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Paris Jackson

Guardianship Will NOT Change


6/25/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Paris Jackson will NOT get new guardians in the wake of her suicide attempt, but TMZ has learned Debbie Rowe is keeping a watchful eye on the situation and could mount a challenge if things get worse.

The guardianship judge had asked a probate court investigator to do some digging after the suicide attempt ... to find out if the guardians were taking proper care of Paris.  As you know, Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson are currently co-guardians.

The report is in, and the judge has decided NOT to change the current guardianship arrangement.

TMZ has learned ... the probate court investigator met with Debbie Rowe -- who has developed an extremely strong bond with Paris -- her biological child.  Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Rowe told the investigator she believes TJ is doing a great job as guardian, despite the fact that Paris does not want a man to replace Michael Jackson and tell her what to do.

We're told Rowe also thinks Katherine has done a good job, especially considering her age and health.

But Rowe made it clear ... if the situation gets worse, she will file legal docs for guardianship.  For now, however, Rowe believes the guardianship works fine.



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No Custody Changes For Michael Jackson’s Children After Daughter Paris’ Suicide Attempt

Posted on Jun 25, 2013 @ 13:37PM | By Radar Staff

There will be no custody changes for Michael Jackson’s children, after daughter Paris, attempted suicide. Katherine Jackson, and TJ Jackson will remain as their guardians, has confirmed.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff revealed during a hearing on the late singer’s estate that he wouldn’t be making any custody changes after reviewing findings from an investigator’s report that the judge ordered after Paris, 15, recently attempted suicide.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Testifies In Videotaped Deposition

According to the Associated Press Beckloff revealed that he had met with attorney’s for Jackson’s children, Margaret Lodise, and respective attorneys for Katherine and TJ Jackson.

“I’m taking no further action,” Beckloff told attorneys for the Jackson estate.

Tuesday is the fourth anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.

PHOTOS: Shocking Evidence Found In Michael Jackson’s Bedroom

As previously reported, Paris Jackson remains hospitalized after a failed suicide attempt several weeks ago.

Paris is “expected to receive visits from grandmother, Katherine Jackson, her biological mother, Debbie Rowe, brothers, Prince and young brother Blanket,” a family insider previously told us.

Former nanny Grace Rwaramba is also anticipated to spend time with the 15-year-old on the anniversary.

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Who would want to look like him? A pedophile drug zombie? No nose "Peter Pan" obviously couldn't be filmed in movies with that ugly face and the only way he could escape prison was die with Propofol in his scarred veins.

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Michael Jackson Death Anniversary: Remembering The King Of Pop 4 Years After His Untimely Death

Posted: 06/25/2013 11:02 pm EDT

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Death, Michael Jackson Propofol, Michael Jackson Death Anniversary, Michael Jackson Overdose, Michael Jackson Trial, Celebrity News

It's been four years since Michael Jackson died, on June 25, 2009, from cardiac arrest caused by a lethal combination of prescription drugs. His death, later ruled a homicide, shocked fans and musicians across the world.

Jackson rose to fame in 1964 as the youngest member of his family's Motown group, the "Jackson 5," and continued to dominate the music industry with best-selling hits such as "Thriller," "Billie Jean" and "Beat It."

Jackson is survived by his three children, Prince Michael Jackson II, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson.

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June 25th, 2013

10:33 PM ET

Four years ago today, Michael Jackson died at the untimely age of 50.

It seems only fitting to jam to some of his grooves in remembrance of one of music's biggest stars. There's no way we could include them all, so here's just a taste of some of Jackson's most memorable hits:

"Rock With You": Before the plastic surgery, speculation of skin lightening and courtroom drama, there was Jackson's "Rock With You," a still-classic cut that gave us a hint of the dancing machine to come.

"Billie Jean": Speaking of dancing, how could we ever forget this stunning performance of "Billie Jean" on Motown's 25th Anniversary television special? Admit it, you tried to moonwalk.

"Beat It": Jackson's theatrical music videos helped put MTV on the map, and they also set off fashion trends. Raise your hand if you owned the red zippered jacket.

"Thriller": This one gives us an opportunity to do the dance moves that so many still love. And remember his co-star Ola Ray? She just released a tribute song/video in honor of Jackson.

"Smooth Criminal": We are STILL trying to figure out how he did that lean in "Smooth Criminal."

What were some of your favorite Michael Jackson songs?

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Why do people need to criticize Michael Jackson's private life so much? If you don't like him that's fine, just leave him alone and move on. He has made some of the most amazing music I have ever heard. EVER. Way better than a lot of the stuff i hear nowadays. And he has helped so many people to better their lives... including children. Worry about your own lives instead of conforming to seem cooler by being negative towards him. -----

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people who talked **** about Michael Jackson in this thread im just getting warmed up YALL GONNE LOOK GOOD if yall think yall gonna talk **** while im around.

