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Kim Kardashian


6/25/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone has been trying to sell this baby pic for A LOT OF $$$$ -- allegedly the spawn of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  But sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... IT'S A FRAUD!

So here's what we're being told.  Kim felt people in her world were going to hawk baby photos, so she wanted to catch the culprits quickly.  We're told Kim hatched a plan and sent a half-dozen of her "friends" pictures of a baby she claimed was North West -- but we're told it was an impostor infant.

Sure enough ... someone came along and tried selling us this pic (above).  Gotta say ... it looks like it could be Kim and Kanye's baby.  It has the right ... well, you know ... but Kim would obviously pick a pic of an impostor baby that had the qualities of her own child.

Our K & K sources have seen the pic and claim it's not the real deal.

By the way ... we also got hold of another pic of a baby Kim sent to several other friends -- Bogus Baby #2.  We're told she's waiting to see if someone tries to sell this one as well.



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This bitch most likely took pics of babies at the hosptial without permission and somehow what's bad is that it's not HER baby?! WTF? She a stupid bitch. Kayne is probably the better parent who actually wants this baby to have somewhat of a private life but KK the whore can't stand not getting any attention.

448 days ago


Instead why don't people show what she actually looks like now since she won't be taking any pics of herself until after her surgery and pretend she lost all 80 plus pounds in less than a mouth.

448 days ago


I think that Kim & Kanye should sell the picture of their baby - but NOT take the money- instead have the money go to some charity that they create - or are inspired by.

That'll do good all around!

448 days ago

nobody important    

If they didn't get express permission to use these pics there could be a lawsuit in the future. I'm no lawyer but it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Would they be so dumb as to take pictures of other's babies in the hospital nursery????

448 days ago


No. It sounds more like Kimmode and Pimp Momma wanted to see if anything but a rag paper wanted a photo of her kid for 7 figures... keep it classy up and showing photos of someone else's baby did she get permission?

448 days ago


Satan devil evil people i hope you will
get others hating and saying nasty things
about you and your family

448 days ago


that's their little runt, don't be fooled

448 days ago


I'm sure Kimmie and Khumpany will threaten to sue the person trying to sell the "bogus" pix - clearly it's copy write infringement.

448 days ago


OMG! Does she really believe any body really cares! Hopefully no magazine will pay her any money. She really is a laughing stock!

448 days ago


Just imagine if Kim-ho had carried this child to term. That last pic of her in the bikini...I mean she was huge, ready to bust. I want to see Kim not this child. Leave the baby alone but show me Kim-ho. Now that picture is worth some money...paps as usual falling down on their sleazy--but giving us enjoyment-- jobs.

448 days ago


TMZ/Kim - who do you 2 think you're fooling? This story is so fabricated! Kim hatches a plan to catch a culprit....said culprit CONVENIENTLY comes to TMZ to see bogus pix. This has Granny written ALL OVER IT.
AAHAHAHAHAHAH! Sorry but the public is not a stupid and gullible as TMZ and Kim think.

448 days ago


Kim, I could cre less if I ever see a pic. of your baby. It probably looks like a monkey anyway.

448 days ago


If this is true, then Kim should know who her REAL friends are. I hope she noted who got what picture. And I wouldn't believe it anyway. Kim is one person that would have her baby dressed up for ANY photo's.

448 days ago


Kim's baby was five weeks premature. This doesn't look like a preemie. She's such an idiot.

448 days ago


Now lets think about this....One of Kim's "friends" (which truly DONT exist) approached TMZ with the fake baby pix.....Since said "culprit" reached out to can draw the (logical) conclusion that TMZ should have a way to reach said culprit (email, phone #...something). Now the BIG question is - will TMZ rat the culprit out to protect Kimmie?
My guess the Culprit is PimpGranny - she needs to feed the beast (Kim) who's be out of circulation for all of a week......she must be liked a caged wild animal

448 days ago
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