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Paula Deen

Dropped by Walmart

6/26/2013 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Another one bites the dust ... Paula Deen has just been dropped by Walmart.

The retail giant just released a statement, saying, "We are ending our relationship with Paula Deen Enterprises and we will not place new orders beyond those already committed."

Walmart is Paula's latest business partner to sever ties with the celebrity chef in the wake of her n-word scandal ... a list that includes the Food Network, the Caesars casino company, and the ham company Smithfield.

Deen appeared on "Today" this morning, offering a tearful apology -- saying, "If there's anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back ... please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me."



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449 days ago

S. James    

Re: Paula Deen. It is truly unfortunate that celebrity web sites have to put this info out. As to Wal Mar, I hate to shop there. Now, I will not go at all.
Their store and poor quality food and service is not needed in my home. Good Riddance Wal Mart!

449 days ago


This is getting ridiculous.

449 days ago


When will this public lynching stop? Yes, she said it, yes she apologized. What does she need to do? It is out of control. Are we going to string her up and hang her next? I mean, come on!

449 days ago


this situation is totally out of control . i hope those business get boycott !

449 days ago

larry york    

He is with out sin, cast the first stone.

449 days ago


This is just getting ridiculous.

Paula got fired for using the word 25 years ago when she was robbed at gunpoint while working at a bank, yet Jamie Foxx has said racist remarks against whites including "I get to kill all the white people, how cool is that?" and nobody bats an eyelash.

This double standard needs to go, all is does is knock us back 50 years.

449 days ago


Since when is Wal Mart a zealous advocate of civil rights? I worked for a Wal Mart owned company in college and I can say without a doubt that they are the most discriminatory employer I know.

449 days ago


You will make it through this.I still love you.I will follow you and your products where ever you land.Can't wait for your next book!

449 days ago


Well she has enough supporters that she should just sell her wares on her own website. WaMart is not concerned with racism they are concerned with backlash. They are some of the least ethical people on the planet.

449 days ago

Larvey Heaven    

When 16 she needs a job, Walmart can hire her as a GREETER

449 days ago


You are watching a career implode. Here is a suggestion your PR company should have given you. When you open your mouth and insert your foot, shut your mouth and don't open it again.

I could give a $%#%$( about this idiot woman. Glad she's gone.

448 days ago


And this fellow homo sapiens is a fine example of karma coming back to collect. They did say what is done in the dark WILL come out in the light. They were on to something. Something this epic just does not happen from the blue, it's the universe finally saying enough. Harvey take heed.

448 days ago


This situation is not just a black and white thing. It is about her family and management against blacks, females, jewish, and everything else. Especially her brother. I think these corporations are doing what it right for themselves. They are not doing this to punish Paula. I was not there when all this racist and sexist actions took place, therefore, I cannot say she is a racist. Why are people making it a black and white thing? Also, why are white people the only racists? Everyday I was called Cracker, Honky, Snowflake, and etc. during my entire high school years. Does that make all black people racist? I do not think so. Just those few. I did not like it, after I found out what it meant, but I am not going to judge the entire race because of it. If you want a piece of that American pie then go for it. Nothing is stopping no one from getting it. If you think so then you did not fight for it hard enough. And if you did not fight for it hard enough then you did not want it that badly.

448 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Paula Deen's fans are some of the dumbest people around.

448 days ago
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