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Kim and Kanye

Baby Blocked in Maternity Ward

... By Dwight Howard

6/20/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Kim Kardashian first arrived to Cedars-Sinai to deliver her baby, she didn't get the fancy celebrity suite she had hoped for 'cause they were all in use ... and one of the VIP occupants was Dwight Howard's newest baby mama, TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the births tell us ... before Kim went into labor, she had made arrangements to stay in one of the fancy suites at the L.A. hospital. But the baby came 5 weeks early, and the fancy suites were all booked. So Kim was placed in another unit.

But while Kim was laid out in bed, Kanye roamed the maternity ward ... and bumped into NBA superstar Dwight Howard, whose lady was giving birth to his child. 

FYI -- Dwight's a seasoned vet when it comes to the maternity ward ... he's reportedly fathered 3 other kids (with 3 different women). 

We're told Kanye and Dwight got along great ... with Yeezy giving Howard a preview of his new album "Yeezus."

As for Kim ... we're told she's finally out of the hospital -- and mother and the baby are shacked up in a private location.


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453 days ago


omg really? poor kimmy, its bad enough she has to suffer the same pain as normal women when giving birth, but she actually had to do it in the same ward as us mear mortals? my condolences.

453 days ago


The way she cried throughout this pregnancy...good Lord! I would not be surprised if she told her doctors...get this thing outta me! Induce labor NOW! Pregnancy is too painful!! I want my porn tape body back!! Oh BooHoo Kimmy! And that punk West...have you seen how incredibly miserable he looks every time he's with her? Somewhere Kris Humphries is laughing his ass off!!

453 days ago


And according to ROL the baby can smile and has hair and is cute...its a baby folks.

453 days ago


Congratulation Kim and Kanye on the birth of your
baby daughter, wishing you boths lots of love and happiness with precious baby girl

453 days ago


West and Kardashian can't even fake looking happy.

Yezus christ (pun intended) when they have to keep shoving the 'happy couple' down everyones throat, something is very very wrong.

This is a PR, publicity stunt that backfired big time.

Now an innocent little baby girl is involved. Kimmy and Kardashians can't throw her away like they did with Humphries when they were done with him and no longer needed for money and ratings.

453 days ago


Or perhaps the hospital just didn't want her fat ass stinking up the expensive rooms.

453 days ago

Lady Aiyanna    

Well Kim is essentially a Baby Mama until the ring fits on her marriage finger with Kanye making them man and wife. Well, she did finally learn normalcy that all of us have kids the same way and go home on the third day although some normal births stay longer due to complications.

None the less, Dwight Howard has left me intrigued, he has a partner, three kids with three different fathers, isn't that the same as three different mothers and one father???

453 days ago


enough about those 2 already. please!

453 days ago

all about the money    

OMG Kim is going to be scarred for life having to give birth in the same place as mere mortals...I mean the baby is going to be scarred for life not being born in the lap of luxury and excess. I mean those surgical steel salad tongs are no where as comfortable as the solid gold ones in the exclusive birthing suites....

453 days ago


Since Kanyne West Is NOT Kardashian's husband, what right does he have to forbid the filming of the birth? Does he have any legal rights, period? She is still an UNWED mother.

453 days ago


You don't have to be a psychic to know the clock is ticking on this relationship. As big a douchebag as Kanye is, he at least made the decent decision that his baby won't be exploited on her show, so how is that going to work? He also has made no bones about hating the paparazzi but he's entangled himself with a woman who stages everything she does just to get her face out there. She's going to go along with keeping the baby out of the spotlight until she and her family can plant enough stories in the tabloids to make Kanye look like the bad guy and a bad father and once he's had enough and splits, Kim and that baby will have their own show about her struggles to be a single baby's mama. Get your popcorn ready for the custody/child support battle, because it will be a doozie!

453 days ago


The single most substantial factor in the degeneration of the values and morals of our society,
is acutely represented by the Kardashian family of loose, immoral women.

453 days ago


Still no free instagram pic of baby kim can post us twitter for free? been 6 days and most proud moms post a pic of new baby..
gawd all the months of seeing her free twitter pics of her baby in her stomach you think she would be so proud to show us now with a free instagram what she pushed out of all the stomach pics she sent us free for months,

453 days ago


What was labeled as indecent and immoral a few years ago is widely tolerated and even embraced today. The Kardashian family is representative of the decline of societal integrity.

453 days ago
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