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Paula Deen

You Be the Judge

6/22/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen has been 86'd from the Food Network for confessing during a deposition that she used the N-word in 1986. So we gotta ask ...



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Robert Cowles    

Paula Deen has been hammered by the PC police. The big problem is her PR team. She had no reason to apologize.

Fox News ought to pick up her food show.

453 days ago


Geod! Paula looks like hell in this video.
Terrible makeup.

Paula -- Listen you are a nice lady and a great cook. I don't think your are a racist. You are floundering right now. Sit down and take a breath. Don't worry about the Food Network,. They get new shows all the time. They may have been looking to move on from your deal anyway so they can say they are current and fresh.

If your PR people advised you to do these stupid videos and stiff the Today show appearance then fire them.

If they tried to talk you out of these stupid videos and you refused to listen to them then sit down, shut up and listen to your PR people.

A crisis PR professional would have handled this a lot better. A pro would have gotten to the heart of the matter and not let you stick your neck out there to have your head cut off without knowing the full facts of the matter. And if you insisted on doing that and wouldn't listen, a good PR person has no choice but to quit so it doesn't reflect on them.

Trust me I know. I did this for a living.

As I understand it this stuff came out of some depositions for a court case. That stuff should have been sealed until trial. Somebody needs to be looking into that too.

Since it is all out there the straight up thing to say is yes in the past I used the N word. I don't do it today. I'm a better person today and I think we all need to learn from the past and do better in our lives.

Simple short sweet.

453 days ago



453 days ago


Hey people this is so stupid..... who cares what someone said or did in 1986 People..... when you have to go back that far to find some dirt on someone... usually means they are making something out of nothing!!!!! really this is the world we have became......REALLY!!!!! think about it folks....

453 days ago


Well I now know about 40% of the people here lie....

453 days ago

Tris C    

Ohh Ya use the "N" word... Say it to a black person face... Suckers... That's a lot of racist people still!! My God its 2013..

453 days ago


if black people think the "n" word is so racist than why do they call each other it you people need to read a dictionary. I hear the "n" in movies . tell me why
and why is ok for black people to call white people name and its ok thats racist
get a life people and move on

453 days ago


Who hasn't used the word. It's in half the music we listen to. In the South with older people it's common to say it. That doesn't mean shes a racist. I love you Paula!

453 days ago


Blacks have been our most racist race since I was born. So tired of everybody black crying racism every day of the week.

453 days ago


Totally off the topic but why is her skin always that weird pink color?

453 days ago


There is not a single person on this board who hasn't said something that wasn't "PC" that would be insulting to someone.. homosexuals, blacks, hispanics, whites, asians, women, men, handicapped, If you claim you've used a racist or bigoted term... you're a liar. People say stupid things in the heat of the moment. Not to mention... she comes from a different era... Like it or not... that's how it was decades ago when she was a kid in the south. Besides, I say again, if it's so wrong... why are these words that are so debasing we have to call it the "N" word or "F" word etc... plastered all over rap lyrics? It either is free speech, or it should be banned from everyone no matter what race you are.

453 days ago

People Annoy Me    

Okay, now bear with me here, but who actually really cares? She was bought up that way. She was surrounded by it. Is she trying to possibly get away with it as times have changed? Most likely. When was the last time she used it? 1986? Stop being stuck in the past guys and look onto the future. Some people are are so sensitive.

453 days ago


The PC Crowd smell blood. They won't stop until she is dead...I don't like Paula Dean or The PC Crowd.
I think it's stupid for any ethnic group to talk about another group......

453 days ago


Sooo... 38% say they haven't used the word ni**er, huh? Well, 100% of you are liars!!

453 days ago



You could have saved the time and space on this website. The last question about using the "N-word", and the results, says it all. HATE, and its cousins, racism, anti-Semitism, gay-bashing, and ignorance, are alive and well in America. Y'all.

453 days ago
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