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Kelly Rutherford

Files for Bankruptcy

Divorce Did Her In

6/23/2013 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0622-kelly-rutherford-tmzKelly Rutherford is broke and she's filed for full-blown bankruptcy, and it looks like her mega-fight over child custody was her Achilles' heel.

Rutherford claims in her legal docs -- filed with the court and obtained by TMZ -- assets totaling $23,937 -- dwarfed by debts totaling $2,021,832.

Kelly's current monthly income is $1,279.33 ... way down from her final season on "Gossip Girl" -- $486,000.  The show recently wrapped.

Here's the problem -- she spent nearly $1.5 mil on legal fees for her bitter divorce/custody war with ex-hubby Daniel Giersch.  We've learned she's asking the family law judge to make him pay, but now she's waving the white flag by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Kelly's also in the hole for income taxes -- more than $350,000 for 2012.  Add to that another $25,251 for Amex charges.

Kelly has a total of $11,487 in her checking account, around 5 grand in furniture, 5 grand in clothes and $1,500 in jewelry.

According to docs, she's borrowed 10's of thousands of dollars from friends and relatives to dig out of the hole.

The bankruptcy petition was filed last month.


No Avatar


I'll give her $10 to mow my lawn...

454 days ago


Love the comments....EVERYONE's an effing expert on her and her life and her business! LOL! No one knows sh*t.

454 days ago


1,500 dollars in clothes? she owns like 30 hermes bags

454 days ago


She deserves everything that happens to her. I knew her first husband, Carlos. Couple of months after they got married he got seriously ill. The B***H left him and divorced him several months later - didn't even make a year. He died 2 years later. Now she's lost her kids, money, credit and home. You gotta love karma

454 days ago


She's bankrupt because she can't act. Period.

454 days ago

who-cares13 keeping-itreal    

Looks like (SOMEONE spent TOO MUCH money on HERMES... and I don't mean their SON! XD

454 days ago

Pippa Longy    

THIS SHOWS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU EVER MAKE IS WHO YOU chose to have kids with, as you will be tethered to him/her forever. Her husband sounds like a total ass. At this point, she might as well just move to france to be near her kids if she is broke and not working in the USA...find work in France and start over and be a Mom to your kids in France. Make the best of a bad situation, for the sake of the 2 kids, not yourself.

454 days ago


First, I agree with many of the others here: She was an evil bitch, and got what was coming to her.
The other thing that stands out to me: She is not going to be able to discharge that $350,000 IRS debt (based on the amount, I am going to assume that it is not a California state income tax debt). You can only discharge an IRS debt if you filed the return at least two years prior, and the due date on the return is from more than three tax years prior. Currently, the earliest tax year you could discharge would be 2009 (2012, 2011, 2010 going back).
She will still have a major debt on her hands, and at least, will not get off the hook totally.

454 days ago


Judges and lawyers are a disgrace!!

454 days ago


Some of you are idiots. She was married and her husband was not who she thought he was involved in something fishy and made to leave the US and then a family judge gives him their children.. The judge was bought and paid for lets face it. What judge is gonna give him custody when she did nothing wrong except try and keep her kids. Tell me as a woman you wouldnt do the same if you have children or then again maybe u wouldnt..

454 days ago


she is a psycho... it s her own damn fault.

454 days ago


Get over the "******" word and move on. There's nothing to it, unless you let there be.

454 days ago


I bet she has more than that in assets. 5000 in clothes and 1500 in jewelry? Yeah right.

454 days ago

Gustav LaFong    

(Ring Ring) Hello.
Hi, this is Kelly. Will you lend me ten thousand dollars?
Will you lend me ten grand?
Sorry, we must have a bad connection. (Click)

454 days ago


Oh well, Look at it this way, you still have CashCall, Quicken loans and Checkin 2 Cash. And if all fails, there's always welfare and food stamps(EBT). Now, on your merry way and good luck.

454 days ago
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