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Paris Jackson

My Nanny Snuck into

Michael Jackson's Bed

6/19/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson told a creepy story about one of her former nannies and Michael Jackson ending up in bed together ... and she said it under oath during a deposition taken for the wrongful death suit against AEG.

Video of Paris' deposition was played in court Tuesday ... and the highlight was her description of Michael's relationship with ex-nanny Grace Rwaramba.

In the depo ... Paris explained to attorneys for AEG that Michael warned his children about Grace, telling them ... "She was sneaky. She wasn't an honest person, and she lied a lot."

Paris said she didn't know specifically what she lied about -- but then seemed to suddenly remember one freaky detail about Grace sneaking into Michael's bed while they were staying in hotels.

Paris starts out saying ... "This is gonna freak you out."

She's right. You gotta hear it, and really interesting to hear it in Paris' words.


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489 days ago


This girl is so tottally normal and cute. I feel bad that her latest problems have made it into the news.

489 days ago


I dunno. not that its hard to believe that a person working for the Jackson family could be really odd, but I don't think the nanny is on trial or should be subjected to attacks on her character. Paris seems pretty unstable right now--didn't she just try to kill herself and land in the psych hospital? that would be a bad 'witness' in nearly any case in any court.

489 days ago


She is so adorable. There is something very endearing about her.

489 days ago


Who cares? Why is Paris Jackson even relevant? She's only in the public eye because her "father" was famous. Effing annoying. Wait to see if she does something other than fake a suicide attempt to maker her famous-- not just allowing her to ride on her "father's" fame.

489 days ago

Cry Baby    

Why would anybody sneak up to the bed of your employer and expect to keep the job, especially when you are not very attractive to look at! Gosh, was that a crazy lie, or was that a crazy person?

489 days ago


I thought I remembered this Nanny Grace being sent to Michael Jackson by his muslim brother, at the time they were trying to convert Michael to Islam. For that reason, I always felt there had to be something nefarious about this Nanny being in the household.

When Paris was recently in the hospital, it was reported that this nanny came to visit her, and then she was banned from visiting by Paris?

489 days ago


This little girl is lying. I don't doubt that Michael Jackson was jealous of anyone who got close to those kids, especially women who could mother them, and poisoned their minds against everyone who threatened to come between him and the kids. However, the account that Paris is giving about Grace is pure fiction. She made it up as she went along, which is obvious by the vagueness (who is "he," the doctor or Michael Jackson?), poor eye contact, her engagement/repartee with her listeners, and obvious enjoyment in telling the tale. Paris Jackson is extremely unstable, possibly self destructive, and anyone who gets too close to her will get burned as have Mrs. Jackson, Janet Jackson, TJ Jackson, now Grace Rwaramba. Debbie Rowe is next. Wait and see. Michael Jackson did a lot of harm in his lifetime.

489 days ago


Oh, the innocence of a child!!! This Grace Rwaramba nanny is the same person who was voted most likely to marry MJ in High School. I don't know what she did to get the job as his nanny, but if what Paris is saying is a quote from MJ, he was pulling her chain. I think they were totally bumping uglies! I think he was covering just in case they ever saw her coming out of his room. MJ would have fired her if there wasn't more going on than meets the eye. Waiting patiently for Grace's rebuttal to Paris's claim that MJ didn't like her. I can't wait to hear it!!

489 days ago


"that's what he told us" - I wouldn't be placing too much faith in that statement then.
Pardon the pun but MJ couldn't lie straight in bed.

489 days ago


It was very difficult for Michael to find good people to work for him, because of who he was. Especially women.....ALL, literally all people around him from the beginning were opportunists. I just don't understand why normal people can't seem to understand and accept that 1) you haven't close to all or the right information, and 2) who are you to judge? I am not a fan, I am a friend who experiences the same sadness and frustration Michael did..with him and for him. He was not a bad person, not a pedophile, and not a 'freak'. It is apparent to me that every decision he made was for good reasons for his situation. You cannot begin to experience life from Michaels viewpoint. Also, the evidence is in, and Michael was no junkie. Most of the time he was lucid and energetic. Times of high stress and cosmetic/scalp/vitillago treatments caused him to use and on occasion overdo the painkillers and sleep aids. Truly, please do your research on this. Michael was constantly working, even after the 05 trial, though this charade seared his soul beyond recovery. Don't think your words don't matter, because the do. Also, he was overdosed the last 10 weeks of his life, it was not just one killer injection. Read between the lines of this trial. The left hand knew what the right one was doing... And Michael knew it too. That said, it is obvious to me, and I have two masters in psychology, that AEG lawyers were expert in manipulating Paris into appearing untrustworthy...rambling and gushing..just as they will continue to further with prince, since the kids will also testify that their father warned them about aeg, delio, etc....THAT THEY WERE TRYING TO KILL HIM. That, my friends, is the back story here. Michael was protective, and appropriately so. He knew the kids liked grace and she did a decent job...he felt for her and it was extremely difficult to find someone else that would get less wrapped up in his life. Again, please understand that Michael was besieged by people who wanted a piece of him. She became a 'known quantity" and that's why he kept her.

489 days ago



And this material just happened to be released to the public? By whom? It is a wrongful death case, not a soap opera.

What does this ihave to do with a wrongful death case?
ANSWER: Nothing.

What does the nanny’s actions , if any, have to do with Dr. Conrad Murray’s medical skills?
ANSWER: Nothing.

What is the value of deposing a child for a wrongful death case, involving medical malpractice, and employer liability?
ANSWER: Nothing.

Katherine Jackson’s lawyers should have been able to do better legal work than this fluff. These attorneys sat back and allowed unrelated questioning of a child witness. They are making Katherine look foolish.

489 days ago


Grace Rwaramba is a stalker and a fame h

489 days ago


See THIS is why you can only believe about 2% of tabloid reports about Michael Jackson........just the other day it was reported (maybe HERE) that nanny Grace was one of the only people Paris was letting visit her......after seeing THIS..I DOUBT .........ALSO it was because of Michael being so timid and afraid to make people angry he had all these LEACHES AND USERS around him all the time. SAD

489 days ago
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