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Black 'Next Food Network Star'

Give Paula a Break

'We Are All Human'

6/24/2013 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The chef who won Season 4 of "The Next Food Network Star" is coming out in defense of Paula Deen, saying she's been nothing but a friend to him throughout his career ... even though he's Black.

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr. just released a statement on his Facebook page, writing, "Paula has always been very helpful and supportive throughout my career, and as her friend I'm saddened to see that she is going through a tough time right now."

Aaron asked his fans to give Paula the benefit of the doubt, and added, "We are all human and we should never be too quick to judge anyone."

Translation: I still want Paula Deen to like me.


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I bet this clown is from the south. He is your typical Uncle Tom. As a professional black woman that was born and raised outside of the US, I cannot understand how some African Americans panders to white folks. Growing up we were taught that we were fist class, although it was a diverse population of whites, Asians, Arabs, Jews. We know that education is the great equalizer; therefore our parents put education first. Today my kids are Harvard and Stanford educated physicians. I encourage African Americans to travel the world and experience black pride. There is no forgiveness for this ugly, uneducated, old woman.

485 days ago


Paula has cooked her own goose. Just listen to the 2010 NEw York Times interview and you want to cringe! "My great grandaddy was so upset about losing the civil war and his slaves and he did not know how he was going to run his pantaiton w/o them that he killed himself. We in the south are less racist because blacks have been a part of our culture and they were treated like family." REALLY???? Family??? And then she signals for a wroker of hers ( her "black friend") to come out on stage and says " coe out here where we can see yuo, we can't see you standing against the black background!" It is just BAD. Clearly she is clueless. I was a fanm but jumped ship after her diabetes fiasco.

485 days ago


Where will it get him if PD is still his friend after she finishes her fall from grace????

485 days ago


Do you know how idiotic your statement sounds...
That's a goofy as you telling somebody that someone saying the you look and act gay, unsuccessfully trying to pass as straight (and you do) and they respond with, "Anyway, they've always been nice to me"

485 days ago


Lets look at the bright side, her bad cooking and eating habits have left her fat ,diabetic, and old. she won't be around much longer.

485 days ago


thank you aaron. this should be put in perspective. she's been careless and insensitive but this is just crazy. or at least show us continuing racial abuse in the course of her life.

485 days ago

Stevo in Houston    

I would be in total agreement to give her a chance but then I heard actual audio from her. She talked about her grandfather being sad and killing himself because he had to let his slaves go free. She appeared to be remorseful for her grandfather not the fact that there were slaves to begin with. How inhumane can you be? And the audacity to speak as though we should have compassion for her or her grandfather! I hope that this is only the beginning of her being dropped from anything of real value and significance. She does not deserve any breaks. A total loser in my eyes. I commend Food Network and I hope all of her sponsors follow suit.

485 days ago

Your Momma    

He is probably an uncle tom black person and does not believe he is black because white folks gave him a show> if he is not gay he is probably married to a white woman. Any real black person would have a problem with this lady that I never heard of until all the controversy. More folks are on their way out of the wood work to tell how she discriminated against them and called them names. She deserves exactly what she gets. She will go down in history as a racist and if she is actually one then she deserves the title.

485 days ago


I feel bad for this woman. 9 out of 10 black performers today, make a living verbally puking on a race they refer to as "whitey", "Cracker" and worse. What is truly pathetic are the collection of spineless, white toads coming on these threads whining about prejudice in an era where people like Jamie Foxx publicly celebrate the joy of killing all the white people in his last movie.

485 days ago


STHU! Yes we are all human but we are not all racist. She tried to explain why her ancestor committed suicide after loosing all his slaves. She has been brought up to believe its okay to use that word, to talk down to African Americans, to belittle them. Its all on tape. She is vermin that should no longer be a part of civil society.

485 days ago


STFU AND GTFOHWTBS Aaron. Stop palying the Uncle T for this saltine.She wouldn't come to your defense .Get real.

485 days ago


Aaron who? Are you still on the FN? Your 15 mins is up dawg. No need to save a cracker that will still make millions compare to your thousands.

485 days ago


Uncle Tom bye you still a ninja to her

485 days ago


Aaron needs to get educated. This about so much more than the "N" word...Paula has no class, she acts inappropriately, talks inappropriately...could give so many examples, but she's not worth the effort. She's a fraud.

485 days ago


@ B4 Actually sport, I think she was referring to your ilk. In which case she would be correct. You are what you are.

Yours truly.
Bob the "Cracker"

485 days ago
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