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Paula Deen

Going to Pot


6/23/2013 5:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're lookin' for Paula Deen's pots and pans, you better jump fast, because it looks like her shelf-life on QVC is about to expire.

Deen -- who appears on the product-hawking network to pitch her cookware -- may lose her platform over the "n-word" revelations.

A rep for the network says they have "concerns [over] the unfortunate Paula Deen situation."  The rep adds, "Please know that QVC does not tolerate discriminatory behavior."

Now this is the weird part, which makes QVC sound -- how do you say in English -- as spineless as deep-fried octopus.  "We are closely monitoring these events and we are reviewing our business relationship with Ms. Deen.  In the meantime, we have no immediate plans to have her appear on QVC."

Translation -- They're waiting to see which way the wind blows.



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A really stupid business decision on their part.

451 days ago


Did you see Hannibal Thursday nite? That sh*t was on point

451 days ago


@SAYWHAT These are the comments I hate. Blaming someone's racism on blacks as if white people have no damn clue as to what is right and what is wrong. Whether or not blacks picked up the disgusting word from white people all those years ago, WHITE PEOPLE WOULD STILL BE USING THE WORD. You think racists sit and say, "Well the black guy says it so I can say it." Racists don't give a crap what black people do and damn sure don't base their actions off of it either. White people were going to use the word regarding of black people picking it up and stupidly adopting it into their vocabulary so please stop with these stupid excuses.

451 days ago


An older, Southern white woman admits to using the N word, and people are shocked? SMH.

And her punishment for this is the loss of a career and livelihood. Seems rather extreme.

451 days ago


Once the African Americans stop using it there may be a story here...until then who cares?!?

451 days ago


I had a set of her nonstick frying pans a while back. They're not high-end but they're well priced for the average cook/kitchen. This whole thing is freaking ridiculous. All these industries are up in arms because she said the "N" word. Who the hell hasn't said that or it's name-your-race equivalent in their lives? Bunch of hypocrites.

451 days ago


The type of people who watch and buy garbage off QVC are the lowliest people in the American populace.

451 days ago


Be PROUD(sarcasm) of yourselves America[ns]!! Be VERY "proud"!! We have collectively turned into NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS,...than a bunch of stereotypical, hypocritical, cowardice LIB-TWITS!! Are you KIDDING ME?!?!? First, it was her losing her cooking show. Now,...QVC is giving her the axe! FOR WHAT?!?!? I'd be willing to stop just short of betting my LIFE,...that the "higher-ups" at BOTH, Food Network & QVC, ONE TIME IN THEIR LIVES OR ANOTHER,...have dropped the N-Word themselves!! NOW,...all of a sudden,...since Paula Deen has the BALLS to OPENLY ADMIT that she used the N-Word (unlike the rest of the 99% of delusional and LYING AMERICANS!!), she's the one to SUFFER for all!?!?! Hell, REAL-LIFE, someone who shoulders the BRUNT and SUFFERING for everyone is lauded, a SAINT or a SAVIOR!! But for Paula Deen,....she's suddenly the plague!?!?! Boy,...I TRULY & SINCERELY sympathize for the current & next generations of America[ns], and THANK GOD that I won't (realistically) be around to witness,...the country that I LOVE and FOUGHT FOR, goes COMPLETELY down the crapper and becomes the THIRD-WORLD COUNTRY which we are "aspiring" to be!!! Can't say we don't deserve it!! In my generation,...1:10 Americans were S***BAGS!! TODAY, however,....9:10 Americans are!!!

451 days ago


This is ridiculous. It has gone way too far. Black people call each other that ALL THE TIME. It's ok for them to do it but not for any other race? Talk about discrimination! Get the F over it. I can bet if a black person called a white person a 'honky', this wouldn't have happened. It makes me sick how everything becomes racist. For them but not for us white people. How does that work? Oh and so many people say blacks are targeted for arrests because they are black. They are targeted for arrests because talk to you tomorrow are the ones doing most of the crime!

451 days ago


Thank you ibjujub for posting the address to Food Network - as I didn't know where to write them. This is wrong - Ms. Deen is not a racist. She admitted to having used a slur before, name just one person who has not - she does not condone it, and has never used it on TV. She should not have been fired.

451 days ago


screw QVC.
Paula has enough money to get something going on her own, and her fans will be there to support her all the way.
What a bunch of Chicken @%%# a-holes for using Paula as a scapegoat. It seem's to be the American way anymore. So sad.

451 days ago


She should be executed for being white trash

451 days ago

BB not bb    

The funny thing is that I find Paula Deen to be more wholesome than most TV personalities. She is a little wacky and goofy, which just makes her more real. How about the names chef Gordon Ramsey calls people on every episode of Hell's Kitchen? It that is the standard for kitchen operations, how does Paula's employee have her reputation and careers ruined over discussing wedding plans using the N word in front of her, or whatever happened?

I can't even picture Paula yelling at anyone to work harder or better. She seems like such a sweet, gentle woman. She makes people feel good when they watch her, not like she is above people setting some kind of standard.

I may not cook her kind of food, but I still watched her just for random tips and ideas, and because she is likeable.

451 days ago

Gomer Wymphf    

Um ... like ... if you can't use the "N" word does that mean guinea, wop, spick, chink, beaner, harp, polack, git, limey, rag, frog, kraut, squint, square head, kike, spade, coon, mick, greaser, ***, *****, slope, coon ass, yank, wog, bohunk, abo, spearchucker, spook, wigger, dago, gringo, hill billy, honkie, hun, hymie, yid, injun, jap, jungle bunny, nip, cracker, oreo, paki, raghead, redneck, round eye, shine, sambo, wetback, zip, etc. etc. etc. are out too?

451 days ago

Barbara Doppes    

if she gets off the air with Cooking In The Kitchen with David Venable - i will just cry-

451 days ago
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