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Chili Peppers Singer

Brawl with Bodyguard

Outside Four Seasons

6/21/2013 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

2:05 PM PT
-- Kiedis just gave us the best statement ever ... not even mentioning the fight ... telling TMZ, "I love the Rolling Stones." Yeah, he's that cool.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
singer Anthony Kiedis just threw down with a security guard outside the Four Seasons in Philly -- after the hired muscle REFUSED to let Kiedis enter the hotel -- and the footage is insane.

In the footage, Kiedis approaches the hotel with his lady friend and security blocks him from entering. The security guard lunges, and a massive fight erupts.

Sources on scene tell TMZ, the Rolling Stones were making their exit from the hotel at the same time Kiedis was approaching -- and the security guard thought Kiedis was just another fan.

But the mystery ... no one's saying who the bodyguard works for.

A rep for Four Seasons Philly is denying the security guard works for the hotel. A source close to the Stones insists he doesn't work for them either ... at least not directly.

The Stones source says it's possible the bodyguard was hired in Philly to supplement the band's regular security.


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Rolling Stones security looks like they are card carrying A.A.R.P. members. Sure hope they got their discount.

Kiedis must be somewhat humiliated, since he couldn't get by a couple of grey-haired cotton tops.

488 days ago


Someone gettin fired. Loved his reaction, seemed to take the situation in stride, once they stopped trying to choke him. Peace!

488 days ago


Dude got rolled right in front of the bimbo he promised concert tickets to! Mr. Keidis, have we learned anything from this?

488 days ago


Kiedis was is and will always be a short little guy and a huge A$$HOLE

488 days ago

go home!    

Well, Kiedis DID try to push his way in first and that is what started the whole scuffle, so.......I have to say though, he did remain calm and cool after the fact which shows he's an alright guy. The paps & videopaps on the otherhand, once again, sound like complete idiots in the situation.

488 days ago


"The security guard lunges.." where's that in the video? Kiedis was acting like a douchebag by not taking a beat to explain himself but instead he feels ENTITLED to bull rush through security. That's what happened there. Kiedis was being a self-important douchebag celebrity! ! PS I miss John Frusciante (sorry Josh).

488 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Where the FVCK is Flea when you need him !?!?

488 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

This was a case where people needed to be punched that red hot chili pepper guy tried but to no avail. I like how that guy screamed he's the lead singer of the red hot chili peppers that would have gotten a quick response 15 years ago but in today's times all it got was security treating him like a groupie fan.classic

488 days ago


"Hey Harvey, I got something for you!" Hope you didn't pay to much, Harv

488 days ago


Guys always totally forget about their girlfriends when they are fighting.

488 days ago


Must be one on Paula Deen angry fans disappointed and attack a Chilli Pepper or one confused Rolling Stones bodyguard still stuck in the 60s. Someone needs to tell him this is 2013. Maybe needs to get back to "the home" and take his meds.

488 days ago


God I hate celebrities.

488 days ago


Heh. I like how the old guy took him down. That aside, who cares. It was obviously a misunderstanding, THey shook hands for crissakes. Everyone wants to make a big deal of nothing.

488 days ago


The other person in the picture is Flea ya dumbasses, Flea & Kiedis have fought in the past.

488 days ago


This is what happens when you pay people minimum wage and give them a little bit of power. Adam Carolla calls it 'The Minimum Wage Gilded Cage'. We deputized a bunch of minimum wagers and placed them in every guard shack, behind every counter, at every gate, and gave them carte blanche to **** with us. We're essentially prisoners in a penitentiary that we paid for.

488 days ago
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