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Scottie Pippen

Beatdown Victim Spit at Me

Called Me the N-Word

6/25/2013 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Scottie Pippen
's claiming he attacked a fan in Malibu this weekend in self-defense ... after the man called him the n-word and then spit at him.

Sources close to Pippen tell us, the middle-aged man who got his ass kicked by Pippen outside Nobu Sunday night was a drunk, overly aggressive fan who had been badgering Pippen for attention all evening ... beginning inside Nobu, where Pippen was eating with friends.

At one point, we're told one of Pippen's dinner guests went to the bathroom ... and the man sat in the guest's place ... continuing to pester Pippen with questions. We're told Pippen bit his tongue and politely asked the man to leave.

After the meal, we're told Pippen agreed to take a photo with the man outside the restaurant ... but the man continued to be aggressive, demanding an autograph as well. Pippen refused and we're told that's when the man dropped the n-bomb, shoved the NBA legend, then spat at him.

Sources close to Pippen say he lost it when the spit landed on his young daughter -- and Pippen flew into attack mode.

As we reported, the alleged victim was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital with severe injuries to his head, face, and back. Pippen has since spoken with authorities and he was not arrested.


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Buck Boy    

Why is it when sports figures speak .....the press swallows every single word as truth? Did you guys not learn anything from having your head stuck up the ass of Lance Armstrong? Got some proof of this spit and N word?

485 days ago



485 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

Scottie Big Pimpin broke his own rule: No Sunday delivery. Post here anything from NBA history that can match the swag of Scottie's calm statement to Malone, before he shot that free throw. That can match that pivotal point in that decisive game. That can match the greatest on that floor. Not far behind him was Stockton: record holder for most steals.

485 days ago


Strange. Usually its blacks who spit. Happened to mw in SF/Summer of '03. In the city for Swingin' Utters show. Guy thought I parked to close to his POS car. Escalated quickly. His goon spit on me. My white & proud brothers didn't appreciate the AIDS offer. Beautiful spillage of darkie blood.

485 days ago


thats what we deserved dont fahk with pippen

485 days ago

Sue from jersey    

Good for Pippen to protect his daughter it's a shame tmz didn't have that info yesterday you guys made Pippen look bad yesterday

485 days ago


Watch out Paula D.. you next lol... use that N word again buddy !!

485 days ago

special sauce    

No offense to anyone involved, but in a fight between me and scotty, he'd beat the **** out of me.

485 days ago

baloo the bear    

Am I the only one who's always thought Pippen looks like he has a hint of Chinese? His victim should have called him a "chigger".

485 days ago


Stop lying u sound worse than Paula Deen

485 days ago


Like I posted yesterday...the ******* probably had it coming. All you people who jumped my **** for saying that yesterday can kiss my ass now

485 days ago


We really have some sick people on here defending the spitting. We all have been called things specifically to anger us. Race happens to be the first thing people think of to anger someone when it comes to a different race. Just deal with it. It's only words. But, spitting is ignorant, nasty, demeaning, cowardly, and more insulting than any words can convey. Spit on me and you'd get your a** kicked royally. Spit on my kids and that would be close to a death sentence. An extreme beat-down!!! There's no calling the police and filing a complaint. The line has already been crossed.

485 days ago


Convenient story Scotty; play the race card then throw in a little spit and you can beat a guy into oblivion. Maybe those Dodger fans can use that defense in the beating of that Giants fan on opening day 2 years ago; or is that defense only for the rich and famous?

485 days ago


Why didn't management handle the situation ?
A SPIT and a SHOVE won't KILL YOU Pippen, just so you know

485 days ago


Call any black man a ****** and spit on his daughter, you're in for a world of hurt.

Do that to a black man who is almost 7' tall and more than 220 lbs, you're lucky there's enough left for EMS to scrape up and cart away.

485 days ago
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