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Paula Deen

Video Apology

Take 2

6/21/2013 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paula Deen
must have realized how insincere her first video apology was when she posted it several hours ago ... because she's decided to do it again, and this one is much better.

Paula says in the new video she wanted to speak from her heart -- something she clearly didn't do in her first, heavily-edited and publicist-vetted disaster.

This time she speaks in one take, saying she doesn't discriminate against African Americans, Jews or gays.  It's not polished, but it seems way more authentic.

You be the judge.


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Why are black people allowed to use the N word but white people are not? how can you punish her for something that other people are allowing to go on

487 days ago


I've never been a fan, but I admire her in this situation because she was in a deposition and told the truth. How many other celebrities would admit to this? Few to none.

487 days ago


this is stupid!! she doesn't need to apologize. African Americans are most racist to white people than whites to black. Its just stupid to make such a big deal of this, leave her alone.

487 days ago

Danielle Brodie    

Such BS. If she lied and said she never said the N word- then everyone would be hating her for that. She made a mistake 30 YEARS ago - Worse crimes have a statute of limitations, but not saying something bad about a person who literally held a gun to your head?

487 days ago


I am not saying this is an excuse but she is from deep south,white and old it was common speak way back when..however using it today there is no excuse for that but I wouldn't want to see her lose everything because of a mistake from 1986.for many old people and the very young it is hard to understand why African Americans can use it constantly but others can't

487 days ago


What the hell is WRONG with you people?!?! She said something wrong 30 FREAKING YEARS AGO and you want to CRUCIFY her?!?! Why do people just LOVE to see someone on top crash and burn? What a bunch of jerks you are. Wish I had a list of all the things you did wrong in your youth.

487 days ago


Let the old lady go

487 days ago


What people are not getting is that your saying the word is being used in rap songs and in conversation. Thats its free game. That does not matter one bit. It is the context on why you are useing a word. She used the N word to describe a person as in that N word did this. And that is very wrong. Any way you look at it.

487 days ago

Pamela McCreary    

To all of the Paula Deen haters...why don't you leave her alone? She admitted she did wrong, she said she was sorry and asked for forgiveness. Are people going to persecute her the rest of her life? Don't we all make mistakes? Didn't Jesus forgive Judas? Now I see the Food Network has let her go. Celebrities have done much worse things. At least she isn't famous for a sex tape like most. I say forgive her and move on...

487 days ago


This seems genuine but it's cos she's genuinely worried that her career is over

487 days ago


So you made your millions before people found out you are a racist Paula. Consider yourself lucky it has taken this long. Take your net worth of $16mil and go away now.

487 days ago


This knee jerk reaction is absolutely many of us has used some for of a racist name, ever? When you work in the kitchen it is your crew and there should be some form of honor about what is said when stressed, Certainly never to be repeated and used against you later. I find this amazing since the Barefoot Contessa would not cook with a child with cancer and she just keeps rolling on. What hypocrites.

487 days ago

American Patriot    

give her a break......

so she used the N word....who cares? Colored people call each other that word all the time!

487 days ago


It's unfortunate however, she should have been fired! We can forgive all day long however, she still must face the penalty of being so irresponsible! At the end of the day, its not about how many people use the N work in private. It's more about the tolerance in public and God forbid if it's treated lightly how many more will think it's small or okay?! It's appalling that many think it should be treated lightly however, it's just confirmation that racism is real in America. #disgusting and I will not feel bad for her because she is still "Richer then Blue Valley Butter" as my dad would say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

487 days ago


Luv you Paula! Don't care if Food Network did not renew your's not the same channel it used to be. I miss the Neely's!!! You stand strong have freedom of speech and you've made enough money. Tell 'em all to kiss your Southern A$$!!!!!!!!!!!

487 days ago
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