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Justin Bieber's Posse


... Caught On Tape!!!

6/21/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber's housemates -- Lil Za & Lil Twist -- are law-breaking, aggressive punks ... who dangerously rocketed through the streets of Calabasas and cussed out their neighbor ... and TMZ has the footage.

The latest incident went down Thursday inside Bieber's exclusive gated community -- The Oaks -- where one of Bieber's neighbors witnessed Za and Twist tearing up the streets in JB's cars ... a black Range Rover and the infamous white Ferrari.

You'll see a lady with a camera driving 25mph -- the speed limit -- as the two cars are stopped in front of her ... one in the oncoming traffic lane.

As the woman passes Bieber's cars ... Za and Twist turn on the jets and screech past her at speeds way in excess of the limit.

It all comes to a head at one of the gates in the community, where Za gets out of his car, aggressively confronts the woman -- and proclaims he's a resident of The Oaks with this glib gem ... "I live with Justin Bieber and you know I do."

He then tells the woman, "F**k you. Get the f**k out of here."

As for Bieber -- he was in Miami to watch the NBA Championship.


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With all the money behind that gated community, here's my suggestion to straighten out those punks
Have a couple of well versed and discreet guys taunt the punks then beat the begeebies out of them. No broken bones, but a tremendous amount of soft tissue damage.

Experience has found a professional beat-down with a subtle comment just before consciousness leaves them along with the grit from the asphalt they are laying in will straighten them out; that and missing front teeth. And it can all be done for a couple thousand bucks- tip money
My suggestion for the parting comment: "If we ever ever hear or see of you again, you will never breed again. I think they should do that anyway, since I can't see any contribution to them populating earth

489 days ago


Throw all their junkie asses in jail!

489 days ago


I'm not a Justin Bieber fan by any means but this woman was inappropriate when she refused to move her car. She was just trying to provoke a strong reaction out of them and was pleased as punch when she did. "Did you get that?" *eyeroll*

489 days ago


female is full of crap. You can tell she was driving slow. Therefore they had to pass her up. and that was outside the gates.

489 days ago


What would you expect from people who are willing to be seen with a eunuch? These wanna be stars are almost as worthless as the little Canadian eunuch. When he either dies in a car wreck or gets deported back to Canada these little flies that are buzzing around the pile of shyt will vanish or find some other moron to hang on to and sponge off of.

489 days ago


The lawsuit when one of them kills somebody in one of Bieber's cars will be astronomical.

489 days ago


Where's Paula Deen when we need her?

489 days ago


I thought the problem was speeding INSIDE of complex. She's recording OUTSIDE and it's clear she's driving very slowly with the intent of recording them them passing her. This lady needs to set up a better speed trap next time. lol

489 days ago


1st Justin isn't even in this video.
2 that lady provoke an altercation w/ lil za
3 y'all need to leave them alone.
Just be fussing over unnesscary drama that's not even caused for. So STFU and SIT THE F*CK DOWN YOU ASS HOLES! Your obviously in love with Juatin & his crew because he's on this site everyday.. Stalkers I see huh??!? Yep. We know you love him. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

489 days ago


so im no fan of bieber terrorizing everyione but what this lady did was sad too. she couldve called the police if she had such a big problem with them speeding but she obviously had to stir the pot and aggravate them. Thats what she was doing, starting drama with people. stupid rich lady

489 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

that bitch needs to have her fkn license yanked for driving recklessly. trying to call some bs on a group of kids. if the da saw this, he had better stick it to this one here.

489 days ago


Can the neighbors file a class action lawsuit?

489 days ago


a real tough ****** confronting a female in an aggressive woudlnt bother me one bit to read on here one day that one of these **** wads has gotten killed in a car wreck.sounds mean and i know that isnt cool of me to say.but they are nothing but ****ing pricks

489 days ago


Honestly, she should've backed up to let them in. She got her film and that's all she needed. Stopping them from going in when she knows good and well that they live with JB was dumb, pointless and childish. Get your evidence, move on, and use it against them later. The boys were more mature about the situation than I would've expected and in this particular situation, they were in the right.

489 days ago


Wow nothing like ghetto in your multi million dollar neighborhood!. She have called the cops since they obviously didn't have access to the gates. I wonder where these losers will be when the Biebs money runs out?

489 days ago
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