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Paula Deen

My N-Word Excuse ...

I'm Old

6/20/2013 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0620_paula_deen_article_tmzPaula Deen is using the "I'm from the South" excuse to justify her use of the N-word ... saying that when she grew up, dropping an N-bomb was no big deal because everyone was racist.

Paula Deen Enterprises just issued the following statement to TMZ ... "During a deposition where she swore to tell the truth, Ms. Deen recounted having used a racial epithet in the past, speaking largely about a time in American history which was quite different than today."

FYI -- the "time" Paula admitted to using the N-word was 1986!!!!!

Anyway, the statement continues ... "[Paula] was born 60 years ago when America's South had schools that were segregated, different bathrooms, different restaurants and Americans rode in different parts of the bus. This is not today."

"To be clear Ms. Deen does not find acceptable the use of this term under any circumstance by anyone nor condone any form of racism or discrimination. "

As we previously reported, Deen admitted using the N-word during a sworn deposition stemming from a lawsuit ... in which the chef and her brother are accused of using offensive language at Paula's restaurant in Georgia.


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Fat-ass, racist, ugly from the inside out, stupid, ignorant, lying witch.

453 days ago


ok, so, what would she have referred to a white man holding a gun to her head while robbing her?

453 days ago


I am almost Paula's age and I can say growing up in the south the N-word, along with others describing Whites, Gays and Asians were used. Personally I hate that word (and all the others which are derogatory toward people). The reality is when I was a teen I used the N-Word just like other words were used to describe my race. Does it mean I'm a racist? No. It just means I used poor judgement when I was younger. Let's give her a break and look at the bigger picture.

453 days ago


After Obama I understand!!!!

453 days ago


I don't care what era you grew up in. Your an adult and should know dropping the N word is wrong. Don't use I grew up in the south as an excuse Paula Deen.

453 days ago


If Paula was in the workplace saying the "N" word then she would be out of line. I really don't care what she says in her private life. If everyone was judged by their private lives, no one would be employed. People need to worry about keeping their own closets clean. By the way, I am Black.

453 days ago


on Paula Deen -I've accidently let the "N" word slip in the heat of a moment but very rarely. But you know if black americans can use the "N" word whenever they like so can I and Paula! When they stop I will! and as for the young lady that is always stcking up for black rap stars who for the most part are #@*&%# she has no right to be critical of Paula or anyone else for that matter!
PS. watch your show every night and if I was 20 yrs younger I'd pop in throw Peter, Charles and Dax over my shoulders and kidnap them to a tropical island. LOL

453 days ago


I think it's time for people to quit pulling the racist card...slavery happened along time ago...give it up already...

453 days ago


Whites are truely the s*** of the earth

453 days ago


My comment is regarding Harvey mentioning the Midwest and Jewish people. I grew up in the mid-west and my family moved to California in 1956. I was in Junior high and one of my new friends said to me, "I have something to tell you and you might not want to be friends with me anymore". She then said "I'm Jewish" and I said "What is it?" I did not even know what Jewish was. I was 13 1/2 at the time.

453 days ago


This fat white bbiittcchh is months away from a heart attack. Hopefully its a slow painful death for this cow asap.

453 days ago


Life was very different back in the day, especially in the South. As terrible as it was, that is the way it was. Shameful, but let's not blame Paula Deen for it.
When I was little, we had these licorice candies that were shaped like babies. We called them N- babies. I did NOT even know what a black person was. I had never even seen a black person, so was I a racist? Of course not! Thankfully, things have come a long way, not perfect yet, but getting there. I am thinking a lot of you crying racist, were not even born back then. Stop being so judgmental unless you have been there.

453 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Job issues should be settled in that forum. I am sure we have all used ugly names at one time or another. Subjects like this is what makes my people have to explain and comment. This brings seperation of people when forums allow people to comment. I think there is little racism today and that is evident by white females who allow their black partner to impregnate them and deliver many bi-racial children. When that word is used in songs, movies, etc. it USUALLY refers to a bud and is not spelled the way the racist word is spelled.

453 days ago

LJ Love Life    

I'm black and I have used the N word. Should people use it...NO...but the truth is, people DO. Black, White, Mexican, Asian... Just because I use a derogatory word in a moment of frustration doesn't make me a racist. I don't care that Paula Deen used the N word... She doesn't use it on her whatever. Say what you want in the privacy of your own home...We all do it.

453 days ago


I am American, I live in Canada now. Buy a brand name box of any crayons, such as "Crayola" and you will see it has the color written in three languages. English=Black, Spanish=Negro and French=Noir. We speak many languages in this Country. If you are not educated enough to know the difference between a color and a slur, stop pointing out these instances.

453 days ago
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