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Paris Jackson

Deep in Dark 'Cutting' World

6/24/2013 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson
will be in treatment for months, for a dark depression that is putting her life in serious jeopardy ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Paris' family is scoffing at law enforcement claims that her "suicide attempt" earlier this month was merely a cry for help.  We're told when the bandages on her arm were removed, the damage was "horrifying."  As one source put it, "Paris absolutely tried to kill herself, and it wasn't the first time."

Our sources say Paris is deep into the world of cutting.  We've seen Paris' Tumblr page, and it's filled with pics of death, suicide and cutting.  Several pics show teenagers putting guns in their mouths.  As for cutting, the pics are graphic and very bloody.  In one pic you see a girl with scissors cutting her arm with a caption, "I f**king hate myself."

Another pic shows an arm with writing over the cutting area that reads, "Suicide slice here."

In one posting, there's a piece of paper with the following type:  "Why did you try to kill yourself?"  The answer:  "You told me to be happy."

And there are other photos of young girls who have just cut themselves and blood is everywhere.

And it looks like Paris reached out from time to time to get help, because there are several postings which have anti-cutting messages.

Family sources tell TMZ ... Paris is "doing better" at UCLA Medical Center but is still in denial and is fighting therapy.   Although she has no desire now to cut herself again, we're told professionals are warning the family they need to figure out the triggers that plunge her into darkness.

Sources tell us ... Paris will move from UCLA to another treatment center, and she could be there for 3 months.



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Fred Farkel    

The old man will add that my own 3 grown keyids all (smirk) "suffer" from some form of misery brought on by the horrors of living in the year 2013.

I can tell you this: to the parents out there who are scared for the future of their keyids - I will tell you that the best thing to do is DROP THEM OFF AT A COUNTY FACILITY AND DRIVE AWAY. I have made all the classic mistakes - and all your keyids will do is sit back and repeat the same behavior over and over and over again until you are your spouse are sucked completely dry.


Thank you. This has been a public service message from your humble servant - Uncle Fred

424 days ago

Buck Boy    

I hate that this story is drawing so much attention from the housing issues with the Ultra Non-Entity Child of all.....Bobbi 'Dont You Know Who My Momma Was' Kristinna Brown Houston Thang.

424 days ago


It would have been nice if you had put the photos up with a warning. They are extremely triggering to someone who has dealt with this issue.

424 days ago


MJ fans are always so quick to blame the Jackson family without ever putting part of the blame on Michael who I would bet is 75% of the reason why she does this. Her father was a mess, put drugs over his well being and his children and ended up exiting this world because of it. Imagine having to deal with that knowing that your father put drugs over you. For goodness sakes MJ used to take Paris along to the injection center with him. Paris has been in denial about her father's drug use ever since he died and probably a bit before that even. For years she focused all of her hate onto Conrad Murray as if he was the sole reason for her father's death, denying the role that MJ played as well. Since he died, she had to face A LOT of negative, but true facts about who her father really was - a person she never knew as for the most part, he shielded her away from it all. She knew the kind gentle loving guy when in reality, that guy was not always necessarily there. From the drug addiction, to doctor shopping to the molestation charges, to her own father buying her mother to go away, to the fact that MJ is not her real father, it's a lot for any person to handle. MJ single handedly messed those children up, so please stop blaming it on the Jackson family as while they are indeed a portion of the problem, MJ is the majority of it.

424 days ago


Listen black girl, if you want to cut, move up under your chin and do it right.

(does she have to mark "African American" on all forms?)

424 days ago

get real    

She had to wear a Mask untill she was How old? Literally!!!!!! She is out of Hiding now and its not Pretty. She needs help. Hope its not to late!

424 days ago


My prayers go out to Paris.

424 days ago


My heart just broke. Poor Poor Child. As a former cutter myself I can honestly tell you after seeing the pics it was not a cry for help. She is submerged in it.

424 days ago

Nun ja biz    

Tmz, leave her alone and let her heal. Let her do this in private.

424 days ago

Master Po    

Found her tumblr and boy does it explain why this teen is cutting. BE WARNED IT ISNT PRETTY FOR MJ FANS

424 days ago

Master Po    

Remember when the wacko packo said prince was his because he has vitiligo? Well looks like the courts proved once again the morons are wrong. They are not his children.

Any other things you care to make up? I mean you morons already made a fake letter from a molestation victim (jordan) saying nothing happened. Well until it was proven to be written by some moron who runs a MJ fan site. Classy.

424 days ago


This is what being raised by Wacko Jacko and the Jackson family will do for you? Somebody needs to rescue this girl. And Blanket.

424 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

If she is this sick, you can imagine how sick her father really was. We´ll never know all the truth about MJ, but maybe that´s best.

424 days ago


If Paris was this bad, why wasn't the family getting her help. Paris needs to be taken from them and put in a family home, where humans are loved. The Jackson family is all about MONEY. They don't care about human life and their family. No wonder her dad died, his family didn't care about him. They cared for the millions he made for them, and they are still about those millions even after he has die.

424 days ago

Vibeke Mikalsen    

What is the tumblr's name?

424 days ago
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