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Paula Deen

Food Network Blames

Paula's Abysmal PR Team

6/22/2013 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0621-paula-deen-food-networkPaula Deen's PR team botched her n-word apology so badly ... the Food Network had no choice but to fire her, sources close to the network tell TMZ.

According to our sources, her management's clumsy damage control -- backing out of the Matt Lauer interview and releasing multiple lame mea culpas -- was the primary reason the Food Network pulled the plug on the celebrity chef.

We're told the apology videos were the last straw -- clinching the Food Network's decision to drop the ax on her. And if you've seen the videos, it's not a big shock. (Apology 1, Apology 2)

But the silver lining ... we're told Paula's son Bobby Deen will be spared ... his Food Network show "Not My Mama's Meals" won't be affected by his mama getting the boot.

Might want to rename it though.


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Yep. Sounds about right. Her lawyers should have settled way before the depos took place or soon thereafter. Her PR team is rookie league at best. If Paula were wise, she would have hired a minority law firm and/or PR firm to help her through this (ala Billy R. Martin anyone?).

452 days ago


I would like to state something to all of you racist crapbags: there are repercussions and consequences because of a slew of demented, evil men and their rather animalistic slave trading endeavors - those lazy, greedy, asinine, ship riding pigs started the real decline of human civility. I feel sorry for the slave trader's/buyer's descendants if they are bitterly and angrily dealing with the consequences. Key phrase: sooner or later you or someone you love has to reap what you sow. It is what it is y'all" ! End of history lesson. If you don't like how things are now, you can thank THEM - those beastly, stupid, uneducated, poor excuses for human beings, idiot neanderthals who started it. That had to be THE most embarrassing time period in human history. JFK was doing all he could to take America as far away from it as he could.

452 days ago


The people at Food Network who made the decision had better have never, Never, EVER said the n-word.

452 days ago


Here is my take on this whole thing: Most everyone has used "the word", but it isn't a part of our everyday vocabulary. And, if, you are an employer and are aware that someone in your company is running porn on computers in the work area and you don't take steps to stop it, you are liable for harrassment in the workplace. I think the whole thing really started because of the actions of her brother, and Paula being a part owner of "Uncle Bubba's" was made part of the lawsuit. What a person says or does in their private life is private until it affects another person's rights. If you have employees it's a gamechanger, if you are a public personality, it's a game changer. If you want your own business or publicity, then you have to accept that you will be scrutinized and you have to act differently and protect yourself.

452 days ago

Dr Dave    

Okay the sensitive people in the black community just don't get it. First you can blame your own friends family and "influential figures" in the black community for making the word ******(*****) such a causal word. The word could have almost been non-existent. You don't here people in any other culture calling themselves racial slurs in a casual nature. I know no one else in history knows what black people went through.....wait a minute how bout a little know community called Jews. Yeah they have had a wonderful past and history. Almost every culture or race has delt with some sort of discrimination, slavery, and even GENOCIDE!!!!! But they move on from the past. I have a partial armenian background and millions of "my people" were slaughtered by the Turks in the past. Should I go around and hate all of them and point the finger at them everytime something goes wrong absolutely not. People need to move on from the past if they ever expect to move forward in the future. A lot of bad things have happened to all types of people throughout history and we all move on, but the black community has a bad stereotype of always blaming others instead of stepping back and taking a good look at ones self. If you want to make a difference then make a difference by proving any negative stereotypes false. The community is only segregating itself. There will always be rasicst people but its time to let go of the past its 2013. I think acceptance of race is not our biggest issue anymore. I mean we do have a black president. Now maybe everyone should get their priorities straight and focus on things such as education, healthcare, unemployment, or maybe even proper parenting. Stop making excuses and create solutions.

452 days ago


And you have to blame her stupid lawyer having her go through a trial. He must be the stupid lawyer in the SOUTH. Paula should have just paid the suit and this would never have happened.
I guess we now know why our Southern Law Makers are so stupid in DC. They have no sense nor brains to be in leadership.
I do like :Paula and supports her

452 days ago


For any of you who are interested in knowing the truth about what her black friends really think about her (and I'm talking to the TMZ staff, also), take a look at this from CNN...

452 days ago


BS....don't believe the network. If there were as truthful as Paula then they would just come out and say that they wanted to get rid of her and this is their excuse. Other than being honest there is no difference between her and 90% of the other BLACK and WHITE southerners over the age of 50.

Although I didn't watch her I must say she is just as good as the other shows Food Network has. They have hit the bottom in the past 3-4 years and it's not Paula's fault.

452 days ago


Bad P.R. team and vulture sites like TMZ

452 days ago

Ginger 713    

Paula, take that money you have been saving for a rainy day and do what Oprah did. Start your own tv network. Dont let this get you down. Look at the people who have survived the past. Just call Lindsay, The Kardashian, Britney, Paris Hilton, and a huge list of others. This too shall pass. And when it does you will be heating up the kitchen again. See ya in the kitchen.....

451 days ago


That dumb racist bitch deserves exactly what she received and more.....not to exclude her the world really knows how you get down...

451 days ago


Once again......... Fire the white person. BET, Ms Black America, the Black American College Fund. HELLOOOOOO.?????? The white entertainment network? The all white comedy hour? The white American college fund? I'm so sick of this crap.

451 days ago


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451 days ago


In her own words, before the apologies Paula Deen said oh lots of vote are about Jewish people, black people etc. Everyone jokes. Well, I'm a little older than Ms. Deen and I find ethnic and religious slurs to be bigoted and small minded. I don't care if theyr'e from Kanye West or Paula Deen, there is no place for stereotyping people and making perpetuating hatred and bias. Peace, people.

451 days ago


The "REAL" Paula Deen? . . . check out "" related to Jackson vs. Deen transcript. 1986 was the last time??? Ya gotta be kiddin' me!

451 days ago
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