Joe Francis I'm Renting a Sea Lion To Play With Me

6/24/2013 5:30 AM PDT
Joe Francis is spending his days down in Mexico with a brand new friend he can rent by the hour ... a 600 lb SEA LION  ... and TMZ's got the pics.

The "Girls Gone Wild" honcho tells TMZ ... he rents a Sea Lion named "Litibu" once a week from Vallarta Adventures to hang out with him and his GF Abbey Wilson at his casa near Puerta Vallarta. 

It's pretty incredible ... he says the 11-year-old mammal is so well trained he arrives via boat ... swims up to the beach ... walks to Joe's backyard ... and then dives straight into his pool.

Not only that, Joe says Litibu has a slew of tricks up his blubber ... he can do handstands, give kisses, stand and clap, roar on command and lets Joe and Abbey take rides on his back in the pool.

Our only request ... please no Sea Lion vs. Hot Naked Chicks tapes.