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Kanye West


w/ His Baby (Grand) Mama

6/27/2013 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a Sith lord, Kanye West spent some quality 1-on-1 time with his baby's mama's mama Kris Jenner in Los Angeles today ... and shocker, he wasn't in a very friendly mood!

Kanye made it clear he didn't wanna talk right from the start ... and Kris, obviously aware of Kanye's explosive temper, playfully (or nervously) signaled to the photog to back off before K blew his top.

Thankfully, the photog took Kris' warning ... and no one was hurt in the making of this clip.

It's the first time we've seen Kanye out in public since the birth of his daughter North.

As we previously reported, Kim is in hiding with the child at a secret location so they can bond without the cameras around.

There are rumors that Kim will debut the kid on Kris' new talk show.

Smile Kanye ... it's gonna be ok, man.


No Avatar


What a F'n creep..........

445 days ago

Ozzie X    

He sold his soul to the Devil family, of whiny voices and demands.

445 days ago


Why does he have to be such a jackass to the papparazzi? There is NO need for him to act like that.

445 days ago


What paparazzi need to do is just ignore him dont give him the time of day ...nobody gives a s**t about him anyways I really dont first they beg paps to film them and then act a important just like you fed his celebrity status ignore him f him ...

445 days ago


If everyone gave Kanye what he allegedly wants (to be left completely alone), he'd be suicidal within a week.

445 days ago


I can only pray that this money hungry, media attention b!tch Kris J and her whiny narcissist daughter Kim K have met their match with hot tempered Kanye W. Smiles for me. :)

445 days ago


Awww they must have ran out of fish sticks at Long Dong Silvers.

445 days ago


aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Why do you even bother with these low life ****bags? Why is she in hiding? She thinks the world waits? lmao! She is hiding her big fat ugly ass.....

445 days ago


He is such a jerk. I would not want to talk to him if you paid me. He is a talentless, airhead who needs to get over himself.

445 days ago


kimmy isn't bonding with the kid they just haven't sold the photos yet.

He just want's to go back to france and ricardo.

445 days ago


The self-importance displayed by these people is pretty disgusting. I wonder if Kris also told the photog to sit and stay with her hand signals. Oh, and by the way, great day for a hoodie. About 100 degrees in their neck of the woods today. What a bad ass.

445 days ago


C'mon, when you have to plant these bullshyt stories to the point of beyond saturation, there is no happy couple.

All this hype and PR for ratings and money is backfiring big time.

Problem is they can't throw the kid away like they did with Humphries after the ratings were in.

445 days ago


Call me old-fashioned but Kim and Kanye are not married which makes North a bastard. Bastard children are supposed to have the Mother's last name not the Father's' Why did they give her the father's name? What if they don't marry? Will they change it then?

445 days ago


He's a joke

445 days ago


Why does kanye really thinks that people are scared of him? Seriously he's just so full of himself I just can't wait till someone actually whips his ass for being a mean and a rude person to others.

445 days ago
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