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Paula Deen

I've Used the N-Word

... But I'm NOT Racist

6/19/2013 11:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

11:52 AM PT -- Paula's rep issued a statement to TMZ ... saying, "Ms. Deen does not condone or find the use of racial epithets acceptable. She is looking forward to her day in court.”  

When Paula Deen was asked, under oath, if she has ever used the N-word -- she responded, "Yes, of course" ... and the shocking admission was all captured on tape.

Deen was being deposed in connection with a pending sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former employee who claims she was subjected to a barrage of racist, sexist and generally inappropriate comments while she worked at Paula's Oyster House restaurant in Georgia.

Here are the highlights from the jaw-dropping depo:

Lawyer: Have you ever used the N-word yourself?
Paula: Yes, of course.

Lawyer: Okay. In what context?
Paula: Well, it was probably when a black man burst into the bank that I was working at and put a gun to my head.

Sidenote -- Paula was held up at gunpoint during a bank robbery in 1986.

Lawyer: Okay. And what did you say?
Paula: Well, I don't remember, but the gun was dancing all around my temple ... I didn't -- I didn't feel real favorable towards him.

Lawyer: Okay. Well, did you use the N-word to him as he pointed a gun in your head at your face?
Paula: Absolutely not.

Lawyer: Well, then, when did you use it?
Paula: Probably in telling my husband.

Lawyer: Okay. Have you used it since then?
Paula: I'm sure I have, but it's been a very long time.

Lawyer: Can you remember the context in which you have used the N-word?
Paula: No.

Lawyer: Has it occurred with sufficient frequency that you cannot recall all of the various context in which you've used it?
Paula: No, no.

Lawyer: Well, then tell me the other context in which you've used the N-word?
Paula: I don't know, maybe in repeating something that was said to me.

Lawyer: Like a joke?
Paula: No, probably a conversation between blacks. I don't -- I don't know. But that's just not a word that we use as time has gone on. Things have changed since the '60s in the south. And my children and my brother object to that word being used in any cruel or mean behavior. As well as I do.

We reached out to Paula for comment -- so far, no word back.



No Avatar


She is complete garbage. What a loser.

427 days ago


Who cares anymore...Blacks use the word all the time so over this form of bullying!

427 days ago


Here's the thing.... whether or not "some" blacks choose to use the word does NOT justify anyone using the word negatively. It's all about connotation and the intent in which the word is being used. The same goes for the word 'bitch' with women friends and the word '***got' with gays. It is widely acceptable by some to use the word amongst themselves but it is NOT Ok for anyone to use the word negatively or with malicious intent. I know the line is a bit blurry but this is a usage case that is not strictly black or white (no pun intended). We live in a huge grey area. There will be some who use the word with no malice and there will be some who use it with clear malicious intent. Then there are those who will use it that straddle that line....It is what it is. Get over it.

427 days ago


Everyone who grew up in the south in the 50's and early 60's used that word. That is why is has such a bad connotation today. It is a hurtful word and we do not use it. It is offensive even when black people use it today.

427 days ago


Paula has run her big mouth SO MUCH since she gained "celeb" status and for the most part ... It's always negative. 'nuf already ... Most folks are done w/ her lying ass. Too many OTHER good cooks & recipes around.

427 days ago

Billy Bob    

I'm over 40 and from the South. It was a regular part of my vocabulary until I joined the Army. You have to learn to take it out of your vocabulary just as you learn to put it in.

I'll admit when I get behind a black person who is driving in the left lane and refusing to get over for whitey, the name comes to mind again.

427 days ago


I never liked her as she has always presented two faces to the camera; her true nature was never truly concealed.

427 days ago


Your liar if you say you have never said the "n" word so cut the crap. I like Paula and at least she didn't lie when she was ask the question.

427 days ago


this is crazy you wanna hear the N word just turn on some rap music... its discrimination to say blacks can use it but whites cannot.... equal rights folks

427 days ago


is this were all the N-words who use the N-word all the time are pretending to be offended by someone saying the N-word, even though those N-words say the N-word every day?

427 days ago


Um, she's an older woman from the south...of course she's used the N-word. Props for being honest about it Paula.

427 days ago


At least she was honest and did not deny ever using the N word...She is a very nice lady I had the chance to meet her last Friday in Savannah, at Uncle Bubba's oyster house... She took the time to take pictures with everybody that wanted her too and that includes all races! Yes there were black ladies there ( am I even allowed to say that?) and they were chatting it up with her and she was hugging and posing for photos with them, so I highly doubt she is racist...

427 days ago

King of TMZ    

Black Drama
N word come from the color Negro which means black
*****, *****ia anyone? Black people are so freaking dramatic over stupidities no wonder the low iq level among black! Oops this statistical fact is racist too.

427 days ago


She should have said she used it in the 60's when whites were throwing the word around.

427 days ago


I find the whole family disgusting and this disgust has nothing to do with her using the N word.

427 days ago
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