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Jovan Belcher's Baby

Custody Decided After

NFL Player's Murder-Suicide

6/20/2013 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0620_jevon_belcher_article_gettyIt's been 7 months since Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and then shot himself ... but now a judge has finally decided who will get custody of the NFL player's 9-month-old daughter.

A probate judge in Missouri has appointed Sophie D. Perkins as the legal guardian of Zoey Michelle Belcher.  Perkins is Zoey's first cousin (once removed) on her mother's side.

Zoey's mother -- Kasandra Perkins-- was shot to death by Belcher on December 1st, 2012. Belcher then drove to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City ... where he killed himself.

Jovan's mother had tried to obtain custody of the child -- but the judge clearly felt Perkins was the better choice.

According to court docs, Zoey will inherit Jovan's estate -- which has been valued at $799,119.85. She's also reportedly set to receive at least $1,000,000 from the NFL ... plus $1.2 million from a life insurance policy.


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I always felt it was a good idea to give the child to the relatives of the murdered victim instead of the murderer (if there is a reliable one available). A young child has enough to deal with by being orphaned. You never know if they'll act up once they learn they've been living with the relatives of a murderer.

498 days ago


I am so glad that the childs mothers side of the family got custody. Although the murderers family had nothing to do with the murder, it just would seem so obscene for them to have custody or the finances to care for her future.

498 days ago


All they care about is the money the kid will get anyway.

498 days ago


Good. I never like the idea of HIS family members potentially raising this child.

498 days ago

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez    

He should of just killed himself. I hate pro athletes anyway.

498 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Poor Zoey. God bless her.

498 days ago


I thought a life insurance policy was voided in the case of suicide?

498 days ago


At least the baby will be taken care of by family and not bounced around.

498 days ago


I wanted to comment to the response to comment 3 (made by Surprise: "Plus the cousin that gets custody of the baby is married to an NFL player also, so I'm sure they are more than financially capable of taking care of this precious baby ...")

That's not quite the truth. The first cousin of this baby's mother DID get custody, but it is her sister that's married to an NFL'er:


quote from the above link: "Perkins, who was Kasandra Perkins' first cousin, is the sister of Whitney Golden Charles, whose husband is Chiefs All-Pro running back Jamaal Charles"

498 days ago


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498 days ago


Sad situation. But I'm sure she will be taken care of. I just hope for her sake, she can lead a normal life and not worry about low lifes, like the d*** heads who who comment nasty things on here, filling her head with awful,hatred, filled nonsense. You peoplel have no respect for the children of these celebrities that tmz repots about. Innocent children who didn't choose this life.

498 days ago


What a sad story. I do not like to read about this poor child orphaned to a situation like this.

497 days ago


Hopefully, there are financial managers & auditors who will invest this $3 million.
Age to receive an inheritance this size should be 35 with competence, not 18.

497 days ago


Thank God! The murder's mother should not benefit from her son's crime. The victim's family should get sole custody. Jovan's mother should be denied visitation as well. The poor little girl is only a orphan because of her son being a murdering psycho SOB.

494 days ago

Sandra DeRosia    

Why don't we stop watching this barbaric game where healthy men crash into each so many times they often are left with severe brain damage?

494 days ago

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