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Kim Kardashian

I'm Locking Up My Crap

While I'm in Hiding

6/20/2013 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0620_kim_kardashian_GSIKim Kardashian's private belongings are currently locked up in a VAULT while she hides away with her baby -- and they'll stay there ... at least until she moves into her new mansion, TMZ has learned.

A moving truck was photographed outside Kim's old Beverly Hills home on Tuesday -- while Kim was still in the hospital after giving birth -- and we're told it was there to pick up all her personal effects in order to be moved to the new $11 million mansion she bought with Kanye in Bel Air.

Unfortunately, the new house isn't ready yet -- and the old one is about to be renovated -- so we're told Kim had to place her stuff in storage vaults ... for the time being.

We're told Kim's stuff is occupying a total of three vaults -- and each vault only costs $50/month to rent ... so it's not a huge investment.

Kim is currently out of the hospital staying at a mystery location with the baby.

As for the new mansion, we're told Kim plans to move in within the next month or so.


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Who would want her garbage?

457 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

As most are well-aware, I normally do not comment on such insignificant matters, but, the whole "hiding-out" thing is creepy. Please, pray for the child.

In the words of My Forefather King Solomon?
"The guilty shall flee when no one is chasing them, while the righteous are AS BOLD AS A LION"

457 days ago


Better solution, just keep Kim locked up in hiding for the rest of her life so we never have to see or hear from that worthless pile of crap again and just sell all the crap she's locking away in storage.

457 days ago


Also, what is the obsession with getting/selling the first photo of a baby? Is it so the public can have a vote by looking at it to see if it's actually from the man who said woman says it's from. Not just Kim's baby. All the babies.

457 days ago


Ha Ha
Kim can see what a beloved actor James Gandolfini was and what high regard he was held upon his death.

When she dies (and I hope soon!) there would be page after page here on TMZ all saying how happy we all are this POS is buried in the earth and Good Riddance to someone who did nothing except got peed on and spread her fat gross legs to each black man this side of the Rio Grande.

457 days ago


Why is she in hiding ? Let me count the ways:

She is holding out for the best money deal to expose her baby
She has a tummy tuck
She had a boob lift
She had lipo
She had new injections into her butt
She is recovering from a C-section to keep her ***** tight
She is having panic attacks cause she is responsible for someone other than herself
She is crying cause all those procedures "hurt SO bad"
She is worried about no one giving a damn anymore


457 days ago


That baby is probably,Whiter than Crack.Kim will be putting it under a sun lamp for the next six weeks.Happy belated Father's Day Kris Humphries.Demand a DNA test.

457 days ago


Kanye IS ugly + Kim IS ugly too before all her plastic surgery.
Baby must be have dog or monkey face.
No pix of the kid yet as the parents are busy arranging for plastic surgery for her now too.

457 days ago


All the magazines are so desperate for the story, they all have used very old photos of KIm on their covers & fabricated(?) stories about her& the birth.
Kim & Kanye-playing head games with the media & the public??

457 days ago

arale norimaki    

Enough fed-up of this whole Kardashian nonsense

Gone are the days you had to be talented to be famous

her 15 minutes are beyond up

Kim Kardashian Is a Lot That's Wrong With American Morals.

"Many families drew their conclusions of Kardashian’s moral rating after she produced the controversial sex tape which was considered a promotion of loose moral fibre.

who cares? after all, who is Kim? a glorified porn star
I'm watching this glorified porn star wondering how someone can get so caught up in a work of fiction...

These people don't need anymore attention and if the magazines want to continue to push these nobody's on us it's time to push back! Hide/Move to back of shelf and absolutely refuse to buy any magazine with Kardashian on the cover.

457 days ago

Lue Blackwell    

I just would like to know-did she eat the placenta yet?
Did it taste like: beef, chicken, fish, veggies, or have a unique taste?????:)

457 days ago


NO, I really think this is Kayne saying NO to the tweets and pics of the baby. She is going along with it for now,,,,hormonal, but will defect when she thinks SHE looks good enough to photographo..Kim just seems TOO selfish to be a mom. One has to, for the next 18 years, PUT the child first; I don't think she can do that.

457 days ago


No one cares and it feels good keeping her and her baby ashole daddy away from the media for a little while. Hopefully forever but we all know Kriss won't let that happen.

457 days ago


The kids name is Shamoo

457 days ago


The world would be a MUCH, MUCH BETTER place if we did NOT hear about this family again. It's almost a joke that she is in "hiding" now. Why could you NOT had stayed in hiding before? We don't really give a F#@$ about you. Well, at least I don't. Sh*t, here I am commenting. Ugh!

457 days ago
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