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Paula Deen

Video Apology

Take 2

6/21/2013 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paula Deen
must have realized how insincere her first video apology was when she posted it several hours ago ... because she's decided to do it again, and this one is much better.

Paula says in the new video she wanted to speak from her heart -- something she clearly didn't do in her first, heavily-edited and publicist-vetted disaster.

This time she speaks in one take, saying she doesn't discriminate against African Americans, Jews or gays.  It's not polished, but it seems way more authentic.

You be the judge.


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Freedom of speech. However they knew she was out of control when she came on board at the food network. They have her on tape using the N word ,long before this law suite which she was encouraged to settle out of court...but her arrogant southern secret ghost attire has been revea!!l THE HOOD IS OFF!! & NOW WE ALL KNOW EXACTLY WHO THE MRS.WIZARD IS........

456 days ago


Wow, this is crazy. Why again is she being fired? She is an older southern born and raised woman. Of course she said it, along with 98% of the rest of the South. What an over reaction.

456 days ago


I dont know why she should apologize. Was she supposed to lie in the deposition?

Has the word truly never crossed every black persons lips?

456 days ago


I am gonna go to youtube and re-watch "rapper gets hit by ice cream truck" another ten times.

456 days ago


Where is the uproar when someone in the public eye uses the word "***" or "***got" and I think the "F" word stands for something else? I am sick and tired of this political correctness **** coming back to bite a person over something they said a while ago. I would now like to encourage all the person who have not used the "n" word in their lifetime to please stroll on the pristine white carpet of life. And if you say you've never used it...I think you lying! The Food Network has made a terrible mistake for firing Paula Deen.

456 days ago


Listen,white people use this word for an insult

456 days ago


Sorry but a Black person who robs you that's a n-I-g-g-e-r

456 days ago


456 days ago


If you're saying you can say the n word because black say it just STOP. NO ONE is buying your crap. You've got to be stupid if you think people are buying your excuses, lol. You're just fanning the flames here. And fyi, not all black people are horrible. And just for clarification: the reason most black people are here is because beastly, stupid, uneducated, poor excuses for human beings, idiot neanderthals brought them here... against their will. Unfortunately for all racist morons there are consequences to rather animalistic endeavors. Those lazy, greedy, assanine ship riding pigs started the decline of human civility and mutual respect. I feel sorry for their descendants if they are bitterly and angrily putting up with the consequences. Key phrase: sooner or later you or someone you love has to reap what you sow. It is what it is "y'all" - end of history lesson!!

456 days ago


Why is the only defense white people have is "rappers say it all the time"? What does that have to do with anything? What is the point being made by saying that? These are real questions I really would like an answer to

456 days ago


I am sick and tired of IGNORANT white peoples wondering why they can use the word N....haven't your F ancestors used it enough has it is??Give us a break. we have the right to use it AMONG ourselves. This is an excuse to try to diminish us and show that you are superior to us....why use the word N??? we use it because for once in our life, we can laugh at it and pretend that this horrible term created by a white trailer trash never existed. Everytime I see a comment: why can't we use it??? I cringe because I am so surprise to see how stupid white people can be. Anything to show their racist side and superiority with their white wrinkled flat asses.... It is our our very own righ to use this the N. That Old Wrinkled Fat Ass Bag can try to apologize as much as she can but it is what it is. Racist forever. Her and her stupid brother Baba....and I am glad that Food Network removed her. Such a great example of Southern black ass!

And lastly, I am SICK AND TIRED of white people thinking that because we have a black president, life should be so easy and it shows that you are so open-minded! my black ass!! yeah right...we still ****ing struggle and if a white people do not want you working, they will make sure you don't.

456 days ago


Was the N-word always hateful? I think that for many people, that was just the word they used to describe blacks. Then it became colored, Negro, African-American, and black (not necessarily in that order). So if someone used it back in the day, it wasn't necessarily said with scorn. Yes, it later became a pejorative, but now the pendulum seems to be swinging the other way.

456 days ago


If you want to support Paula - just FN a message here - I dont watch the show or Paula, but feel this is just wrong. Its most likely too late, but I wrote anyway.

456 days ago


She deserves all of this! She is a racist southern who cannot come past the fact that black people are human beings that deserve rights. All you white hicks that are commenting should read up on the law suit. Also, try reading what she said to the lawyers who questioned her about the law suit. She openly admitted to being a racist. I am proud of what Food Channel did because it sends a strong message to you old white racist bastards. It is time you old ****ers come into 2013 and forget about the 1950's!

456 days ago


Dumb bitch, talks about not judging people by their color, religion or sexual PREFERENCE. HEY LADY PEOPLE DON'T HAVE SEXUAL PREFERENCE'S....... It's a sexual ORIENTATION!

455 days ago
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