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Michael Vick

Pit Bull Euthanized

After Dogfighting Career

6/20/2013 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Sad news in the dog world -- the top pit bull from Michael Vick's dogfighting ring has been euthanized.

The dog -- named Lucas -- was humanely euthanized Wednesday at the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah because of accumulating health problems. He was around 13 years old.

Lucas -- who was Vick's grand champion -- was one of nearly 2 dozen dogs that were rehabilitated at BFAS after they were rescued from the ring in 2007. Unfortunately, Lucas was not allowed to be adopted because of his vicious fighting history -- and therefore had to remain a lifetime-care dog at the animal sanctuary.

We're told Lucas was  one of the friendliest dogs at the sanctuary -- and never stopped grinning.

Best Friends CEO Gregory Castle said, it was "a blessing in every way to be around him and to witness the wonderful effects on everyone he met."

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Pit bulls are easily trained and very stong. It takes a ****ing complete idiot to think it is the pits fault. You sound ****ing stupid. I have had 4 pit bulls they have never been anything but loving to my child and to other people. If you agree with Michael Vick who should be put to death then you should be put in the foot steps of one of his dogs. If you don't fight then you get tortured till you die. How stupid does everyone have to be til you realize its the human and not the dog? You sound ****ing stupid and until you actually realize and get an education on animals shut your ****ing mouth. These dogs have been tortured and abused and if they don't attack and kill they will be killed themselves by their owners. Educate yourself before you make a fool

457 days ago


Micael Vic. Disgusting. Still going on. He's more careful not to have his name attached.

457 days ago


At least he got to live large on his way out? RIP LUCAS!

457 days ago


I don't condone dog fighting, but I'd be lying if I said he wasn't on my fantasy team 2 years ago. Everyone makes dumb mistakes. God forbid we all don't. Give the dude a chance at change. I'm sure 98% of the people negatively commenting here have done something equally as stupid.

457 days ago


That's amazing!
Michael Vick should be euthanized in a not so humanely way!

457 days ago



457 days ago


Michael Vick should be euthanized...

457 days ago

Peter Popoff    

How many years will we discuss this TMZ

457 days ago


You are about as ignorant as they come. My fiancée and I had 2 put bulls for 13 and 14 years. They were are beloved family pets and they never bit or tried to bite anyone. It's people like you that are the reason why millions of these dogs are put down every year. Open your eyes it's not the breed its the people that have raised them.

457 days ago


its sad to hear about this kind of stuff especially about pit bulls as we know they are a breed that are aggressive and dangerous but the fact is it also depends on who the owner is and how they are treated if the owner hits them and abuses them and makes them fight of course they are gonna do only what comes natural to them as they don't know any better and its up to the owner to do the right thing by them pit bulls or any dogs aren't meant for fighting or to be used as a weapon they are meant to be a companion and a mans best friend. society is totally screwed up when it comes to abuse on animals there should be more laws and fines put out their for people who do this .. i watch and see the news and hear about kids who get attacked and i say we can't do a whole lot about stopping every individual pit bull who does this but if you start doing the right thing by your own dog or if you have a breed similar to a pit bull then treat them as good as you can as they can't defend them selves and people who only breed them to fight need to be caught and have the dog taken from them and made sure they are never able to own a dog again and be taken to jail for it cause its upsetting when you see this kind of stuff. needles to say Michael Vick is a bad example of someone like this who finds enjoyment in having dogs fight each other and kill each other to win money/make money it doesn't matter who you are at the end of the day and Michael Vick should be thrown back in jail for what he did to this poor dog that had to be put down not cause of its age or the scars or markings from the fights but because the wanker of a owner found more pleasure and happiness in making this dog so aggressive that it couldn't be re homed..

457 days ago


Pit bulls, by design, are capable of doing an immense amount of damage. That is why it's imperative that people who own dogs like pit bulls train them and know how to handle them. Unfortunately, because of the bad reputation they have, idiots decide to own them as a way to be the 'bada** who owns a bada** pit bull'. They don't train or socialize them and then there's outrage when the dogs on the news for mauling a neighborhood dog or kid. It's not the breed, it's the mishandling of the breed. And I find dogfighting to be one of the most inhumane disgusting acts of animal abuse on the planet. RIP Lucas.

457 days ago


it is people like you that probably hate this breed but would be the type that would be involved in the horrible group of people that do the dog fighting! open your eyes dear, it is not just PIT BULLS that mauled kids, FACT, labradors and collies have a big history too1

457 days ago


Rest in peace, you sweet baby boy. Now can we stick a needle in Vick's paw, please?

457 days ago


RIP Lucas! This Story STILL Makes Me Sick To My Stomach!!

457 days ago


It's sad that the little girl got killed but at the end of the day, overall...humans are the biggest killers that ever existed. Don't blame the breed, blame the owners. Statistics will show you that other breeds are just as capable of attacking, the media just don't rant about it.
RIP Lucas, your history is the result of twisted humans! Bx

457 days ago
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