Playboy Mansion Attack $62k Settlement for Chick Who Got Punched in Face

6/25/2013 5:10 PM PDT

Name: Alessandra Mendes
Pet Peeves: Getting punched in the face at Playboy mansion parties.
Likes: The $60k settlement she just got for getting punched at Playboy mansion party.

TMZ has learned ... the chick who allegedly took a fat German fist to the face (from a fat German rapper) during a party at the Playboy mansion back in 2009 has just struck a deal to drop her case.

We broke the story ... Mendes claims a famous German rapper named Xatar got all drunk and unruly at the shindig and popped her right in the kisser ... breaking her nose.

Mendes sued everybody under the sun ... but eventually struck a settlement with Playboy and The Privilege Agency, which apparently had a role in throwing the event.

Playboy kicked in $31,250 ... explaining they just wanted to "buy its peace" and make the case go away. Privilege kicked another $31,250 ... totaling a fat $62,500 settlement.

We reached out to Alessandra -- but got no response ... so we typed her name into Google images and found some pretty hot lingerie pics of a person who might be her. At least we hope it's her. If so, her nose healed quite nicely.