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Miley Cyrus

Threatens Her Father

Tell The Truth, Or Else!!!

6/25/2013 7:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



9:50 AM PT -- The mystery woman is a stage actress named Dylis Croman, who starred with Billy Ray Cyrus in the Broadway production of "Chicago" last year.



Miley Cyrus
is turning up the heat on her father ... warning him to "tell the truth" about his relationship with a mystery woman, or she'll blast him for all of the world to see ... via Twitter.

The supposed blackmail first surfaced last night when Miley posted a bizarre tweet to Billy Ray Cyrus -- the tweet contained a picture of a mystery woman along with the caption, "Since you won't reply to my texts I'm giving you an hour to tell the truth or ill tell it for you."

Given the relationship drama between Billy Ray and his wife Tish, we're assuming Miley is suggesting the mystery woman is somehow involved.

Miley has since deleted the post.

FYI -- an "hour" came and went and Miley never followed through on her threat ... unless Billy Ray actually contacted her.

We reached out to Miley's people for comment -- so far, no word back.



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I wouldn't respond to her! She's cray-zay! Poor Billy had to get out of there!! All 3 of them girls are prolly nuts, and prolly take after mom! Get over youryourself Miley! You aren't even cute anymore, the only feminine thing you have going on is you can twerk. Oh, and work on your range with the singing, monotone is not good.

464 days ago


Miley, grown the f*ck up and stop meddling in your parents business. You're acting like a rebellious little teenager. It's their marriage not yours. You're 20 years old, not 13. Act like it.

464 days ago


Admit your a lesbo.

464 days ago


@ "She needs to keep her family issues private."


That's how abuse happens, people.

Silence is Violence.

My own life only changed -

When a therapist urged me to speak up.

Stand up.

Fight back.

Long Live Miley Cyrus.

464 days ago


The truth is the Billy Ray has molested the sh*t out of Miley when she was young and that's why she's acting like a classless slut nowadays.

464 days ago


Miley knock off the high school drama. Nobody cares if your dad is fooling around. I know it hurts, but you're grown and this is between your parents now.

464 days ago


why didnt she threaten to expose mother when mother was hanging with brett? they were having trouble at one time over the children, he didnt like how the mother was to easy on them.

464 days ago


Miley Cyrus is simply no Taylor Swift. Never was. All the money won't change that.

464 days ago


This daughter sounds like a real sweetheart Miley should mind her own business!!

464 days ago


What a little biitch! Miley, who do you think you are? Miley Cyrus = Justin Bieber

464 days ago


@ Peeps calling Miley "a classless slut."

"Daughter-from-hell," etc.

Branding Justin Bieber & Friends "punks."

Words hurt.

Words have a way of destroying young minds.

To wit:

One brother, called "a punk" from age 6 on?

Wound up serving 18 years in prison.

Another brother, also from ages 5, 6 up?

Hung himself.

It can't make any of you feel GOOD to rage and vent.

Instead, put yourself into a sitch where you were oppressed -

As Miley obviously was and is.

Relate to her.

Relate to Justin Bieber and his pals Za and Twist.

Cuz character assassinations - are effective.

Destroy at your own Will and Wont, People.

464 days ago


wtf!? Miley u need a smack upside ur head! U don't even know how to wipe ur a@@ yet and u are blackmailing ur dad on social media? yeah.. real mature.. and peeps wonder why ur not married rt now.. lucky b****** Liam got out while the gettin was good..

464 days ago


yes -blackmailing with twitter-any doubt the nasty delusional freak show is nothing more than a twitter ****tt-the Smelly Circus needs to get off twitter not start outing her family secrets on it-and we don't care anyway-it's obvious Billy ray has a whole arsenal of mental problems many passed to his daughter-really wish this family would keep to itself -beside after Billy Ray's bizarre reaction to Smelly pole dancing at the Kids Choice awards at 16 we all knew there were some serious problems that we DID NOT want to hear about-Smelly needs to get rehab for her addiction to twitter and shut the flip up-her new music sucks -totally predictable and boring-she thinks she shocking anyone with the whole fuuries porrnn promo stuff and making out with a plastic doll or cardboard cut outs of other pop stars -she is very wrongand if j
"just being Miley" is the excuse for acting like a illiterate hill billy trailer park meth skannkk with delusions of grandeur and a nauseating attitude-then she should keep that to herself as well cause no one is interested-and most 20 year olds are looking for jobs to support themselves and going to school-helping out their parents-they can't act like spoiled 5 year olds having temper tantrums-so "she's 20" BS isn't explaining anything

464 days ago


Anyone that thinks this is just about ...

-some woman her Dad's dating -

Is expecting Santa Claus - on Easter Sunday.

464 days ago



464 days ago
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