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Paula Deen

Ridiculous Apology

For Using N-Word

6/21/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1:00 PM PT
-- FYI, Paula just yanked the video apology from her YouTube channel.

Paula Deen
continues to step in it, and we know part of the problem is that her team doesn't have a clue.

She just issued a weird, video apology with an edit after almost every sentence.  It's as if some publicist is feeding her lines that she has trouble delivering.

Rather than explaining why she used the N-word in the past -- something she might have been able to explain given her background -- she's just begging for forgiveness.  It feels like it's coming from a bunch of suits, and not from her heart.  Huge miss.

Sources connected with Deen tell TMZ ... this was an apology produced by committee -- a committee of lawyers, publicists and other managers who don't understand the meaning of the word "apology."  They've strung a bunch of words together that make Deen look pathetic ... throwing herself at the mercy of the court of public opinion.

It's sad.


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Who here believes there would EVER be a story like this about a black celebrity who used racial lingo about whites or asians, or hispanics? You're certifiably insane if you think there would be. This outrage street is one way.

489 days ago


She is worried that her gravy train has come to an end. HOPE SO !!

489 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

Who hasn't said or thought racist things? She should let it blow over. Such a non-story. Too much whining and suing going on these days.

489 days ago


I think the only people who think her speech was sincere are the main people who use that word on a regular and pass the awful disease on to their kids, if you are educated enough to know what it stands for you should be educated enough to suffer the consequences that comes along with it, the most mind blowing part about all this if you look up tje word ****** it means ignorance which a lot of white are. But not me of course :)

489 days ago


First and foremost, black folks are not in any position to criticize ANYBODY for using the so-called "n-word." while being perfectly fine with it being used ad nauseum by rapper/hip-hop types. I hear it blared from radios, in stores by black folks, I hear it everywhere I go.. and I've yet to hear any complaints so stop the hypocrisy black people.
Secondly, of course Paula is racist--no surprise there, in fact I don't know even she even mentioned what she was apologizing about--since the world apology doesn't necessarily mean contrition but an explanation... she explained (apologized) that white folks in the south were/are racist, nobody thought/think anything of it--She must be drinking from the fountain of youth, because to hear her talk the civil rights movement was not in full force and how were they to know. It's like folks who like to excuse slave owners as being ignorant--as to suggest that there was no abolitionist conscious raising movement to contend with...
Paula, you're busted. Grant it you'll lose a few fan If anything but your fan base will probably increase. This is the same bitch who was encouraging folks to cook and eat high fat foods while being a diabetic from being overweight and eating the crap she was pushing...

489 days ago


Forgive me ya'll, Whaa! Whaa! I WANNA keep in good with Food Network and my sponsors Whaa! Whaa! I don't want my pocket book hit!

489 days ago

paul a.    

What is so ridiculous?
What should she say?

489 days ago


i think what she was trying to say in the first place is that back in the day, the N word Was said, and probably more in the south than anywhere. i remember a rhyme that our mother taught us that had the N word. i know that i said it back then too, however, i didnt have slaves, and i didnt personally whip, hang, or demean any black person. i also, didnt gas the jewish, nor did i hang someone who i thought was a witch. i'm tired of being called the cracker too! blacks continually bring the race card in to their advantage. its 2013, and no more slavery!. i actually think that if the slaves were to see how some of the people are today black and white, they would still be appalled by everyones behavior. sick of the race card!

489 days ago


I am an AA woman and her apology seemed extremely heartfelt! Even if she didn't mean it she owned up to it and apologized! It is our duty to forgive and move on!

489 days ago


She never should have opened her big mouth to begin with

489 days ago


Give it a rest....I find the rapper stomping on the American Flag more disrespectful.....or kanye entire new CD........give me a break!!!

489 days ago


Everyone needs to get over it right now. The whole country was "racist" at that time she used the word "n****r. I would like for just ONE person say to themselves they have never used a remark that was racist. I'm Mexican and have heard every comment made, beaner, wetback,tomato picker, peach picker etc. Get over it America. Everyone that is seeing this post has had a name to call another race. She was just honest.

489 days ago


The woman is an alcoholic. She dropped the dried butter habit and picked up another - scotch. I don't expect a coherent statement from her.

489 days ago


She should have put this apology where it belonged -- in the garbage. Sometimes silence is golden (and makes more sense).

489 days ago


OMG! Let it go!!!! She used the word a hundred years ago and now she's been told to apologize for it! How ridiculous!!!! Don't you guys have better stories to tell??????????????????????

489 days ago
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