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Justin Bieber

Monkey Business in Miami

Over Private Jet

6/21/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:10 PM
-- The plane just took off with Bieber inside. We don't know if the monkey made it in time.

Justin Bieber
has pissed off a private jet company ... because his plane has been grounded in Miami for 8 hours, while Justin searches for his pet monkey ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Justin rented a private jet to take him from Miami to Burbank.  The plane was supposed to take off at 11 AM ET, but the Biebs called to say he was running late. 

Hours passed ... and he showed up at around 3 PM.  But we're told he wasn't ready to smoke out of Miami because he needed to pick up his monkey from West Palm Beach.


Four more hours passed, and the monkey hasn't surfaced at the airport.  We're told Bieber actually chartered a helicopter to bypass street traffic and retrieve the primate. 

We're told Bieber has 30 minutes left at the time of this post ... before the pilot pulls the plug because he's about to run out of duty time.

Tick tick tick.


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Throwback kid    

We lost a great actor and all around good guy like James Gandolfini at 51. When Justin Bieber is 51 he will still be speeding through his gated community with his two unemployed black boyfriends, annoying everyone they can in the process. Bieber has no manners, no class, no sophistication and no education. I feel bad for the people who have to live next to him and his two unemployed pals. I won't be surprised if their neighbors get their own posse together and just beat the crap out of Bieber and his ghetto roommate's one night, It sounds like the neighbors are just sick of these trouble making losers

496 days ago


This was just a little boy with a YouTube video. This has all gone to his head; he is a real creep. That's OK. One of the biggest things I learned in life is that this s**t comes back on you one way or the other. We will all have the last laugh.

496 days ago


bet he's spanking his monkey right now..

496 days ago

Throwback kid    

I would like to see TMZ take a poll on this, right now the three most annoying D-Bags in Hollywood are Justin Bieber, Scott Disick and that Jersey shore Dirtbag the Situation. All three of these guys are totally full of themselves and they also possess no real talent at all. They also have no education to fall back on.

My question is, and I would be interested in what other TMZers think, who will be the first of these losers to file for bankruptcy?
1. My guess is the Situation since he is already washed up and it will be hard for this greasy moron to make a living lifting his shirt up when he's in his mid 40's

2. My second choice will be the wimp who drives the attention seeking yellow Rolls Royce Scott Disick, Scott has no job skills and before he met his gravy train Kourtney Kardashian Scott made a living passing out flyers at night clubs, not much of a career, even for an uneducated guy like Scott. Once the show ends and Kourtney gets rid of Scott I don't see much of a future for him

3. Last but not least we have Bieber, I think he will be the last of these guys to go broke only because he has made so many millions already. But this guy is aimless with no purpose in life, he gets used for his house and cars by these 4th rate wannabe rappers and as Biebers career cools down the trouble and drug use will go up. Bieber is so clueless he has no idea the trouble that is coming his way.

I won't feel bad for any of them, instead of deciding to be good people they are all totally obnoxious jerks! Oh, by the way how was everyone's week?

496 days ago


Lil Twist is missing?

496 days ago


why doesnt he have his own jet yet?

496 days ago

Canada eh    

Oh don't worry, the poor jet will get paid flying or sitting.

496 days ago


He getting micheal Jackson wird next thing you know he will dye his skin black

496 days ago


he is the other gay person that no boty boy we don't care about ,just ask lindsey or her parents

496 days ago


He seems to be screwing around more than performing. Smh

496 days ago

Fat Mike    

Oh my God! Somebody call the police.
Why are TMZ trying so so so hard to bring this guy down?
Justin Bieber is a great guy. Go to Youtube and type in Bieber charity, and then tell me how many of you judges have done as much as him.
get a life, losers!

496 days ago

Fat Mike    

Origannly I hates the way TMZ treats Justin, but now I'm pretty happy with TMZ though; the pettier TMZ gets, the more people realize that it's a witch hunt.
Keep going, you jealous MF's

496 days ago


Last I read that monkey was put in a sanctuary in Germany... so instead of paying up for his pal he just went and got another monkey? You'd think the cost of buzzing around in a helicopter would've bailed out the first monkey..

496 days ago


he needs to spank his monkey back to canada

496 days ago


It never ends with this little jackass.

I have no idea how anyone can continue to defend his behavior.

496 days ago
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