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Paula Deen

My N-Word Excuse ...

I'm Old

6/20/2013 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0620_paula_deen_article_tmzPaula Deen is using the "I'm from the South" excuse to justify her use of the N-word ... saying that when she grew up, dropping an N-bomb was no big deal because everyone was racist.

Paula Deen Enterprises just issued the following statement to TMZ ... "During a deposition where she swore to tell the truth, Ms. Deen recounted having used a racial epithet in the past, speaking largely about a time in American history which was quite different than today."

FYI -- the "time" Paula admitted to using the N-word was 1986!!!!!

Anyway, the statement continues ... "[Paula] was born 60 years ago when America's South had schools that were segregated, different bathrooms, different restaurants and Americans rode in different parts of the bus. This is not today."

"To be clear Ms. Deen does not find acceptable the use of this term under any circumstance by anyone nor condone any form of racism or discrimination. "

As we previously reported, Deen admitted using the N-word during a sworn deposition stemming from a lawsuit ... in which the chef and her brother are accused of using offensive language at Paula's restaurant in Georgia.


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What's the big deal. Black people use it all the time. Selective outrage about the use of this word is disingenuous. If people, and blacks in particular, want this word to become a thing of the past then they should clean up their own house first.

455 days ago


Both of my parents grew up during segregation - my mother in rural Louisiana in fact - and neither have ever used the "N word". Ever. Paula used that word in the 80's? Gross.

455 days ago


Enjoy your fried butter stick fried in lard coated in sugar on a stick honey!

455 days ago


Well I am 60 years old also and I have never used the "N" my sister uses the word quite a lot...I think it comes down to how you perceive or white or color is not a factor and YES, I am from the south.

455 days ago


Boy am I gonna get jumped on for this but oh well here goes.. She is from the south. People were raised in the south until very recently to speak that way! Its a given that most white adults over the age of 40 would have not only said the N word in reference to African Americans but most defiently used in jokes. As to the whole thinking it was impressive to see black men at a wedding dressed in sharp white coats.. well I hate to say it but it does look good and so good that it has been repeated in movies for decades. The deep south is a whole nother culture than what we in the west and those in the north are used to but you can't sit back and deny it exists or condemn all those who were raised in that culture. I personally was raised out here the N word is not a word I have ever used. But thats not to say I have never ever heard my very southern Granny or my other relatives say it. My Grandaddy had a word for every culture and half the time I didnt understand half of what he was talking about most of the time!

455 days ago


I've spent time in the south (TN, NS, MS) and.. as a Nothern Girl.. .I was shocked to hear BOTH Blacks and Whites using the word "******" in plublic places.
If it is as offensive as some claim, why do Blacks still say it?

455 days ago


Did you all know that blacks are equally as racist as whites, and whites are equally as racist as blacks? Of course not all of them, in fact its a small percentage for both who are truly racist. Our horrible, and completely untrustworthy media would have you believe that whites are more racist than blacks, which is completely untrue. The term "racist" is so over used and its mostly a game played by children too immature to know what us adults know, that blacks who have white friends often say "racist" things about other whites, and whites who have black friends often do the same. I have quite a few close black friends, and yet I know a few others who are N word people, and guess what, my black friends agree with me. We also know some real nasty crackers too.

455 days ago


This shouldn't surprise anyone...she's from the south and in the south there are people who still talk that way to this day.

455 days ago

James Coleman    

I'm the same age as Paula. No excuse, though, I'm sure she has plenty of company that do what she does (or did in 1986.)

455 days ago


I am the same age and never, ever use that word. She just reinforces the sterotype of the South being ignorant - nice way to represent Paula.

455 days ago


I hear the terms "******" and "Cracker" both. Fact: Some Blacks are low lifes and some Whites are low lifes! Keep it movin!

455 days ago


TMZ... your digging. How many years ago was this??

You know how many times that word is said EVERY DAY by blacks??
Yet they falsely Cry being offended and Racism?
Why don't they practice what they preach,
and Politically Correct Brown Nosers like TMZ get off their high horse.
Soooo stupid.

455 days ago


Question? why is it that African Americans are supposed to forget about the wicked history in this country? No not all white people are racist, but the jews do not have to accept Nazis. Why do we have to accept american presidents that owned slaves, or a government who allowed blacks to endure such horrible treatment? Why do we have to accept our past oppressors? The jews never had to forgive the Nazi regime. please somebody help me understand why I cannot have these questions without being considered a racist?

455 days ago


I'm from the south shouldn't be used as an excuse because I'm sure there are plenty of folks from the south who've never used the n word before and she's making them look bad

455 days ago


Mrs. Butterworth keeps coming up with one excuse that's more stupid than the one before... It's time for her to remove her old racist self from the public eye once and for all and go raise butterball turkeys or something...

455 days ago
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