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Paris Jackson

Guardianship Will NOT Change


6/25/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Paris Jackson will NOT get new guardians in the wake of her suicide attempt, but TMZ has learned Debbie Rowe is keeping a watchful eye on the situation and could mount a challenge if things get worse.

The guardianship judge had asked a probate court investigator to do some digging after the suicide attempt ... to find out if the guardians were taking proper care of Paris.  As you know, Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson are currently co-guardians.

The report is in, and the judge has decided NOT to change the current guardianship arrangement.

TMZ has learned ... the probate court investigator met with Debbie Rowe -- who has developed an extremely strong bond with Paris -- her biological child.  Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Rowe told the investigator she believes TJ is doing a great job as guardian, despite the fact that Paris does not want a man to replace Michael Jackson and tell her what to do.

We're told Rowe also thinks Katherine has done a good job, especially considering her age and health.

But Rowe made it clear ... if the situation gets worse, she will file legal docs for guardianship.  For now, however, Rowe believes the guardianship works fine.



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Paris is already a lost cause. She'll be looking for love in all the wrong places. Don't be surprised if she hooks up with the first black guy who winks at her and then starts popping out a few kids in the future. Either that or she becomes a druggie. There really is no hope for her. She will go by way of Heidi Klum.

449 days ago


Wacka should have been open about choosing a surrogate and donor sperm. He married Debbie Rowe to disguise the fact that he had a penchant for little boys. I'm still shocked that they were married for what - 3 years? Oh the tales she must have!

If he had done that, it would have spared the kids the confusion of knowing who their parents were. The harsh reality would hit them at some point, whether he remained living or not.

In a way it's good that died b/c he would have gone on telling them that he was their biological father. That would have been even more damaging.
I hope that Paris doesn't turn to drugs and alcohol. With no one minding the store at the Jackson household I could easily see that happening.

449 days ago


Debbie Rowe never agreed to parent the babies she let Michael adopt.
It was his addiction that caused this situation.
From everything I’ve seen of P.J. she seems to crave the spotlight.
Debbie just wants to retire with her horses in Palmdale and now she has to deal with an adolescent mess.
She is handling it well.
I recently saw video of a three or four year old Prince with obviously bleached hair.
It is child abuse to use those chemicals on a three year old.
Ask any stylist. They won’t do it.
MJ was a screwed up guy.
I believe Wade Robson.

449 days ago


This video shows a three or four year old Prince with obviously bleached hair, It is illegal to use those chemicals on a child. Yet no one ever said a thing about that. Crazy.

449 days ago


This reporting on the Jacksons is like a soap opera ((like All My Children) or reality TV with Paris Jackson as the troubled member of the cast. And, I confess, that I am addicted to it. What's even more entertaining is the comments section, especially comments by the Michael Jackson fans who are parenting "the kids," as they say, virtually. I predict they will turn on Paris when she becomes an adult and really starts to show her behind. By then, Katherine Jackson will be out of the picture and Debbie Rowe will be saddled with Paris who, if she follows the script, will be buck wild.

449 days ago


This young woman will end up dead if she does not get away from this sick family!! She needs on going psychiatric help and a structured stable home!!

449 days ago


She didn't want to be a mother then, she doesn't want to be a mother now. She's still getting payments from the estate and that works for her.

449 days ago


I'm sorry but I don't think that her downfall had anything to do with the Jackson family and it's really weird that people continuously blame them for every single thing. I truly believe that it is because MJ hid so much stuff from the children, shielding them from the truth in many cases. Now that Paris is out in the real world, facing facts, she can't handle it. Once he died, all truth about him and his lifestyle came to the forefront. You think she knew about those molestation allegations when he was alive? Not a chance. But now? Absolutely. She had to face the fact that her father was druggie, who doctor shopped, and employed Murray solely for the purpose of providing him the drugs he wanted. A choice that eventually led to his death. She's been rejecting that fact for years, placing the blame solely on Conrad Murray, denying the role that MJ played in his own death. I truly don't believe that she knew much of her father other than the fact that he loved them and they loved him. Since he died, she had to come face to face with the true person that her father was and I think that was the hardest part about it all. Knowing that the person you loved and thought you knew wasn't necessarily that person, or always that person. I believe that MJ singlehandedly screwed those kids up and it seems like everyone but him gets the blame.

449 days ago


By then, Katherine Jackson will be out of the picture and Debbie Rowe will be saddled with Paris who, if she follows the script, will be buck wild.


Buck wild or buck naked?? Or both!!!

449 days ago


Look ms Paris did all this for attention because she's not getting her way, and ironically her mother is in the picture all of a sudden. I think instead of staying with the grandma and the cousin she needs to be placed with her guardian that was in the will because apparently daddy MJ didn't want those 2 to be guardians to his children and thats why he chose Diana Ross, really do u think she would of pulled that stunt if she was staying with Ms. Ross? I dont think so

449 days ago


"if it gets worse" she'll file legal do***ents. How much worse can it get Debbie? The time has come for you to step up and get this girl away from the family and out of l.a. Not to Palmdale, she'll hate it there.

449 days ago


She got her attention.

Michael Jacksons dirt, all his dirty laundry is wide open. Guessing she already knows that.

449 days ago

What I Think    

Happy National Pedophile Day.

449 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

An award to Debbie Rowe for being the most patient gold-digger ever. She's right up there with Anna Nicole, god rest her soul

449 days ago
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