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Justin Bieber

SUED For MMA Moves

On Paparazzo

6/26/2013 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Little Justin Bieber has been sued by a photographer who claims the singer delivered a crushing MMA-type kick to his abdomen, after a perfectly lovely date with then-GF Selena Gomez.

Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran claims when he was shooting the then-couple at The Commons in Calabasas last year ... Justin was trying to maneuver his brand spanking new Mercedes out of the parking lot.  The suit alleges Justin became frustrated at the photogs, jumped out of the car and "delivered a martial arts-type kick ... in the lower rib cage on the left side of his abdomen." 

But the suit alleges the attack continued, when Justin used his left fist to punch the photog on the right side of his face.  Justin allegedly then pushed the photog against a parked car.  The suit claims Selena actually returned to the scene a few minutes later to look for her cell phone and apologized for Justin.

The lawsuit is interesting ... citing a litany of alleged misdeeds committed by JB, including assaulting a former bodyguard, bullying a woman, driving at reckless speeds in his gated community, stealing a pap's SIM card and threatening to kill a neighbor.

The photog doesn't give a specific amount he wants for the alleged assault and battery.



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If Justin Bieber tried to do a MMA kick on me, I would straight up f*ck him up...

422 days ago


This is what happens when you grow up being a time out baby you grow up to be a brat. His mom needs to go to his house throw his free loading punk ass friends out and beat his ass and tell him too grow the **** up. Then again his mother is toobusy with her own life to evenget involved cuz now she is dating a celebrity and enjoying all the money she has beengetting from her sons career. Well right now this kid needs a parent to put him in his place. I dont care how old my kids get if they EVER acted this way I would still **** them up. NOTE: TIME OUT BABYS GROW UP TO BE BRATS AND PUNKS WHO HAVE NO RESPECT FOR OTHERS. This pap shouldhave shown him oh yeah you think your bad little man you think you're a little badass let me show you how much of a badass I am and then kick his little spoiled bratty punk ass.

422 days ago


he going to want alot for being beat up by a baby. it will be hard for him to get anyone to take this photog as a man anymore. what a *****

422 days ago


I wish that someone introduced Bieber to Aaron Hernandez

422 days ago


I hope this guy has A LOT of physical proof that Justin did this to him, cause him naming all the things he did in the recent months is not going to win him a court case, considering Justin hasn't been convicted of any of the things on that list! and since there are no pics of the actual assault, he better have big injuries that can be proven from his visit to the hospital!

422 days ago


hmm, how convenient there are no pictures of the actual assault with all the other paparazzi around him.. And how old is this case? this happened almost a year ago, what took so long for him to decide to sue? and if i remember he went to the hospital and there were no injuries.. good luck with that.. lol

422 days ago


Ok Justin sweetie....its time to be a big boy now. You just can't act like a d***** bag where ever you go, stop acting like your fans Grow up and be a man!

422 days ago


The world isn't ru by 12 year olds, you can't get away with whatever you want

422 days ago


If the photographers just stopped shooting him, two things would happen. He would be able to grow into a young man the same as all teenage boys do. The lawsuits would stop. Let the kid learn how to drive and how to date and how to be normal. If I had to grow up in the lens of a camera, I would have probably killed somebody before I turned 18.

422 days ago


Bieber needs an ass kicking of epic proportions

422 days ago

Lazy Lightning    

Can't see that happening. My 15 year old daughter can beat up Beiber

422 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

Steven Seagal should disguise himself a paparazzi and stalk Bieber and when he spazzes out and acts Calabasas gangster. Boom, JB gets a roundhouse he'll never wake up from.

422 days ago


Yes people those are the socks from Pippy long-stockings. ( no little twist gay jokes today. I think the picture speaks for itself,)

422 days ago

Zach Swan    

Now that dude must be telling the truth. Who would make up a lie saying that he got his A$$ kicked by little boy biebs?

422 days ago


Nothing would make me happier than seeing Justin Bieber coming at me with MMA moves HAHAHAHAHA

422 days ago
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