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Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes

Fam Disappointed in TLC

Over New 'Waterfalls'

6/23/2013 12:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes' feels betrayed by TLC's decision to re-record "Waterfalls" with a Japanese pop star ... because no one even bothered to tell them.

T-Boz and Chili recently released a new version of the group's 90's hit -- in honor of their 20th anniversary . Instead of keeping Left Eye (who died in 2002) on the recording, they replaced her with Namie Amuro (think Britney Spears of Japan).

Left Eye's sister, Reigndrop Lopes, is extremely disappointed, telling TMZ, "I did not know about it until a fan posted it online. I mean it would have been nice if they would have given us a heads up before being surprised."

Reigndrop says her mom was shocked and hurt as well ... because she felt keeping Lisa on the song would have honored her daughter's memory.

Despite her disappointment, Reigndrop added she's alright with the remake ... if, and only if, it's only released in Japan. It's unclear if that's TLC's plan.

Ok, let's just enjoy the original ...

UPDATE: Reigndrop now says she's cool with the remake ... as long as


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was still a kid when it came out but i use to love the heck out of this song

457 days ago


I don’t like Amuro’s voice and it’s not a great remake - which is probably why nobody had even known there was a remake. After Lisa’s death, I wish TLC would’ve used a reality format to audition a replacement. They could’ve let fans select the winner who would’ve been the new rap voice.

457 days ago


It's a crappy remake ... the original TLC song is still the better of the two, although it seems like they kind of plagiarized the lyrics from Paul McCartney's song 'Waterfalls' off of McCartney II (1980), or at the very least the very first line of both songs are so similar it's absurd for them not to be related. So whatever.

457 days ago


I can remember people asking them if they would ever replace her & there comment back then was, "we aren't Destiny's child"..

457 days ago


I dont like it she dont do Lisa any justice...they should of just re-released ithe original

457 days ago


Holy **** that new version is a nightmare. What the HELL were they thinking?!?!

457 days ago


Why when tmz doesn't have the picture, and it says media removed, they show a picture of a black woman that looks like she is being killed!

457 days ago

Ted Frunk    

Wait a minute... her sister's name is Reigndrop? Parents, please don't give your children stupid names. Imagine if your name was something like Toylit, or Syphilis, or Tibu. I knew a kid named Alkebu. Yes, it was an ancient name for Africa, but it was his NAME. HE HATED IT. He wanted to be called Al. In high school, he was constantly tormented over it. People running up and saying "Click click ooga booga Alkebu." It was terrible (but hilarious)

457 days ago


Why replace Lisa? Why not come up with new materials instead of re-doing old stuff? Yes they need to move on and TLC is not the same without Lisa but they need to come up with new sh*t and Title it TLC featuring ........ Whoever does the rapping part. Just saying

457 days ago


Why remake it? Let the original be.. Gone but not forgotten Left Eye nothing beats the original my favorite song.

457 days ago


They need a hug because they miss their Lisa. That's all. This new song won't change Lisa's contribution to TLC.

457 days ago


The new version is terrible..

457 days ago



457 days ago


OK... you all need to get somethings straight. Firstly, Namie Amuro is 10x better than Britney Spears... Jonathan Ross called her the J-Lo of Japan but thats not right either. Namie is massive in Japan and actually more talented than those other artists. Why don't you look at her life story on Wikipedia and then you'll get an idea of how much hardship she has been through. Then go on youtube and actually try listening to some of her music - its incredible. Secondly, Namie can't speak english - she never learnt the language. So those of you who are hating on her, why don't you try speaking a japanese song without knowing japanese. Thirdly, this was released in Japan - TLC picked Namie as they know how big she is - not for her ability to speak english. They picked Namie so they could sell this thing and in exchange they both appeared for about 10 seconds in one of Namie's Music Videos. Lastly, they should have told Left Eye's family - but the fact they didn't doesn't mean Left Eye's family should go and create a stir. Ultimately, TLC have to look towards the future without Left Eye - that's a fact.

457 days ago


I love Namie Amuro, but this could have been done so much better....or not at all

457 days ago
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