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Prince Jackson

Conrad Murray Told Us

'Sorry Kids. Dad's Dead.'

6/26/2013 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Prince Jackson
just testified ... Dr. Conrad Murray informed them of Michael Jackson's passing by glibly announcing, "Sorry kids. Dad's dead."

Prince has taken the stand in the Jackson family's wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, saying all he and his siblings could do was cry after hearing the news.

Prince said he recalled being in the sitting room of the Holmby Hills mansion when his father went into cardiac arrest on June 25th, 2009. Prince said he heard screams and Murray summoned him upstairs, where Prince saw his father "half hanging out of the bed" while Murray administered CPR.

He said Paris was hit the hardest by her dad's death, screaming that she "wanted her daddy" while Murray was trying to resuscitate him.

Prince said, "She was my dad's princess. She definitely is dealing with [his death] in her own way."

As we reported, Paris has sunken into a deep and dangerous depression recently, stemming from her father and his death.



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As I recall, Wacka wasn't showing up for rehearsals. He had everyone waiting on him while he was having Dr. Feelgood shoot him up. Then he whines to his kids that others are trying to kill him.

He didn't meet his obligations of the contract. He threatened not to perform if he couldn't sleep - meaning getting his 'Milk'. He was a master manipulator who got Murray to do his bidding for a slice of the pie. Then he OD'ed and made it look like murder so his children wouldn't hate him.

The Jackson's don't deserve any money regarding anything to do with this contract. They couldn't get near him when he was spiraling down, so they shouldn't expect anything now.

454 days ago


I would have said this....."Sorry kids, your dad complained so much about the lack of sleep he was getting because of this huge tour that he was not well enough for but wanted to do in order to support the entire Jackson family for a few more years so I gave him the drugs HE wanted and he demanded more so I gave him more then he stopped breathing and I tried CPR but his nose fell off then got stuck in his sinuses so he couldn't breathe and he died but hey at least all your friends won't be scared to come over anymore because their parents will be glad that your child molesting father has gone to be with the big bad sky daddy. Here's my check, peace out.

454 days ago


I wanna know who the kids dads really are. Prince looks like Arnold Klein to me still.

454 days ago


We're cold slither You'll be joining us soon A band of vipers playing our tune With an iron fist and a reptile hiss we shall rule! We're tired of words We've heard it before We're not gonna play the game no more Don't tell us what's right Don't tell us what's wrong Too late to resist Cause Cobra is strong We're cold slither Heavy metal machine Through the eyes of a lizard In you will dream When the venom stings A new order brings our control

454 days ago


?? Michael Who ??

454 days ago


Doc Murray is a hero! He did the world a favor and took the rap for getting rid of a pedophile.

454 days ago


Guess "Dad" should'a left a note.

454 days ago


Prince had to testify that MJ said Murray needed to get "payment" in his hand from all 3 kids.
AEG & Prince know perfectly well that you don't hire a doctor with wads of cash & no honest agreement written out.
AEG was kept in the dark about this.

Can you imagine having to listen to music all day with the drug-addled liar and Propofol thief?
These kids had to "enjoy" it when he told them to give hundreds of dollars to Murray to bribe Murray to keep quiet about their little drug secret.
The sick man played a guaranteed death game
called Russian Roulette - he used the criminal "friend" & "employee" (slave to MJ)
to pull the trigger, in hopes that he could wake up from a good night's sleep after each Propofol shot.
Murray was supposed to fight for MJ's reputation as the best entertainer & most hardworking one at that. Murray was not supposed to have a real contract to be a drug expert specializing in sleep disorders & hospital sedatives.
That's why the children were there to buy the fantasy trusting relationship, with money exchanged from the innocent MJ kids to Murray, who admitted to MJ that he was taking care of his own kids and was in debt too.
The kids had to keep quiet and never tattle tale.
Everything was right with MJ and wrong with AEG, even before MJ died.
Sort of like Sony and the "racist" Tommy Mottola.

454 days ago


WTF CARES sick of hearing it WHINE WHINE WHINE wasn't even REAL dad


454 days ago


What is disgusting here is that the kid was taught by the greedy adult to commit a sin - willful deceit will send him meeting with his maker (MJ) in hell sooner than later!!

454 days ago


‘They’re Going To Kill Me’: Prince Michael Jackson Tells Court His Father Feared Concert Promoter AEG

Posted on Jun 26, 2013 @ 9:36PM | By radarstaff

Prince Michael Jackson, 16, told jurors that his father Michael Jackson complained that concert promoter AEG was “killing him” in the days before his death four years ago.

Michael Jackson often cried after talking to AEG Live executives as he prepared for his comeback concerts, his oldest son testified Wednesday.

“After he got off the phone, he would cry,” Prince Jackson testified, recalling phone conversations between his dad and AEG LIve CEO Randy Phillips and his ex-manager, Dr. Tohme Tohme.

“He would say, ‘They’re going to kill me, they’re going to kill me.’”

He also testified that Phillips visited Jackson’s rented Holmby Hills, Calif., mansion during the night before his death.

“He was grabbing his elbow,” Prince said. “It looked aggressive to me. He was grabbing by the back of his elbow and they were really close and he was making hand motions.”

The eldest son of the pop star also testified that he saw his dad “hanging off the bed” with Dr. Conrad Murray performing CPR on the fateful day he died in 2009. At the time, Prince was aged 12.

He also told court that his sister, Paris, who recently attempted to take her own life, had developed emotional issues after being deposed in the billion dollar wrongful death lawsuit against AEG.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Testifies In Videotaped Deposition

Prince Michael Jackson I Wednesday was spotted entering a Los Angeles court to testify in his family’s wrongful death trial against AEG Live LLC, and we’ve got the details for you right here on

The precocious 16-year-old, who is named as a plaintiff in the case, wore a suit into the hearing, in which he’s expected to speak about his father’s June 25, 2009 death for the first time in public.

PHOTOS: Shocking Evidence Found In Michael Jackson’s Bedroom

Prince, the late King of Pop’s oldest child, was famously called into the room that day by now-incarcerated Dr. Conrad Murray.

454 days ago


That was cold, they should convict him based on that statement.

454 days ago


So sad to here how Paris is suffering

454 days ago


I have no problem believing that Conrad Murray said that. He's a psychopath, with no empathy whatsoever for anyone but himself.

454 days ago
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