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Why do people need to criticize Michael Jackson's private life so much? If you don't like him that's fine, just leave him alone and move on. He has made some of the most amazing music I have ever heard. EVER. Way better than a lot of the stuff i hear nowadays. And he has helped so many people to better their lives... including children. Worry about your own lives instead of conforming to seem cooler by being negative towards him. -----

Read more:
Visit Fishwrapper:

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Really, please people if any child crys out that loud and know one listens, it's a repeat of her dad. Who herd him? Are they so worried about $$$$$$$$ that it pays to look away. Will they be alienated from her emotionally like they were from Mike, or worried about reputation. Moneys over, loves in, get on with a new show world.
Paris you will help change the world, with a little help from your friends. Get better girl we all need to. It's a mess out here.
May you shine when you feel better. Give yourself a few years. Rest up your brilliant.

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Paris is an attention seeker....I wish she was really related to Michael...maybe the talent would be in her genes and she could get the attention that she seeks. So sad that this family that has always tried to be so discrete has to deal with all of these issues with her. Hope she gets some help.

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Debbie sold Paris and prince to Michael so what dose that say about her!

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Jackson's son arrives to testify at civil trial
By ANTHONY McCARTNEY | Associated Press – 45 minutes ago.. .

Associated Press/Joel Ryan, File - FILE - In this Oct. 8, 2011 file photo, Prince Michael Jackson appears on stage at the Michael Forever the Tribute Concert, at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. An attorney …more

.. .

FILE - In this Oct. 8, 2011 file photo, Prince Michael Jackson appears on stage at …


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Prince Jackson has arrived at a Los Angeles courtroom to testify in a case filed over his superstar father's death four years ago.

The eldest son of Michael Jackson wore a dark suit and black tie Wednesday as he walked into the courtroom where a judge is hearing the negligence case against AEG Live LLC.

The 16-year-old is the first member of his family to testify in the case, which is now in its ninth week.

Prince Jackson has never spoken publicly about the day his father died in June 2009. His father's doctor summoned him to the bedroom. His father was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The teen and his siblings are listed as plaintiffs in the case against AEG, which denies all wrongdoing.

483 days ago

Billy Bob    

This is a really good lady. She's doing everything right. Michael picked a good woman to sire his kids.

483 days ago


Prince Jackson's day in court arrives

By Alan Duke, CNN

updated 1:59 PM EDT, Wed June 26, 2013

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died on June 25, 2009. Four years after their father's death, Jackson's children -- Prince, Paris and Prince II, aka Blanket -- have stepped into the spotlight to honor their father's memory and create careers and identities of their own. One of the world's first glimpses at the kids was when photographers caught them leaning out of a limousine in Los Angeles in 2000. Here are more moments growing up Jackson:

Jackson children in the spotlight

Jurors will hear revelations about Michael Jackson's tearful conversations with his son
His father confided in Prince about whom he distrusted
It's possible jurors will see video of Paris Jackson's deposition as Prince is cross examined
The wrongful death trial of AEG Live is in its ninth week in a Los Angeles courtroom

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Prince Jackson, who wore a mask in public as a child, was dressed in a suit and tie as he sat before jurors to testify about his father's life and death Wednesday.

Michael Jackson's oldest son, now 16, is a key witness in his family's wrongful death lawsuit against Jackson's last concert promoter, AEG Live.

Prince was 12 when the pop icon died, but his father confided in him about who he trusted and didn't trust and what he feared as he prepared for his comeback concerts.

Four years and a day after his father's death, Prince's testimony promises to be dramatic, with revelations about Michael Jackson's tearful conversations with his son, which included predictions of his death, and a recounting of the devastating day an ambulance carried him.

Doctor: Jackson had no REM sleep

Paris: Michael said nanny 'lied a lot'

Compare Michael Jackson in 2001 to 2009

What did AEG know about MJ's health?
Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson, and their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, are plaintiffs in the lawsuit that contends AEG Live is liable in Jackson's death because the company hired, retained or supervised the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Dr. Conrad Murray told investigators he gave Jackson nightly infusions of the surgical anesthetic propofol to treat his insomnia. The coroner ruled the singer died of an overdose of the drug.

AEG Live executives allegedly created a medical conflict of interest that pressured Murray to pursue the dangerous treatments so Jackson would be rested for rehearsals, while ignoring warning signs that his health was failing, Jackson lawyers argue.

AEG Live lawyers contend that it was Jackson who chose and controlled the doctor and that company executives had no way of knowing what treatments Murray was delivering.

Prince Jackson's 16th birthday gift: A career

'Daddy's little man'

Jackson lead trial lawyer Brian Panish will begin the direct examination of Prince on Wednesday morning and AEG Live lead lawyer Marvin Putnam is expected to handle the cross-examination of the teen later in the day.

