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Paula Deen

Ridiculous Apology

For Using N-Word

6/21/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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1:00 PM PT
-- FYI, Paula just yanked the video apology from her YouTube channel.

Paula Deen
continues to step in it, and we know part of the problem is that her team doesn't have a clue.

She just issued a weird, video apology with an edit after almost every sentence.  It's as if some publicist is feeding her lines that she has trouble delivering.

Rather than explaining why she used the N-word in the past -- something she might have been able to explain given her background -- she's just begging for forgiveness.  It feels like it's coming from a bunch of suits, and not from her heart.  Huge miss.

Sources connected with Deen tell TMZ ... this was an apology produced by committee -- a committee of lawyers, publicists and other managers who don't understand the meaning of the word "apology."  They've strung a bunch of words together that make Deen look pathetic ... throwing herself at the mercy of the court of public opinion.

It's sad.


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queen love    

No to that B.S. ... You can't charm your way outta this one.

432 days ago


Paula Deen is a brand now; a corporation. She gave a typical corporate apology. What's with all the TMZ outrage at its craptitude? She's owning it. TMZ makes a daily sport of objectifying women. Let's hear a sincere TMZ corporate apology so we can judge that too.

432 days ago


I am not saying she is right, but no one is going after Haley Barbour for praising the White Supremacist group Citizen's Council as late as 2010. No one goes after Shaq for his Yao Ming impersonation which included many "ching chong chings" in it. Mel Gibson said worse and he is getting work again. This woman is an old white woman who grew up in Savannah during a very disgusting time in our history. Does it really matter what she thinks? You all are giving her too much credit.

432 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I think the media and the plaintiff have gotten enough mileage out of this story. It's time to give it a rest and she doesn't need to address it further.

432 days ago


Just leave the old lady alone.

432 days ago


This story is stupid. The disposition said she used the word before, as we ALL have, but not directed towards anyone. She's not out throwing the word around or making racist slurs. The person that brought the suit is pissed bc he was sleeping with an underage waitress. That's why he was fired. She needs to not apologize and people need to stop believing all that they read.

432 days ago


Bad editing.

432 days ago


Imma have to stop buying those butter cakes in walmart. Dang I like them to.

432 days ago

Pierce Aero One    

I live near many well known KKK organizations, and as a Buddhist, having shaved my head for sometime, was often mistaken for a local skinhead. I found it ironic, that they gave me the "homie nod", when I do not have my afro showing, that I normally get from actual "Homies", when I do. Few of these Klan people will EVER be sorry. Sincerly, or otherwise. I say give a po' white lady some credit for what looks to me like a sincere effort, and move on.

432 days ago


I haven't seen or heard not ONE black person who was really offended by her saying this. It's just a bunch of white people gathering around to determine who's rascist and whose not. And if there is a black person who is offended. Get over it she didn't say it in a disrespectful hateful way. Btw I'm black

432 days ago


Oh please, who cares? She admitted she used the N word 25 years ago when she was upset....who gives a rat's ass?

432 days ago


Blacks need to quit crying!! its about time they wake up an contribute to society. Mexican people came over here with nothing and they work their butts off. while alot of blacks still kill each other everyday and freeload off the govermnet. wake up blacks and quit crying about stuff, im sick of it.

432 days ago


Will never buy her products again!

432 days ago


This is the most overblown vs I have ever heard. We are going after her for saying it years ago yet utter nothing when lanterns and jay z have it in every song? Gtfo. I'm black and could care less what she did before she became who she is today.

432 days ago


TMZ, you ought to kiss her racist behind as she is making money for you.
Gimme me a break with the theatrics like you care... you just see easy dollars signs.

If anything, like with the Kramer video and Paula, how can you carry on the way you do on your TV show and say the racist stuff that your crews say and giggle cus you know you say off color things and get away with it, while you chastise others for the same behavior?... you are talking out of both sides of your mouth for the sake of money and its put on notice.

You are no different then the people who fane a dislike for.
Even worse then a racist... Hypocrites

432 days ago
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