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Paris Jackson

Deep in Dark 'Cutting' World

6/24/2013 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson
will be in treatment for months, for a dark depression that is putting her life in serious jeopardy ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Paris' family is scoffing at law enforcement claims that her "suicide attempt" earlier this month was merely a cry for help.  We're told when the bandages on her arm were removed, the damage was "horrifying."  As one source put it, "Paris absolutely tried to kill herself, and it wasn't the first time."

Our sources say Paris is deep into the world of cutting.  We've seen Paris' Tumblr page, and it's filled with pics of death, suicide and cutting.  Several pics show teenagers putting guns in their mouths.  As for cutting, the pics are graphic and very bloody.  In one pic you see a girl with scissors cutting her arm with a caption, "I f**king hate myself."

Another pic shows an arm with writing over the cutting area that reads, "Suicide slice here."

In one posting, there's a piece of paper with the following type:  "Why did you try to kill yourself?"  The answer:  "You told me to be happy."

And there are other photos of young girls who have just cut themselves and blood is everywhere.

And it looks like Paris reached out from time to time to get help, because there are several postings which have anti-cutting messages.

Family sources tell TMZ ... Paris is "doing better" at UCLA Medical Center but is still in denial and is fighting therapy.   Although she has no desire now to cut herself again, we're told professionals are warning the family they need to figure out the triggers that plunge her into darkness.

Sources tell us ... Paris will move from UCLA to another treatment center, and she could be there for 3 months.



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Michael Jackson had a very simple will. He did not leave a penny to his family.

His mom got the house, household expences and 78k per month support for the kids. That's it.

He left his estate to people he trusted and his family was not it.

The Jacksons have been trying to break the will for what 4 years now and still can't. Hence the AEG lawsuite.

This is nothing but pure greed. The kids are right in the middle of it.

451 days ago

mj fan forever    

I am not at all surprised that the Jackson family says it just was a cry for help, OF COURSE they are ONLY interested in covering everything as they couldn't care less about Paris' well-being. So they can conveniently continue to grab money. They are just disgusting. Not a surprise that her so-called guardians did not 'noticed' all that was happening, the only thing they think about is grabbing money. Now that Michael unfortunately is not here his children are completely alone and surely NOT safe in that family of money-grubbers. Hope with all my heart the judge will see this and will not give any credit to what they say as it is so clear they just want to cover up all. And will put them in a safe place finally. Michael loved and protected his children, now they are at mercy of a bunch of money-hungry willing to do anything for money. It's horrendous.

451 days ago


Shame on the Jackson family for not getting her help long ago and keeping all of their skeletons in the closet. She could died in her home like how her father did.

451 days ago

Master Po    

And this is what happens when daddy ignores you for little blonde haired boys.

451 days ago

Ali go to school you fool    

Look what her drug addict daddy taught her to do. He must be so proud in hell.

451 days ago


The wonderful and wacky world of show business! TMZ have fun and make money of these losers.

451 days ago


Hmm. Am puzzled by the photographs.

Most "cutters" are ashamed of their illness, wear long sleeve shirts, do whatever they can to hide the marks. And yet, here is a girl posting her wounds.

451 days ago


It's impossible for the Jackson family to figure out the triggers that plunge Paris her into darkness because that family IS one or more of her trigger's. That dysfunctional family is 100% responsible for turning MJ3's life upside down by throwing them into the media and limelight when they hadn't had time to mourn their father. If Chld Services, counselors, or the court investigator's haven't kept up with what has occurred in that household for the past 4 years they should be terminated from their jobs. All 3 children need to be in counseling and Katherine and TJ's guardianship revoked. These children need stability, security, love & devoted attention exactly like their father provided to them.

451 days ago


Time to stop telling little girls they are princess and one day will meet a Knight in Shinning Armor who will make them happy for the rest of their life, because you know it's not true. Santa Clause is still OK they easily out grow that.

451 days ago


The mock outrage from the rabid fanbase is comical.

MJ starved himself to prevent himself from
vomiting while injecting Propofol.
If he kept his life safe away from little boys, he wouldn't have lost so much money & sacrificed his already weak mental & physical health.
Here's a man who felt it should've been legal to get numerous grotesque plastic surgeries and inject Propofol & Demerol in hotels & at home.
He had to be forced to stop cutting his nose up in 2003.

He didn't want the kids' mothers & extended families to be role models for the kids, but
he wanted the uncles, La Toya, Janet, Joe & Katherine to be in their lives.

He got regular doses of Demerol painkiller at the dermatologist office where HE TOOK HIS DAUGHTER to rebuild his mutilated nose.

He creeped in & out of a rental house that given to him by AEG.
He couldn't own a because he wanted a $93 million mansion.

He hoped no one noticed the truckload of illegal Propofol, several oxygen tanks & catheter in his penis.
Fanatics hoped no one would remember the Jackson crimes, and they wished so bad that he survived the Propofol injections & insomnia,
Prolonged insomnia during concerts would've eventually killed him anyway.
They hoped MJ had unconditional love despite his neglect for children and they wished he lived for 5 more decades with no mentioning the kids' suffering.
They hoped the way he treated his kids was normal & harmless.

The fanatics aren't Paris & her brothers, are they?

451 days ago


that's greepy, i don't think all that could be explained because she's an attention whore. She's really an alpha-psycho like her 'dad' (and who knows who her real father is)

I wished KK or Paris Hilton would try such things (succesfully) for attention

451 days ago


TMZ stop posting this young girls private business. Sometimes making money for your website shouldn't be more important than a child's life. Go to hell!

451 days ago

Master Po    

lets see a link to her tumblr then we can see the wacko packos telling her how great these pictures are

451 days ago

paul a.    

Wow things have changed. When i was a kid, girls didnt cut themselves.
we did it for them......

451 days ago


please dont post her tumblr. whoever showed it to tmz, congrats for betraying her.

451 days ago
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