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Kanye West


w/ His Baby (Grand) Mama

6/27/2013 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a Sith lord, Kanye West spent some quality 1-on-1 time with his baby's mama's mama Kris Jenner in Los Angeles today ... and shocker, he wasn't in a very friendly mood!

Kanye made it clear he didn't wanna talk right from the start ... and Kris, obviously aware of Kanye's explosive temper, playfully (or nervously) signaled to the photog to back off before K blew his top.

Thankfully, the photog took Kris' warning ... and no one was hurt in the making of this clip.

It's the first time we've seen Kanye out in public since the birth of his daughter North.

As we previously reported, Kim is in hiding with the child at a secret location so they can bond without the cameras around.

There are rumors that Kim will debut the kid on Kris' new talk show.

Smile Kanye ... it's gonna be ok, man.


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Obviously Kanye West has been replaced with a Sith Lord.

422 days ago


I am so sick of this moron. Why should the world tiptoe around this idiot because he is in a foul mood. Grow the **** up Kanye. You're a "celebrity" , for whatever stupid reason. You also are dating a well do***ented FAME WHORE! Then you procreate with her. CLEARLY YOU LOVE ATTENTION. You're lucky anyone has interest in you, you're a horrible, entitled and boring human being. Please take your ktrash girlfriend and so elsewhere, permanently.

422 days ago


Kris knew better than to speak to the Paps with Kanye around. He has the whole K-clan shaking in their Louboutins.

422 days ago


Press and everyone else should address him as Mr. Kardashian every time they run into him. That's what he is now.

422 days ago


Of course Kourtsean Katerer Kris is smiling. She has baby Kompass safely ensconced in the KashKow lair.

422 days ago


He can't help it. He's got big GUMS; like BUBBA! Why is Kim so attracted to angry men? Chris H. (her X) was a whining angry FOOL too! I really don't get her. She is asking for it.
I hope she's not stupid enough to marry him...And OMG, I sure as hell that poor child won't look like his ugly ass either! She is a girl....oh poor pooooor baby! Hopefully Kim's beauty will dominate the baby's looks. Remember Bobby Christina as a baby? She looked just like Bobby Brown's ugly ass!
Pray hard Kim! Woooooo child!

422 days ago

be real    

yt man will always be paid off ignorant black men liek kanye and no talent wh*res like Kim. NO real pride inself so they pride their yt man labels. All these celebs are slaves toyt man labels. Yt man will always be paid as log as thier are ignorant uneducated rappers and athletes. THEY GIVE THE MONEY RIGHT BACK, ALWAYS--- SMH THEY PIC IG-N16S CAUSE THEY ARE EASY TO USE AND MANIPULATE!!!

422 days ago


What a LAME ASS PUNK!!!!!!!

422 days ago


i thought that was his regular face, hes an *******!!

421 days ago


Kanye is an idiot..

421 days ago


I wish somebody would slap kayne's crying ass in the mouth. You wanted to be a celebrity soooo bad now you got the fame and cry every time a camera is on u. Maybe if he took off those tight pants and let his nuts breath he wouldn't be so ornery

421 days ago


Maybe Kanye is right everyone should stop paying attention to his ungrateful ass.. I listened to his album he literally copies different types of music then spews hate someone with that much hatred in his heart doesnt deserve to have what he cant appreciate

421 days ago


He really is an ASS! What the press should do is IGNORE ALL of them! That will really put them ALL in withdrawal! That poor baby. I'm sure the Kardashians can't stand him as much as he can't stand them! What do we know about HIS family! Did he have a mother and father or was he in foster homes? Who raised him? That MIGHT give some clue to his behavior unless is psychological?

421 days ago


Well, if I had to deal with that leaky ole bag, I'd be pissed too. Kangaye always looks like this, nothing new, lol

421 days ago


he's such a little prick

421 days ago
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