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Michael Vick

Pit Bull Euthanized

After Dogfighting Career

6/20/2013 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Sad news in the dog world -- the top pit bull from Michael Vick's dogfighting ring has been euthanized.

The dog -- named Lucas -- was humanely euthanized Wednesday at the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah because of accumulating health problems. He was around 13 years old.

Lucas -- who was Vick's grand champion -- was one of nearly 2 dozen dogs that were rehabilitated at BFAS after they were rescued from the ring in 2007. Unfortunately, Lucas was not allowed to be adopted because of his vicious fighting history -- and therefore had to remain a lifetime-care dog at the animal sanctuary.

We're told Lucas was  one of the friendliest dogs at the sanctuary -- and never stopped grinning.

Best Friends CEO Gregory Castle said, it was "a blessing in every way to be around him and to witness the wonderful effects on everyone he met."

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This is very sad to hear. I can only imagine what he suffered health-wise, on top of what he went through during his "career". There is an article on Fox Sports and I guarantee you, there will be people there arguing, with a few idiots trying to claim Vick "paid his debt...". Yeah, right. I am an animal lawyer and I fight all the time for getting better animal abuse laws AND enforcing the ones we have* and I can tell you, not only did he get off the hook but I guarantee you, his crew is involved in LOTS more and when he pisses away his money, he will be back to same old same old. Animal Fighting goes hand-in-hand with drugs, prostitution, even sexual slavery, gangs and so much more, and the victims go far further than dogs and other animals tortured in this revolting practice. And, I guarantee you, Vick did NOT give up his "associates". *See my regular website-using it for NY PAW since my name is better known by some network reporters and producers, as well as lawmakers; as I keep telling people-get on your lawmakers' tails. it is election season. Time to get laws passed with teeth. And we still need enforcement of the existing laws in the meantime and enough resources or ANY laws, no matter how great, are all bark and no bite.

452 days ago


Too bad they didn't euthanize Vic instead. F'g douchebag.

452 days ago


Isn't it about time we euthanized Vick?

452 days ago


Michael Vick and all the sick people that engage in this inhumane act need to step into the ring. He, and all involved should have been executed. If you can do this to animals... You are in the same category as serial killers. I hope the guilt rots him alive.. And if its not; point proven.

452 days ago

Bubba Bafflor    

Vick is a steaming piece of smelly corn studded sh*t. Nothing more. The only reason he came clean and supposedly mended his crimminal sadistic ways is because he was busted. He'd be doing it still if he hadn't been caught--and would be doing it still if he knew he could get away with it today. Thankfully, he's now warming the bench on a mediocre team, and will NEVER EVER win a superbowl...or play in one.

Just a pure s***bag lowlife. That's the story of this sorry excuse for a "man."

452 days ago


There is a place in hell for you Vick, I wish I was there to watch you burn......F$#^#@ coward.

452 days ago


To Debbie bell,
No suggestions to fix this issue....really! How about the push for stiffer laws and punishments for the humans who have created this problem or stopping all the breeders bringing more PITBULLS into the world just for profit when there r hundreds of thousands n shelters waiting to b adopted or actually waiting to die!!! ur ignorance is much scarier than a PITBULL! If u would take the time to educate herself before u speak u would know that PITBULLS scored higher n temperament testing than beagles for instance! People like u r just as bad as Michael Vick and he is the s*** of the earth!!!! I feel sorry for u and anyone who is too narrow minded to experience true love, the kind only a PITBULL can give u. Sad!

452 days ago


Too bad they didn't put Vick to sleep. Worthless piece of ****.

452 days ago


Vick is no good and so are the Philadelphia Eagles for hiring him. No good and useless.

452 days ago


I hate Michael Vick.

452 days ago


I don't know why Americans trip so much about dog fighting. A bunch of countries eat dog

452 days ago


I love my dogs. I can't watch Vick on tv and won't watch a football game he is in.

452 days ago


Debbie Bell you're an IDIOT.

452 days ago


Should have EUTHANIZED that Felonbastard VICK the PR--K instead.

452 days ago


For all you dumb pieces of **** out there...it is the human that trains the dog, it is michael vick who should be ****ing put to death. Do you think the dog is born that way? I have never had a better dog than a pit bull. He adores my son and everyone else who is around him. If you support that pathetic excuse for a human being they call michael vick then you desreve to put in a cage where u have to fight to your death...and if you refuse then you get killed..like he did to his dogs tied to a tree and tortured. Think before you speak.

452 days ago
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