It is possible that jurors will also hear from Paris Jackson on Wednesday, since Putnam could play video clips from her deposition in an effort to highlight any contradictions between brother and sister.

Paris, who was 11 when her father died, is not available to testify live in court since she is hospitalized for psychiatric treatment following a suicide attempt earlier this month.

AEG Live attempted to compel the youngest child -- 11-year-old Blanket -- to testify, but the judge rejected its request after a psychologist said it would harm the boy.

Jackson confided in his oldest son about his business dealings at an early age.

"Prince has always been, even at 12, the little man -- Daddy's little man," Jackson chef Kai Chase testified. "He wanted his father to be very proud of him, which Michael was."

"The weight of the world is on his shoulders, the eldest, big brother and father figure to his siblings," Chase testified. "It's a lot for him, growing, liking girls. He wishes his father was here to give him advice. It's devastating to him."

Prince recently began pursuing an entertainment career, working several days as a "special correspondent" for "Entertainment Tonight" and acting in an episode of the television show "90210."

Michael Jackson's two-month decline

Prince will be asked to describe how his father's health changed from April 2009, just before Murray began his nightly visits to their rented Los Angeles mansion, until his death on June 25, 2009.

E-mail introduced as evidence and previous witnesses have told of a physical and mental deterioration over Jackson's last two months.

Show director Kenny Ortega and production manager John "Bugzee" Hougdahl warned AEG executives of Jackson's deterioration during a series of e-mails in Jackson's last two weeks, including indications he was unable to do some of his trademark dances or remember lyrics to songs he had sung for decades.

His makeup artist and a choreographer testified about Jackson's paranoia, his talking to himself and hearing voices, and his severe weight loss.

Associate show producer Alif Sankey testified that she "had a very strong feeling that Michael was dying" after a rehearsal 11 days before his death.

"I was screaming into the phone at that point," Sankey testified. "I said he needs to be put in the hospital now."

An expert testified last week that Jackson's downward slide toward death could be explained by the insidious effects of chronic infusions of propofol. The nightly treatments probably interrupted Jackson's sleep cycle, robbing him of REM -- rapid eye movement -- sleep, which is vital to keeping the brain and body alive.

"The symptoms that Mr. Jackson was exhibiting were consistent with what someone might expect to see of someone suffering from total sleep deprivation over a chronic period," said Dr. Charles Czeisler, a Harvard Medical School sleep expert.

The trial is in its ninth week and is expected to last until August.

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Jackson's son says father feared concert promoter
By ANTHONY McCARTNEY | Associated Press – 10 minutes ago.. .

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson's eldest son says his father was excited about going back on tour before his death but wasn't happy about the terms of the ill-fated shows.

Prince Jackson told jurors on Wednesday that his father wanted more time to rehearse and had several tense phone conversations with promoters of his "This Is It" shows.

He said his father would cry after some of the conversations and told Prince that he was afraid of AEG.

The 16-year-old is the first member of the Jackson family to testify in a negligence lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live LLC over the pop superstar's death four years ago.

He wore a black suit with a dark grey tie with his long brown hair tucked behind his ears.

The teenager and his two siblings, sister Paris and brother Blanket, are plaintiffs in the case that seeks to hold AEG financially responsible for their father's death.

AEG denies wrongdoing.

482 days ago


Paris Jackson's Godfather Just Wants to Give Her a Hug

By Tim Nudd

06/26/2013 at 2:05 PM EDT

Mark Lester and Paris Jackson

Watching from afar in the U.K., Paris Jackson's godfather says he believes she's "doing okay" following her suicide attempt earlier this month – but that he'd love to console her in person.

"Michael made me their godfather, and as a godfather, I do have a responsibility," Mark Lester, the former child star who played the title role in the 1968 film Oliver!, tells British TV show Lorraine of Paris, 15, and her brothers Prince, who is testifying Wednesday in the negligence case against AEG Live LLC, and Blanket.

"I would love to go and just pick them up and give them a big hug, and then we all go and have fish and chips … just be normal, hang out."

Lester, 54, says he did have phone contact with "a close member of the family" last week.

"I understand that things, although are not great with Paris, they're not too bad, and she's being looked after," he says. "She's doing okay. She'll be alright. She'll be fine."

He adds: "If they ever need to come over to the U.K., they can come and visit. It would be lovely to see them. The door is always open for them to come … It's a shame that in the four years [since Michael's death], we haven't really seen them."

The Jackson kids have had their lives so scrutinized, says Lester, but it wasn't always that way. Michael shielded them from the spotlight, he says, and they once led a relatively normal life.

"We spent many times just chilling out over a pizza or fish and chips, lying on the floor, watching DVDs, just behaving like any normal family with teenage kids or younger children," Lester says. "No pretense, no showbizzy stuff … He really enjoyed that. I know he did."

482 days ago
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