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Paula Deen's Son

Mom's NOT Racist!!!

She Bought Me Hank Aaron Pajamas

6/25/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen's sons are adamant ... their mother is NOT a racist ... and they have the Hank Aaron pajamas to prove it!!!

Jamie and Bobby Deen just appeared on CNN's "New Day" ... and told Chris Cuomo, "Neither one of our parents ever taught us to be bigoted towards any other person for any reason."

"This is so saddening to me because our mother is one of the most compassionate good-hearted empathetic people that you'd ever meet," Bobby said.

Then Jamie told the story about the Hank Aaaron pajamas -- explaining how when he was 7-years-old, he was a big Hammerin' Hank fan ... and before he had his tonsils removed his parents gave him some H.A. PJs.

Jamie says when his parents gave him the pajamas ... they told him about the challenges Hank faced "because of his color" and explained that people deserved to be judged on their merits, not skin color.

Jamie says the lesson that came with the pajamas stuck with him for the rest of his life ... and that's how he sleeps at night.

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Such bull****. These people are stupid, NOT racists!! They are from the South and they say things that make them sound like idiots. I guarantee over half the elite white bastards in HWood use the N word on the DL with one another all the time though. Hypocrites.

484 days ago


Does the phrase "Quit while you're behind" mean anything to the Deen family? LOL!

484 days ago


I am SOOOOOO tired of this PC bull**** where you feel like you have to walk on eggshells all the time because you might offend someone! The lady said some dumb things because she's, well, a dummy. Move the ef ON!! Get over it! Stop trying to control what comes out of people's mouths!!

484 days ago


I can't believe that everyone is complaining about something that happened 35 years ago.

484 days ago


what is worse...retard. inbred hillbilly, cracker, m'fer, honkey,******, or making a wop salad on the cooking channel? I would please appreciate a definition of all these words so I can understand why a wonderful person like Paula Dean who has been completely ripped apart already for having diabetes,which incidently is NOBODY'S business, just got fired. The Neelys talk sexual and racial inunendos on TV all the time...to hell with you cooking channel and all the pigs at Smithfields as well. Paula must be a Christian conservative and does not need to have black ministers on Fox news trying to shake her down because she told the truth. What should he be called?

484 days ago


When someone denies being a racist after some faux pas, the question they should be asked is, "Would you please define racism for us?" I believe Paula would limit that definition to "having bad feelings for another person based on their skin color." By her definition, I don't believe she is a racist.

On the other hand, if she were ever to learn what a racist truly is, she would admit to being one. As an example, a second-generation American friend of mine who is of hispanic descent was once told in the middle of a job interview, "You speak English very well." Racism involves the presence of prejudice, not merely antipathy. Because that distinction is not well made, most racists remain ignorant of their status.

484 days ago


Nothing against Jamie and Bobby, except that they need to stay out of this.

Paula can say this happened long ago all she wants, but the truth is that it's continuing and there is massive evidence of same for anyone who actually takes the time to be informed before posting.

In addition, Paula Deen's inappropriate behavior should also be called into scrutiny. What about her riding on the back of Robert Irvine with a glass of red wine in one hand or LICKING his bare chest at an event? What about her emulating a sexual act on a chocolate eclair? What about her dropping her pants at another event? What about her saying "Motherf------" on air? Google it. It's there. It's FACT, and I've seen much of it.

It is time for Paula Deen to retire and quit acting like a horny old woman.

484 days ago


Have these people not heard of "quit while you're ahead?" The Hank Aaron pajama story will not help.

484 days ago


Let's see, your mother is being accused of being a racist based on something that was said 20+ years ago. Something she admitted herself. She just lost her job and many of her endorsements. Shes being persecuted by the PC media and public when shes not a racist in the first place.....if someone accused your mother of being something she wasnt, how would YOU defend her?

484 days ago


I wonder if one or both of them had a Plantation Wedding.

484 days ago


She is so compassionate? That is why she hid her Diabetes from the public for years knowing there would be backlash because of the foods she promoted. What a crock!

484 days ago


common, everybody is racist against some other race!!

484 days ago


As long as black people use the "N" word (listen to your latest RAP SONG) there is nothing wrong with anyone else using the word. Can you say double standard?

484 days ago


Get it already! She confessed to saying it in 2007 to another person when she was talking about black people looking like servants/slaves because they used to serve at weddings before and she wanted to reenact that! Omg, people. NOT 20+ years ago!! NOT 20+ years ago; It was --> 2 0 0 7. Get your facts straight before you start yappin'.

484 days ago


I can't believe the negative flap going on here, I think Paula Dean made a foolish mistake, not a totally nasty mistake like Joan Rivers comparing Jews going into the furnace to some Hot fashion item she was selling. She hardly got any flack about, I say leave Paula alone and hound the hell outta Rivers!

484 days ago
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