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Justin Bieber's Posse


... Caught On Tape!!!

6/21/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber's housemates -- Lil Za & Lil Twist -- are law-breaking, aggressive punks ... who dangerously rocketed through the streets of Calabasas and cussed out their neighbor ... and TMZ has the footage.

The latest incident went down Thursday inside Bieber's exclusive gated community -- The Oaks -- where one of Bieber's neighbors witnessed Za and Twist tearing up the streets in JB's cars ... a black Range Rover and the infamous white Ferrari.

You'll see a lady with a camera driving 25mph -- the speed limit -- as the two cars are stopped in front of her ... one in the oncoming traffic lane.

As the woman passes Bieber's cars ... Za and Twist turn on the jets and screech past her at speeds way in excess of the limit.

It all comes to a head at one of the gates in the community, where Za gets out of his car, aggressively confronts the woman -- and proclaims he's a resident of The Oaks with this glib gem ... "I live with Justin Bieber and you know I do."

He then tells the woman, "F**k you. Get the f**k out of here."

As for Bieber -- he was in Miami to watch the NBA Championship.


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This headline is deceiving. After watching the video, it's obvious that this woman is the instigator. When you follow someone around with a video camera and refuse to move your car, we have a case of a vigilante troublemaker. These 2 guys seem polite and non-troublesome. This lady comes across as a George Zimmerman neighborhood watch extremist. She was probably the tattle tale in school.

457 days ago


Bwhahahahaha! I've owned my home for 10 years and if a pissant like JB moved into my neighborhood, he'd be run back out quicker than KY jelly can slide a hand off a doorknob. Homeowners tend to take sides and punks never ever win. I knew neighbors who went up against a strip club owner who liked to make his presence known in his neighborhood~ he was run out of town by his neighbors who got fed up with his BS. These punkassbitches need to be put in their place.

457 days ago


hey tmz, put a poll up on this one. justin and his ppl are out of control.

457 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I'm not saying Justin's friends are right for speeding but that women photog crossed the line. Taking the video is more than OK. But you can't stop someone from going into their house. She was being just as wrong as Justin's friends. So just because JB friends were speeding that gave the women photog the right to break the law too? Besides you know she was driving 15 mph so they would pass her. What a way to get a story.
And by the way that women is a fvcken bietch!
Phishie from Philly

457 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

bieber and his posse need to get themselves a ccw license.. i'm just saying. these people are freakin dangerous.

457 days ago


Ha, let these punkz come to my town, we won't put them on tape, you know...

457 days ago


Justin Bieber is a little punk ass and so are his friends. He better grow up real fast before someone gets killed in one of his cars, or worse, they kill an innocent bystander.

457 days ago


I hope his home owners insurance drops him because he's a liability. They should just sue Justin, they're all disrespectful punks

457 days ago


You dont know what they were doing before she decided to get her cell phone and record their dumba$$e$. They were probably all over the road when she was like OMG record those punks! She didn't instigate ANYTHING! They were instigating harm buy their reckless driving! She may have been blocking them from getting in by clicking on a device to keep them out.. But they do not live there! They are squatting at Biebers house and don't pay a dime to stay there! (I guess they supply Biebs with weed for rent) I applaud that woman for what she did. It's nice to have proof to all the hearsay that's been going on in that community. I have heard "they are picking on them because they are young rockstars" LOL! Yeah, that's it.These kids' needs to grow the f*ck up if they want to live in a nice, established gated community with the wealthier bunch. They're lucky ppl haven't busted through their doors and physically forced them out! I can't wait for the police to prosecute these lil b*tches with this evidence!

457 days ago


He has outside the gate monkeys and inside the gate monkeys, these are the inside the gate monkeys.

457 days ago


Justin Bieber is like their Daddy. He feeds, clothes and houses the two little charity cases. That bored housewife is irritating as hell though, those freeloaders were just being young..lololol

457 days ago


Finally actual video. Hopefully this gets them closer to some peace.

457 days ago


1st Justin isn't even in this video.
2 that lady provoke an altercation w/ lil za
3 y'all need to leave them alone.
Just be fussing over unnesscary drama that's not even caused for. So STFU and SIT THE F*CK DOWN YOU ASS HOLES! Your obviously in love with Juatin & his crew because he's on this site everyday.. When he shouldnt be ... Stalkers I see huh??!? Yep. We know you love him. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

457 days ago


Well, when Lil Biebs is evicted all three Lils can live together on the streets.

457 days ago


You people are freaking nuts! Are you blind? That woman is harassing them! If that were me, I would have slapped the ish out of can't stop someone from going into their home!!!!!!!!!!

457 days ago
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