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Paula Deen

You Be the Judge

6/22/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen has been 86'd from the Food Network for confessing during a deposition that she used the N-word in 1986. So we gotta ask ...



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Bull**** witch hunt.

487 days ago


If You Think You Can Say The N Word Because Black People Say The N Word. You Just Proved Your Racist. You Havent Been Through What They Have. So You Cant Identify With Their Choice To Empower A Word That Whites Use Only To Destroy Pride And Bring Hurt. Whites Love To Hate On Black People, But When Its War Time Or A White Person Is In Fear Of Being Conquered By A Nature Or A Human Enemy. You Look For Blacks To Help And Fight With You. Thats Why Its A Draft Because You Know Blacks Wouldnt Fight For You Unless Highly Compensated Or Force By This Government

487 days ago


Big difference in Michael Richards & Mel Gibson; their rants were in the past few years. Deen is being pilloried for admitting she used a word 40 years ago. In the South. Which was segregated. When I was young, laundromats had signs saying 'Whites Only.' Restaurants had signs that said "No Coloreds." It doesn't make me a racist that I was living during that era; it's the way it was. Deen was a product of those times.

487 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Who doesn't want to have slavery themed parties where the white guests get to relive the good old days of being served by black n-words. Everyone defending Paula agrees, amiritie????

487 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Y'all are just hating because you aren't rich enough to throw black slavery parties where you hire all black servants, dress them up like slaves, and have them serve you on a plantation. Leave rich white people alone!!!!! Haven't they suffered enough??!!!

487 days ago


487 days ago


62% of the people polled said they've used the N word... the rest are lying.

487 days ago


38% lied on the poll...I dare anyone to get on a lie detector and tell us that they never Ever used a racial slur in their lifetimes.

487 days ago


This just makes me sick, white people are not allowed to say a certain word? Its only fair that they cant say it either, whats the percentage of rap songs that use it? How many times a day do you see it said between themselves? while we are at it, no one can say "cracker","whitey","the man","redneck","hick"

487 days ago


You know, the real problem with America are the folks that voted no on the question "Have you ever used the N-word". Sorry but nobody is perfect and everyone has said that word at some point of time even if it was just reading a history book and not being racist. This is why people these days suck. They deny and lie.

487 days ago


I took the poll(s)...TMS forgot to ask..was the 2nd apology more sincere and truthful? The answer is yes. Had she put out the first apology, I'd been happy with that. But overall, if she made a mistake, OK. Funny - Prez Clinton bangs an intern, LIES about it to the US, then comes clean about it and nothing happens to him. Yet, the PC police get all over this.

I think Food Network should have accepted the 2nd apology and waited to see how the trial came out to THEN decide to keep her or not.

487 days ago


Wow, lots of racists answered these polls.

487 days ago


Who among us could afford to be judged by every word we've uttered in the privacy of our homes?

487 days ago


If you want to support Paula - just FN a message here - I dont watch the show or Paula, but feel this is just wrong. Its most likely too late, but I wrote anyway.

487 days ago


I was born and lived in the south in the 40's, 50's and 60's. My family still lives back there and they still "N" this and "N" that. They're well educated and all held prominent jobs before retiring. The old south will never change. I fortunately moved out and moved on. But every time I talk to them, it's the same thing. Paula Deen grew up in that same mentality-sorry but it won't change unless she wants it to change.

487 days ago
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