It was Michael and his three kids from white men against the world. Yet when Paris sliced her wrists and overdosed who came running to her bedside: Grace and Debbie.

457 days ago


Said Paris: “She used to be (one of the nannies) but she got really creepy. This is going to freak you out. One time, it was before — me and my brother were really young — before Blanket was born.

“When he would stay in a hotel, or whatever, she would call the hotel and say that she was his wife. She was obsessed with him… They let her in and he’d wake up and she would be in his bed.”

After one of the lawyers reacted to Paris’ story, she joked, “I saw your expression. You are like, what? That is what he told us and it is kind of creepy.”

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“It is a little creepy,” one lawyer said, agreeing.

Asked why her father didn’t get rid of her, Paris replied: “He sent her to India, I think. He sent her to India to get some stuff. She kept coming back.”


Funny right!?

I think so, what is more funny was that the Jacksons failed to get to him for intervention. His mother and father were cut off from him but the nanny kept getting to him even to his bed.

And now it s AEG's fault that they pushed him too hard for the concert!!! Only if the Jacksons tried as hard as the nanny, or did they really care??

Give me a break!!!!

457 days ago


Michael Jackson‘s oldest son, Prince Michael, contradicted testimony of family chef Kai Chase in the wrongful death lawsuit against concert promotoer AEG, of the late King of Pop, and has exclusively obtained the excerpt of the teenager’s deposition that was played for jurors in court on Tuesday.

Chase testified that by June 2009 Michael had become so weak that his son, Prince, had to carry him up the stairs at the rental mansion the family was living in.

However, on cross examination by AEG, an excerpt from Prince’s deposition was played for Chase and the jury in which he contradicted the chef’s claim.

During the March 2013 deposition, Prince was asked if there was ever a time Michael was so tired from rehearsal that he couldn’t make it up the stairs.

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Shaking his head, drinking a glass of water, Prince said, “I wouldn’t be able to either, but no.”

When asked about the contradiction, Chase maintained it had occurred.

As Radar previously reported, jurors also saw a portion of Paris Jackson‘s deposition in which she revealed former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, was ‘obsessed’ with her father.

“You’re going to get creeped out… no joke,” the jovial teenager told lawyers representing concert promoter AEG.

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Charged Paris: “My dad didn’t like her so he tried to keep her away from us. He would send her to run errands a lot… He said she was sneaky, she was not an honest person and she lied a lot…She used to be (one of the nannies) but she got really creepy. This is going to freak you out. One time, it was before — me and my brother were really young — before Blanket was born.

“When he would stay in a hotel, or whatever, she would call the hotel and say that she was his wife. She was obsessed with him… They let her in and he’d wake up and she would be in his bed.”

Meanwhile, Paris still remains hospitalized after attempting suicide several weeks ago.

Katherine Jackson and Michael’s three children contend the concert promoter failed to properly investigate Conrad Murray, who was convicted in 2011 of the involuntary manslaughter death of the singer.

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Lawyers for the Jacksons told the judge on Wednesday they expected to rest their case by July 8.


A family of liars and you could never tell if any of the Jacksons were lying or telling the truth, or who gets paid to say what.

The Jackson lawyers should give it a rest already, if there is no more dirt to disclose. But just for the fun of it, keep it going, by the end of the trial when they lose the case, they would then say, they wish they would have given it a rest long time ago.


457 days ago


Sounds like a preemptive strike to discredit what the nanny mite just say about mj and make her look bad now so no one believes her.

457 days ago


Is that the same mild manner adorable girl we saw on the Jacksons funeral??

Looks like she was raised by some hookers now!!!

457 days ago


This just shows how bad the Jackson family is. And why let some weirdo be the nanny for your kids anyway? I don't see how AEG can be blamed more than the Jackson family.

457 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Next she'll be describing in detail the fact that MJ's penis was striped like a black and white Barber Shop pole.

457 days ago


So it is ok to have little strange boys sleep in the bed of a grown man and that does not freak Paris out. Yet when a woman is in her father's bed and calls herself a wife then that is crazy behavior. Paris has it twisted. Michael Jackson bringing small boys in his bed is what is creepy. Michael Jackson jumping into the bed with his sister Janet and her boyfriend is creepy. Michael Jackson wanted those kids to worship him. Whenever those kids got close to Grace Michael would fire her. And if she was so creepy why did he keep bringing her back. Paris seems to be hurt because Grace was made to leave by her father. Michael Jackson made Grace lie to the kids as to why she had to leave. Paris and her brothers loved Grace.

457 days ago
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