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Paula Deen

Food Network Blames

Paula's Abysmal PR Team

6/22/2013 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0621-paula-deen-food-networkPaula Deen's PR team botched her n-word apology so badly ... the Food Network had no choice but to fire her, sources close to the network tell TMZ.

According to our sources, her management's clumsy damage control -- backing out of the Matt Lauer interview and releasing multiple lame mea culpas -- was the primary reason the Food Network pulled the plug on the celebrity chef.

We're told the apology videos were the last straw -- clinching the Food Network's decision to drop the ax on her. And if you've seen the videos, it's not a big shock. (Apology 1, Apology 2)

But the silver lining ... we're told Paula's son Bobby Deen will be spared ... his Food Network show "Not My Mama's Meals" won't be affected by his mama getting the boot.

Might want to rename it though.


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Justsay Nohan    

She needs to fire her PR team and hire Lindsay's. Afterwards, she needs to sue them for failing to protect her interests.

457 days ago


She will still make money. I was not expecting her to get banished from the network. I would like to see her do an honest interview.

457 days ago

Laura was all the fault of the PR team? Paula couldn't tell right from wrong without a PR team? She couldn't tell how idiotic, cutesy and insincere her comments were?

457 days ago


Sorry, Paula Deen should not have been fired. This was in her past. Where she grew up, and in her era, that was what they called black people. PEOPLE STOP BEING SO DAMNED POLITICALLY CORRECT. If she were on the show now throwing the N word around then she would be wrong. The theme of the wedding to some would be offensive, but guess what, some black folks would have had a job for a few hours. Hey,Ghoulish themes at weddings would be tasteless to me. So wrong to lose her show over something so trivial!!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what I'm BLACK, and I'm sure people to this day are calling me the N word under their breath. So sorry that this is being blown out of proportion, give that woman back her job, find a real news story.

457 days ago


Paula's apology seems very sincere. Naturally, the media has blown this way out of proportion and managed to crucify her career with their poisonous tongues. The whole suit is about someone who wants a big payday and to not have to work for the rest of their life-aka greed. I wish the media would focus on something "real" like the broken healthcare system in America. Plus, most of the comments about this are far worse than anything Paula said.

457 days ago

K Harrison    

Wow, I just watched a movie tonight with Jamie Fox, Morgan Freeman Leonarado Decaprio,Among others, I must of heard the N word in that movie over 100 times. If Paula Dean has to apologize for her actions from years ago, someone needs to start fessing up some apologies from that show. I take great offense over the years of taking blame for something our for farthers did to the other race over 100 years ago. I do not condon how the different races were treated years ago ,but it is time for us to
stop taking blame and start standing up for ourselves and our children and grandchildren . We did not have control over rasicism years ago . Why is it ok for African Americans to get on National television and talk this way? Paula dean needs to tell the food network what to do with their contract and produce her on network. Yes I am from the South and I enjoy her show and her boys show,if you don't like her food switch your channel and don't watch her and by the way you can always substitute her ingriendients with fat free or light butter??? Seriously!

457 days ago


F@8k sake, this is the biggest pile of bull****, why should someone be treated this way for a word..
every time a white person says ****** or other black comment, its like world war 3, but a black person saying white c&nt all the time is ok....

457 days ago

R. Hall    

This is such crap. Another witch hunt. What she says in the privacy of her own home is her business. BTW, has anyone listened to any rap songs lately? Another excuse for the racism card!

457 days ago

D. Burkhardt    

So P.D. apologizes and 'admits' to using a racist term.. Everyone is shocked and appalled. RIDICULOUS!!! Where is the shock and being appalled at Lil Wayne for trampling on the American flag as our soldiers are dying? He doesn't even own up to it. "I didn't see it". Okaaay!!! Yeah, I believe you. Where's the calling for a boycott of his music,... radio stations not playing his music, ...cancelling concerts?
This is MUCKED UP!!!

457 days ago


I'm black and I wasn't surprised to hear she's dropped in N bombed and I'm not even mad about it. I feel bad she was fired, it seriously was not that serious.

457 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Equality and double-standards cannot co-exist.

457 days ago


Coming to the food network in 2014: KKKCooking with Paula Deen.

On her show, she will demonstrate southern cooking, while also showing various ways to lynch n*ggers.

457 days ago


This link says it all about the racist, lard pushing witch.

457 days ago


What the Food Network is doing to Paula Deen is a disgrace. if every person in American got fired for using the N-Word, 90% of America would be unemployeed. It seems like there are 2 sets of rules, depending on color. Free speach and hate speach are 2 different things. I will not longer watch or support the food network, they should be applogizing to Paula...

457 days ago

BB not bb    

Thought crimes and word crimes, this is straight out of 1984's fascist utopia. She hasn't even proven to have called her employee a N: she is being punished for even having the potential to think about it. She is being attacked for existential crimes.

She doesn't have a good enough image for FN any more? I think she is one of the nicest, most down to earth ladies on TV. She is a like a breath of fresh air and a dash of salt. Most TV personalities are bland or so fake sweet that you want to puke.

Her sweetness seems really sincere. So what if it is spiced with a little vinegar now and then? I think she is a fun person.

457 days ago
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