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Kim Kardashian

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6/23/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
's breasts have swelled to a record-sized G-CUP following her pregnancy -- and sources close to the reality star tell TMZ, she LOVES whipping out her massive new mammaries for baby-suckling time.

Sources tell us, Kim's taking to motherhood like a newborn to a nipple -- in fact, she actively looks forward to her "feedings" with baby North West ... EVEN CHANGING DIRTY DIAPERS!!! As one source put it, "She does it all."

It's pretty crazy ... considering how vocal Kim's been about motherly duties in the past. Back in 2010, she got into hot water for criticizing a mom for breastfeeding at a restaurant.

As for Kanye, we're told he's a natural dad -- "No one has ever seen him like this."

Now for another famous G-cup ...



No Avatar


Jesus christ, they still can't even fake looking happy.

Face the fact the show is not doing well in the ratings despite all that hype.

453 days ago


Has anyone actually seen Kanye West in LA this week? Is he invisible? Why didn't he sign the birth certificate? That picture of Kim and brown baby looks unnatural. Why do you always show Kim with her mouth hanging open and her tongue sticking out like that? Where are the infamous and constant tweets from her family? Looks like the sisters would be tweeting about this big event in their family. Has Kanye put a ban on all communication? Are they all afraid of him? Do they really think he is "royalty," as Scott referred to him? How deluded is the public?

453 days ago


Next will come the enemas?

453 days ago


I don't believe there is a maternal bone in that plastic body. Kimmy is too self-absorbed with herself and this baby is not going to upstage her.

453 days ago


@Lola... the fake pic is a joke. I think he's back in France with Ricardo.

453 days ago


who the hell cares really tmz are you guys having a slow day if you have to talk about someone breast feeding their babies?


453 days ago


This broad will say and do anything to stay relevant and get an endorsement deal. Has everyone forgot this kid arrived early and may be janky?

453 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Another useless "story" about the countries biggest media whoring tramp. That kid had better be careful sucking on those silicon sacks

453 days ago


I'm usually mean when it comes to this family, but I hope Kim changes her selfish ways since having a baby. If you watch her dumb show- she says such ignorant things that normal people cannot relate to her. Hopefully she stays out of the spotlight for a long long time. As for her moms new show... I heard Harvey is her first guest!!!

453 days ago


phony as a $3 dollar bill.....

453 days ago


I doubt she breast feeds or changes diapers. Also every normal mother breast feeds and changes diapers..... You call this news?

453 days ago

Roman Moroni    

That's right jus natural for him 2 up & leave and go get anotherrrrr

453 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

I don't like any of these people, but one thing I must say is, she had a legitimate gripe with the woman breastfeeding in public without modesty and then choosing to change her child's diaper (disgusting, gross, and unsanitary!) on a table. Her complaint has nothing to do with her currently breastfeeding, unless of course she starts pulling out her breasts in public. Then we'll be sick.

453 days ago


Wonder if the kid will someday have to put out a tape to contribute to the no talent clan.

Poor thing taunted for her name, taunted over how mommy got her money, taunted that daddy can't sing without computer assistance.

I wish the child all the best it's just a really sad story. Money does not buy happiness this poor girl is going to need a lot of therapy.

453 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

This is a joke, right? The bitch probably already hired three shifts of wet nurses or found lactating nanny's so she can check in on it and have some photo ops once in a while. If the kid has hair on its head that's because it's hiding the 666 on its scalp.

453 days ago
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